Final Writing: The Steel Squad (Fiction)

Elghiffari Hidayat/180410150070

In June 1944, the Allied Forces launched the infamous operation which people have known as the “D-Day” invasion. With more than 10 months planning and preparation, the Allied Forces successfully captured Normandy and established a temporary Headquarter in Southern France to concentrate their force replenishment after the D-Day and architecting their next operations until the defeat of the Fascist Reich. The Supreme Headquarters Allied Expeditionary Force generals realized that even though they managed to open the gate to the invasion of Europe against the Nazis, Wehrmacht and the Waffen-SS power are still strong in influenced a whole Europe. They need a small, quick, and versatile squad to make a breakthrough from the German flank sides and protecting some vital forces and logistics. After some months, General Eisenhower selected the best soldiers from US Army and the British Army with the help from the newly formed British SAS Regiment. This newborn squad named “The Lightning Fox” and classified as a top secret special squad that deployed in behind enemy lines with special objectives that a normal army can’t accomplish.

Arnhem, August 1944 at Walther Model’s Headquarter.

Generalfeldmarschall Walther Model looked pretty depressed on the entire morning as he received a report that Allied Forces could defeat his forces gradually in France one by one. To relieve his mood, he smoked a pipe and read some newspaper while watched a beautiful garden. Just a moment after he finished read his newspaper, a colonel approached him.

Mein Fieldmarschall, There are some reports regarding the combat situation.” Said the Colonel with a composed voice.

The general sipped his tea once and asked with a sorrowful face “What is it colonel? Is it my other losses in Saint-Lo? Ammunition and logistic shortage at Caen? Or another attack by French Partisan?”

“No mein Fieldmarschall, the Saint-Lo still in our control with the Panzer Ace Michael Wittmann’s tank battalion guarding that city, our ammunition and supplies still intact for the next months in Caen, and we don’t received any report regarding of those rats in 2 last weeks.” The colonel answered still with his composed sound.

“If not a usual bad news, then what is it?”

“We received an important information from our intelligence that the Americans will transport their biggest supplies to their frontline through the Red Ball Express road in 2 weeks. If we can grab an opportunity to destroy those trucks that bring the supplies, they will suffering a big supply issue, and weakened their strength for a while.”

Model’s face became brighter after he heard that “That’s a good information colonel. We need to grab this opportunity as flawless as we can. If we can accomplish this, we will have a big opportunity to make a counterattack to those cocky American and Brits. Summon other generals! We’re going to construct an offensive operation for this opportunity.”

Jahwohl mein Fieldmarschall!” the colonel answered while he saluted the general.

Two weeks passed and Walther Model’s special platoon to intercept the supply trucks is ready. The platoon consisted of four Panzer IV Ausf.H tanks and 40 Panzergrenadier infantries carried by 5 Half-tracks. Model intentionally kept the platoon as simple as possible because he realized the biggest factor of his plan was speed. He needed the platoon as mobile as possible so they can intercept the trucks with the Blitzkrieg Tactic. Model also realized that the trucks that passed the Red Ball Express never guarded by tanks or other heavy units. “Driver, onward!” the tank commander ordered the platoon to move. They were 7 kilometers away from the main road of Red Ball Express. The platoon confidently marched through fields and bushes to ambush the trucks. 3 kilometers away they would reach the Red Ball Express main road.

“Gunner, target in 400 yards left side 20 degrees. Load the AP round, and… Fire!”

“Bang!” A loud sound came from a British 17-Pounder gun from their west side destroyed one of the panzers. “Haha! Easy shot, now the next one!” A man with a British accent yelled from inside a Sherman Firefly Tank. “Bang!” another loud sound generated from American 76mm gun that also came from the west side. The Armor Piercing round that came from the cannon also destroyed the second panzer. “This is mine William. You can’t take all the fun!” An American yelled from inside an M4A3 Easy Eight Sherman Tank. “Where the hell is that coming from?” The Wehrmacht platoon panicked with this unexpected ambush.

Soldaten, bring ze Panzerfaust! Annihilate those tanks before they destroy our remaining tanks!” Said the lieutenant.

“This is our time chaps, no wasting time anymore. Shower those bloody morons with the flamethrower!” A rain of fire came from a flamethrower-equipped Bren Carrier, burned some German infantries until they were burned to crisp.

“They’re attacking from left flank!”

“