Assignment 3: Plot

We have read “Ave Maria” by Idrus in the previous meeting and found rooms for exploration. For this week’s assignment, create a scene based on your interpretation of the short story. You may change the character(s), setting(s), point of view, or even the genre (film, song, poem, etc.) as long as you keep your track on the story. Pick one specific scene in “Ave Maria”, and tell your own version of the story in the comment box in no more than 200 words.

Deadline for the assignment is on Tuesday, March 24.

May the fun be with you.

Assignment 2: Point of View

We have distinguished the difference between character and narrator in the last meeting. To explain this, we are going to have an exercise to show how you perform as a narrator for your writing.

1. Capture a scene/view/person or anything with your camera.
2. Tell a story according to the picture.
3. Use the third-person narrator to tell the story.
4. Post your story to Instagram, Facebook, or Google + as a news feed.
5. Attach hashtags #ScribereUnpad and #CreativeWriting2015 at the end of your story.
6. Your story must be in 100-150 words, hashtags not included.
7. Copy the URL link to the comment box and put your NPM and class before the link.

Assignment 1: Character

We have discussed how important a character is in building a story, along with how to create them. Your assignment for this week is pick any character from The Breakfast Club and/or 12 Angry Men and choose one or a set of qualities from the character, then create your own character. Your post will be in the following order:

The character’s name from the movies you have chosen.

Your description of your own character (name, age, gender, background, history, etc).

Don’t forget to include your NPM/class at the beginning of your post.

Consult with this FAQ post if you have further confusion.