The Dead Are Everywhere


Summary : In a boutique, Clotilde buys an antique urn which she thinks will look nice decorating her bookcase. But when she gets home, she realizes there are someone’s ashes in it …

             Clotilde had put an eternity before arriving at this boutique that located on the top of the cliff. She already had some worries to move, and now she had to climb a stone stair along 3 kilometres. No, of course she is exaggerated when she told about this to the shopkeeper, but for her, this staircase had been such a hard obstacle to overcome.

However, in the end of her long effort, she managed to reach the peak, feel exhausted, thirsty, sweaty and dishevelled, but ready to discover this isolated place, about which her friend, Maélis, told her everything so much. Fortunately, Maélis is strongly insisted so that she goes there, by saying to Clotilde that she would not regret it so much as there was so many nice things to be seen, otherwise she would have left her rise before the 5th step!

In the past, Clotilde has climbed up the mountains or the other one high peaks, but from now on, these only outing were the mass of Sunday, the upkeep of its garden, shopping in the market in the area and the tea party once a week with her neighbours. Today was a big day, she has finally gone through more than 6 kilometres away from her home, what had not arrived for many months. That is why she had got dressed with her favourite suit and skirt, which she kept for big occasions. Matched to the sandals, the skirt and the suit were coloured more than 10 rainbows at once. Hot colours put her injoy and the contrast with the blackness of her skin attracted the eyes of women and men, reminded her of the time when she was still capable of climbing the stairs up without being out of breath.

By entering the boutique, Clotilde knew that her effort was worthwile. She immediately had a feeling that she was going to stay there for some hours, so much there seemed to be interesting things to be watched : on the wall were hung some clocks in the form of fish, lamp-shades that looked like an eye which did not leave your gaze, stuffed animals that were disseminated everywhere, an old bike took a lot of the space and also under the wall, an innumerable number of telephones waited for future calls which would never come. And of course, on the shelves, there were hundreds of small or big objects that called to her curiosity.

Clotilde has passed exactly 1 hour, 46 minutes and 21 seconds in this shop, which had just made its happiness. She went out again, loaded her arms with all types of trinkets: one of the telephones which were hung on the wall, the figurine of a small hairy animal (she was sure that she has already seen it in a movie but could not remember which movie it is, anyway she suspected that one of her grandson would like it), one towel rail in a flower form, an antique urn, a jar filled with multicolored sand and a big green bag (it was probably crocodile’s skin but she was not dare to ask) to put in these stuffs. And also the vase that made of clay which is so huge that she had asked to have it and delivered it at home on the next days.

Back at home, having taken down the interminable staircase with so much trouble as to go up, she directly allowed herself to take some rests. She already got a cup of tea, took her big book on the terrace and sat down on her seesaw chair. After 2 minutes, she putted down her book on her knees. After 3 minutes she had begun closing her eyes. After 4 minutes she was falling asleep. And after 5 minutes she snored like an elephant. When she woke up in the evening, the sun was almost on its bed, about to give way to the moon.

Clotilde tells herself that her time of rest had lasted enough and if she will not activated, she will not succeed to sleep this night. She stood up from her chair and searched the big bag where waited her new property. She putted down the telephone on the table of the kitchen and decided to hang it on the wall later, just the same for the small figurine which she would have to wrap up for one of her grandson. She brought the towel rail in her bathroom, which replaced the one who lied around on her washbasin for a certain time. She was ready to put the antique urn on the bookcase where displayed her other decoration stuffs, when she noticed that there was some dusts on the bottom.

Clotilde did not ask herself any questions and threw it directly what resembled at some ash, in the garbage can. She barely noticed that there was an impressive quantity. As for the jar of sand, she took it in her room, on the bedside table. The shopkeeper on the cliff told her that in a distant country, inhabitants came to pick up the sand of some beaches, which have different colors according to the places. They put the lot in small pots and they placed them on the graves of their missing persons, as a tribute to the dead, so that they will find peace and serenity in beyond. Clotilde had found this story which is very nice, that is why she had bought one of the jars.

Some days later, Clotilde received the visit of the delivery man which brought her its last shopping, the nice vase. With a letter which was addressed to her on behalf of the shopkeeper. She hastened to ask the delivery man to take her vase on the terrace and she opened the envelope.

The writing of the letter was sloppy and it seemed that it had been written in a hurry. And it was the case, tells herself. Indeed the shopkeeper announced her that the antique urn she had bought in the boutique was a real funeral urn, that belongs to somebody and who is still contained ashes of a died person ! She understood now what she had taken for dust. By knowing it, she remembered that there was so much dust for whatsoever real dust. But as her habit of impatient woman, she had not taken the time to think. And she had thrown ashes into the garbage can. And today this garbage was gathered with hundreds of other garbage cans of the district, in the centre of recycling of waste. She continued her reading and was a little bit horrified when she learnt that she had to return that urn immediately, after which the owner cared so much, to the delivery man, who knew about this exchange and who has just came back from the terrace. This one noticed that she had read the contents of the envelope and he asked her therefore to return him the antique urn.

Of course that she could return the antique urn to him, she thought, but the ashes were not there anymore! Into which trouble she was loaded, she thought. The delivery man, without discomfort, asked her to go quickly, because he had to continue his tour. Thrown into a panic, Clotilde achieved to tell him to wait some moments when she goes to search the urn. She headed hurriedly for her room and in passage caught the urn on the bookcase, without the man noticed it. Arrived inside the room, she started to turn in a circle, because she had no idea of what she could do ! Indeed, she tried to find a solution, but her brain was too much complicated by her thoughts so that she thinks intelligently. She could not return the urn just like that, the delivery man would notice that there would be nothing inside of it. While she thought simply of inventing a lie (who would not have seemed credible) as what a thief would have entered by break-in and stolen the property which she must return, the eyes settled on the small jar on its bedside table, in which some layers of sands were more darker than others …

Some moments later, Clotilde went out of her room and handed the antique urn over to the delivery man. He checked that it was not damaged, he also looked inside and seemed satisfied. He thanked Clotilde and announced her that there were not worries to be made, that she will be paid back in some days to come. He also apologised, in the name of the shopkeeper, for this inconvenience. He did not know himself how he had been with a antique urn containing real ashes of a real person, in his boutique.

Once the delivery man left, Clotilde went back directly to her room and stretched out on her bed. She thought to have the rights to take a nap, after all this restlessness in her brain. She immediately fell asleep and dreamt about these men and about these women in a distant country who picked up some sands to honour their dead family.

On the bedside table, the sands in the jar had strongly diminished and there remained only the hottest colours …

Word count : 1547

Persona Non Grata

Great Ray Sitorus180410130057
Creative Writing

Persona Non Grata

Summary: Four years of peaceful marriage was a life of a petty officer Mary Jane Kelly. Serving her country for over six years in Everglades, Florida was always a passion for her. Every day was a quiet and lazy life for her and her husband Zachary Ripley Kelly as it was like everyone’s in Everglades. They were popular for their safe and romantic marriage over the years in the neighborhood and it has always been that way, until an unwelcomed gossip of Mary’s husband with his colleagues in Everglades City School had some connection with Mary’s recently handed case of serial killing.

Day 1:

The victim of the past few days was Leona Broadwood, a single 26 years old hispanic from Tallahassee. The remains of the victim was discovered in a cabin near Lake Lafayette, only drops of her blood and pieces from unkown body part was found. The victim also used to study at College of Central Florida achieving cumlaude in her graduation. The investigation continues as stated by Sgt. O’Niel yesterday thoroughly in Everglades mostly on swamp area. How curious it is as if they simply know the killer did the excecution near water, remembering that in Tallahasse water area was only 2.5% compared to the remaining area. What if it was only coincidence that the victim’s remains founded near water. Something tells me the feds didn’t tells us everything.

April 8th, 1989

I have patrolled over the town just to tell myself that the case I’m investigating got nothing with my family or neighborhood. Just for the sake of my sanity…

By the way, I got to buy a lovely grape pie to Jacky tomorrow as an apologize, in case he didn’t like my grilled tourkey last night…as if a McDonald’s gigantic Big Mac not enough pfft but whatever. I made him a really special grilled tourkey with my own spices yesterday when he came back from a seminar at Saint Leo University. I really love to see him ate the meal that I made but seeing him eating my tourkey forcedly last night is kind of unsettling to see. Anywho, yesterday I met Mrs.Angelica Tobia from Everglades City School. She said something about some new young teacher being flirty about my husband but his reaction was surprising she said. She said that he looked like a innocent boy being flirted around and fled to his parents. I am not surpised actually, that is the reaction that kept us as peaceful as today. Mrs.Angelica seems understood and at the same time she envy our harmony in our house. I think watching a lot of Oprah’s show and reading Chicken’s Soup family harmony really pays off for me.

“What are you doing here!?”

“Don’t you see I’m just chilling with my mates ‘ere?”

“You’re crossing the line of our agreement Mary, haven’t we talked about this?” yelled Jack dreadfully angry.

“Just because I’m a cop? Or is it because the gossips were wrong about you? Why I can’t be a welcomed regular wife that wanted to talk things out, Jack?” said Mary while holding her temper.

“Listen dear, we have an agreement it’s that simple so… so simple that it what holds us together like this okay.” Said jack lowering his tone.

“SO why are you hanging out with a dead colleague of yours yesterday?” shouted Mary.

“It’s it’s…” said Jack stuttering.

“I may not familiar with this place Jack but I know this place longer than you, I also know why Denise only worked on your day hour since then.”

“Where did you know that sweetie? You can’t even think that’s for real right?” said Jack beginning to cracks.

“Said Denise, and my own investigation.”

“You investigate your own husband Mary? You dare to do so? You… you… you just crossed the line Mary, I’m done with this bullshit and you know you’re unwelcomed here you the rest of the cops are the same… unwelcomed here” said Jack.

“So it’s true?” pried Mary while holding her tears over Jack that already walked away.

This night was a long night for me for Jack had gone from home and I am persona non grata to my husband this noon. I kept thinking why this is happening in the first place and how this mess set in motion. I soothe myself by walking to my old father warehouse, looking at his old tools we used to use while hunting alligator and fishing together in Saturday morning before going to patrol in Everglades National Park again. My father hunted hundreds of alligator by that he was popular among town for his fearsome hunting expertise and his helpful figure around the neighborhood… that’s why I sign up for this… for that was also his heirloom, his passion…

Then I saw something strange with my father catching pole…

Day 2:

Another victim has been found in the swamp near Floriday Bay Shore Southwest of Everglades National Park. The victim was found at a tragic condition without arm and face has been peeled off. The severe wounds were suspected to be a bite from a particular predator and the face was peeled by a sharp skinning tools restricted only for hunting use. Forensic team found the DNA from the victim belongs to Sophia De Costa a teacher in Everglades City School. I particularly found a peculiar shirt button in the crime scene after the CSI team scan the area. The thing were so peculiar enough to brought such an overwhelming unwelcomed perception. I need to investigate further about this matter. The FBI seemed to miss some details because of the terrain and the density of the forest. Because I am more familiar with the terrain, I am going to do a re-check on the crime scene until I find some lead up to this case even without the superior authority.

April 9th, 1989

Cheesy cheers maties! I finally had some time to throw away any kind of respondsibility for a while in George Lukas’s third grandson birthday. Mr.George’s home not far from our home just near the river banks of western Everglades National Park but also not too far from our neighborhood, as if I always deny that I’m such a redneck hehe..

But the important thing was.. The soothing smell of crisp tenderloins, sausages, hams, and special T-bone that I bought from walmart with barbeque sauce along with some potatoes on the edge of the bonfire and some budweisser always helps. Talk and drink away all my problems with twelve Mr.George’s son and daughter, but when they talk about parenting and all Jacky and I are a bit not welcomed to the conversation. I don’t know if they envy or simply took a pity on our condition. Anyway… there were also another unwelcomed gossip regarding the murder yesterday near Florida Bay Shore I simply thought about all of those gossip as a shady murmuring of an old man, I am sick with the all those horrors… like a flash of memory brought back to me why I sign up for this bullshit.

This noon I came to Jack’s favorite bar Jipsy’s Heel, a place where we agreed to be his private place so I won’t disturb his time with his friends as stated in Chicken’s Soup Marriage Harmony on chapter X that respecting each private space to avoid unnecessary conflict in a marriage. This is what actually make me uneasy for years, as for me my personal private place was my warehouse beside my house that stores my father heirloom such as; his hunting equipment, and some fishing tools.

I may have crossed the border that made our marriage like today, but that was my limit with all that swirling gossip about the new teacher in Everglades City School. I came as an unwelcomed guests if may say so myself… image going through a bar full of long bearded rednecks trucker and I came in my complete uniform.

His face said everything about what was going to happen. He straight away yells at me and drag me to back of the bar while his friends staring upon him looking shocked with his unusual reaction.

It is unusual…

Mary’s Warehouse

It has a spilled blood on the nocks. What’s make me so uneasy was my father’s skinning knife, somebody had sharpened it recently. I don’t remember had sharpened it before not in a very… very long time.

So somebody… someone unwelcomed had crossed my line of privacy in the first place.

I quickly ran to my father cabin near western of Everglades National Park. I hear voices of a man and a women from the inside, a slight rambling and chuckles.

It was


Denise was tied up in a chair having blood all over her face and I saw her tongue already on the floor.

Mary arrived in her father’s old cabin.

Mary shouted at Jack while pointing her gun at him. “Jack stop! Why!? Why!? Is that even you? My Jack?”

“Ahhhh… and unwelcomed guest I see tehehee” said Jack while chuckling. “What’s the matter, Mary? Don’t like what you see? Isn’t it always the point of respecting each other privacy honey?”

“Don’t you honey me, murderer!” shouted Mary with tears dropping in her cheeks.

“You want to know the truth, Mary? Why everything set in motion for the very first place? It’s not that I’m a disturbed person or anything, instead it’s what an unwelcomed bastard had to do to a cruel world, Mary. For 10 years for fucking ten years, Mary. I fancied myself as a family man… but what kind of family that can’t give his wife a child, Mary!? I am an UNWELCOMED CHILD in this world, Mary! Yet my love didn’t stop me for marrying you, dear.” Explained Jack.

“You see now dear meet our children… your children” while pointing the alligators on water that Jack caught.

“That’s my father’s collection… how… how did you get them?” pried Mary.

“They who cleaned my dirt on the road, dear… that’s why even the feds couldn’t even trace me in this swamp.” Said Jack.

“For my love is stronger than my remorse, dear, I killed everyone who dare to threaten our family our bond”.

“The bitch in seminar, Sophia, and our dear Denise here who can’t even keep her own tongue.” Whispered Jack while pointing his knife to Denise.

“Denise… are you alright!? DENISE!” shouted Mary.

“I’m pretty sure she is just asleep or… DENISE!? My wife called you… why!? Cat got your tongue? Teheheheee” said and giggled Jack.

“You see dear nothing can justify someone is welcomed in this world, even a pregnant innocent woman from low class in Florida could brought a monster like me. Here I am justifying my love to the very end so that no one could ever mess with our family harmony. Yet everyone accused me for being a murderer!!! Can’t a family man protect his own family and feed his own children!?”

“You… you are not him anymore, you are not Jack Kelly that I knew… You are merely another Jack the Ripper… a murderer for fun for sport… a psychopathic and lunatic bastard fancied himself for a family man!! I refuse… I refuse to accept that you exists… No… I hope you never ever exists… I can’t have this anymore” cried Mary and ran away towards her car.

“Don’t run, sweetheart, please… please… we could start fresh again and adopt a…” whispered Jack and murmuring by himself.

Gaining a flash of his humanity Jack know it is futile to further prolonged his misery, he says farewell to the cruel world and his dear misery.

“Then what is my existence for if not for you dear? Why should I exists then?”

“I think it’s time to say goodbye to my misery, remorse, regret, lust,… but not to my love… just to my cruel… cruel… world that made like an unwelcomed light in a bleak of darkness…”

“Embrace me my children… embrace your pure father… a father without a sin of a father… embrace me my children for I am coming to your mother… mother world” cried Jack while plunging his body to the pool of Mary’s Father alligators. Bitten, scraped, peeled, crushed, ripped, as if his body plunged into hell itself, then he found peace… a peaceful welcome in somewhere… somewhere we called death.

Woman Found Dead in Everglades National Park

-New York Times

April 10th, 1989

A woman officer of Everglades County found dead in the river banks and swamps of Everglades National Park along with her car. Motives and causes of the homicide remain unknown. Police of Everglades still investigating the case and suspects the homicide had a connection with the serial killer across Florida and Southern Florida. Further development will be announced on a press conference in Everglades Police County, said Sgt. O’Neil of Everglade’s Police.

Kenneth’s Comprehension

Selik maliki

Summary : Kenneth Con fused about the occurrence after he had been his friend’s party

Kenneth Faraday who lived Milford a village in America has known as child prodigy among his friends. Now he is on 4th grade. His way of thinking is like the adult and he can solve not only the problems on his age but also the adults. All of his grade in all of the subject is perfect because of it he has many friends although he hate to admit it. He love to watching and analyzing his surrounding, this habit firstly come when he was watching his father Edison Faraday was at works in the other hand is because he admire his father so much as a lawyer. In his past at six years old he read many books of his father collections and much learned about social problems. At seven he often follow his mother Susan Farraday to her office as psychologist and watching her gave some solutions to her patient. Because of it he cares about people problems. Although he rarely speak to others but he often talking about his surrounding to his close friends.

Thomas Gifts, Shelly McGuinn are Kenneth’s close friends and they always be together since he was in kindergarten. Shelly becomes close to Ken because she love to help other but she have opposites nature compared to Ken, she likes to communicate with others and give the solution about the problems in her surrounding which was influenced by Kenneth’s words. Thomas is the first person who makes Kenneth smile and they become close friend after Kenneth prevented him to help a classmate who did not bring a meal which fall behind and he chose to share his meal and did not take what Kenneth said about the affect of his action and he said about the positive or negative responses about the person who was given help thinking to him, the person who was helped by him thinking about the other clasmates responses, and the other classmates thinking about him or the person who was help by him. Kenneth smile because Thomas give the answer of his choice and Ken found something important about the actions who Thomas take, he said that he just wanted to help that person, he did not think about all stuff who Ken said and he said that the help or the act was something important to that person that time, and he did not think about the choice of the person both the person would take or not.

One in Saturday night Kenneth, Thomas, and Shelly were going back to home and walked together after coming to a party’s of their classmate. There was a person who is male and was injured because of crashing the tree. In that situation they just had in mid way on their house. In additions, there was no one at home in that district because all host of the house in that place are workers in the town and back at mid night. Shelly was opening her bag, then took her cell phones. Her Hands were shaking and she said to Thom that she wanted to call her mother or call 911. Thom thought that a good idea, in the other hand Ken said that 911 probably cannot trust absolutely of what she said and she would make her mother to be worried then called the police then etcetera etcetera. Thom immediately approached the person and look to him and the others run and followed to what Thom did. The person fainted. Ken thought in a moment then took his coconut waters on his bottle which he had brought at the party and ordered Shally to let out her First Aid Kit Box in her bag. Ken pour the water to the person left hand which was extremely wounded, bleeding and abraded then Shally the alcohol to it. Ken borrowed Shally cell phone and ordered Thom to run to go back to their friends house who held the party before. He called up their teacher because he thought she had be the save person to be called and cannot causing many panic in that time.

The teacher was come because of the called and then the ambulance and the parents of his classmate friends had come near the same time. Ken was happy combined with his sadness after he thought that in physical problem there was visible and everyone can see the problem, can be helped and have the way to solve it, but in the other hand he thought there is also invisible problem which everyone can be sensed but cannot see, even some of it is absolutely cannot be sensed because the person which have the problem hide it perfectly and do not tell everybody but himself or herself. Ken kept thinking about it on the way home.

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A Separation

Melancholy of Suzumiya Haruhi ( Anime )

Word Count : 790 words

Trs: Fictional Short Story


Summary: There were two young man in palestine named Gifari and Maher who wanted to escape from wars and lived their life in the US. They had succesful worldly life there, getting what they wanted. They had their heavens, while a man named Saleem was very active fighting againts the israeli for his home land and faith until he died in a war. He got his heaven.

Two heavens

Here and there the war was in an uproar, the bomb sounds were heard. At the moment the hell had been created in the world. Before the doomsday, the hell had already come along in advance.
The sounds of the footsteps moving further away from the bombs sought for protection, breathing with difficulty and crammed with wounds. The refuge tents had been waiting for the two young men. Algifari and Maher had just missed their chances to pick up the heaven. They had been well-qualified for having the requirements to take part in that matter, only they feared demise.
Being refugees gave a big opportunity to them. “Tonight it seems that we will not be attacked by the bombing,” Gifari said, gazing at the sky, accompanied by the bombing sounds. They remembered their relatives who had passed away. “Lets go there, Far. There’s an American plane sharing foods with the refugees, “Maher said. Reaching at the plane stairs they both looked at each other.
“I want to ride in on this plane to go from this place. It seems that America is a good place for us to go on our life,”said Gifari. Maher set his eyes on the American plane while thinking. He went around the plane to take a look, endeavoring to determine how many passengers the plane could bring and who was a person in charge with whom they could cooperate so us to take them to America. Algifari and Maher walked vividly back to the tents, having their breads and fast food with them in their hands. With gleaming and hopeful faces, they had imagined how beautiful their life would be in America.
At 7 o’clock, the sun addressed them, making Maher awake from his slumber. He went to the bathroom and back to the bed, seeing Gifari was still asleep. “Hey get up! The sun has risen. Let’s go to the Americans and persued them to permit us to join with them to their country.”
Bismillahirahmanirrahiim, fa biayialaa irobbikuma tukatzibaan….. They were startled hearing the recitation of the verses of the Koran from the radio. It was quiet.
There were laughters and jokes bursting out from one room in which papa, mama,and two young boys and girls, three of whom wearing turbans and two wearing scarves, carried mushafs on their laps. The habits of the family were to perform Magreb prayer together, then recite the Koran and listen to the preaches delivered by the father.We were enthusiastic listening to them.Both of the little sisters got very joyful and fond of asking questions that made us in stitches.
At 3 a.m. in the early morning, all of the family members performed Tahajjud prayer, except two little sisters of us, then they recited and memorized the Koran. Allaahuakbar Allaahuakbar…. The voice of the people doing Athan had been shouted from the minaret. My father and I went to the mosque soon. Solemnly, we performed Subh prayer together then continued to listen to a religious sermon from Ustadh until the break of dawn.
That was a routine at my village every subh they both had the same feeling about their sweet memories with their families with all of their islamic culture.
The tents begain to be crowded. The people started their activities. Algifari and Maher agreed to keep it in their memories only, they had determined to go to the US as they planned in advance.
“ Let’s reach at them, the Americans, and persuade them to grant us the chance to life in their country,” Gifari said. An American soldier giving subsidies to the refugees looked at them. Maher came up to him,“Sir, I’d like to ask you something,”uttered Maher. He said,”may we join with you Sir?
“What? You want to follow me? to my country?” asked the American man.
“Yes, that’s right Sir, we would like to life in your country,” answered Maher.
“Don’t you want to struggle for your country like your brothers here?”
“We want to go out of this hurly-burly of war and chaos. We know that your country is free and peaceful.”
At length, they took a ride at one of the American airplanes. Maher and Gifari lifed their beautiful life there. They lived in a family having a sympathy toward their stories in Palestine. They were cared for and brought up with full affection like their own children.
Maher and Gifari achive their success in the US. What is more, they belonged to the dilligent and intelligent ones. The time drew on. Now they were directors of noted American companies.
One day, while Maher was busy in dealing with his job, the phone rang. It was Gifari.
“Hi, man are you busy tonight? How about refreshing our minds for a while?” asked Gifari.
“That’s what I like, guy!” said Maher happily.
The night came. They went to a subscribed bar near San Fransisco. After they reached there, Maher ordered eight bottles of wine. The disco music filled every part of the room, making all the people in that place want to dance crazily. The dim lamp that was flickering on and off added to the merry of the the party.
Maher was just silent, sipping wine,while Gifari enjoyed dancing with pretty women. After they felt satisfied, they came up two beautifull girls. In the long run, they agreed to book the two pretty and sexy girls. They took them to their appartments. Then they did what they liked as men for their desire.
At the meanwihle the war was still bursting out in a rage and it seemed that it would never come to an end in Palestine. The mujahids or Islamic warriors kept fighting for the sake of maintaining their homeland and faith. A man named Saleem was preparing himself to go to a war after doing subh prayer. Allahukabar was heard from a Hamas leader. He prepared his gun and all of his outfits, praying full of faith and impassioned hopes in his heart to free Palestine. He hoped that the sun would shine again in Palestine in that he knew the civilization rose from the East, not from the West. When the sun rose from the West, the world would get destructed. Then he went to fight along with their friends.
In the war, Saleem fought with all of his power. The bombing sound echoed in the heavens of Palestine. The bullets moved so wildly from the two parties. Saleem looked very active in offending the Israeli army trying to him in a nimble way. Two bullets had in fact pierced on his arms. The Israeli army directed their guns at Saleem. All of sudden, a bomb was launched and dropped right behind him and exploded, tearing his body apart. He perished at ones.

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Word count: 1126 words

“The Other”

Wilanti Siti Maulidina180410140053

Summary: A curious that adversely affect the relationship between Nurul and Iqbal,

The Other

“Wow! Its such a better day. “ , said Nurul. This time she is never going to do some activity at home. She got a job. “ Today comes with a whole new light.” Said Iqbal, her husband. She finally feels out of the prison. They are a couple who have been married. They lived together and got a perfect house. But Nurul always feel sad and lonely when she is got home by herself.

On the way to her new office, Nurul felt something unusual in his bag. There is apparently a mobile phone of her husband, Iqbal carried in her bag. However, the office hours is almost close to that at 08.00 a.m. So she ignored her husband’s intention to return the phone. Nurul turns first day off work is very encouraging. she was able to do her job and finished in one day is even less than one day. at lunch and take her wallet in her purse, she found her husband’s cell phone.

Nurul was curious about the contents of his cell phone because since nuru and iqbal married to her husband, she never saw her husband text message anymore. Nurul turns to find something that made her heart had stopped beating. She saw a text message from a woman whom she knew to call her husband as “dear”. That moment with passionate anger, she ran outside and started her car in haste. When Nurul up in his office, she immediately rushed to his room. When she opening the door, she turned out to women who send text messages to her husband.

“What are you doing?”, Said Nurul. “Why are you here? You do not work? And about Intan, I’m talking about the job fondly. “, Iqbal replied gently. “Lier ! Intan, I know you like my husband right? since I introduce him to you.”, Nurul crying. “It’s not what you thinking Nurul, We just work together and nothing happened between us.” Intan asserted with caution. Nurul immediately threw Iqbal’s phone to the floor and stormed off without listening to what her husband and Intan, a senior high school friend. She already known Nurul since a long time.

Nurul was weeping and weeping, and she did not return to her husband’s home and prefer to stay at the hotel. after two days had passed she did not come to work anymore and do not pick up the phone from anyone, she saw the reminder in her cell phone, and a reminder that reads “our anniversary”. Nurul crying. At that time, She also received messages from her husband, Iqbal who says “Go home, I’m sorry. I could not find you. I would die without you. I beg this time returned that all do not worry.”.

Nurul felt that she was like a child who can not solve the problem, then Nurul finally ventured to return home. When she arrived at his house, his house is looked deserted. Nurul afraid she would looking her husband and Intan again in her house. She cry, and thinks that she don’t want to come again and want to go back to the Hotel. But Nurul have to be strong. She breathing heavily, and started come in. When she came in, it turns out all the contents of the house was decorated with lights hanging lamps and candles , all the floors strewn with roses white. and stood her husband in front of him. nurul was surprised and thrilled to see it.

“What are you surprised? Surprise!” Iqbal said with a smile. “What do you mean? how are the diamonds?”, With a sweet smile, Iqbal said “She helped me to prepare it all, she gave a text message affectionate to me because I think it would surprise you.”. “Why you do not worry I don’t come home for two days? I guess You already do not care about me anymore.”. “I know you stay there because I put a GPS in your car already. So I’m not really worried, but I’m still lonely here.”. Nurul finally realized how much her husband loved her, she did not need to see all the problems with anger, now it turns out the other is not exist in their life.

Word Count : 704 words

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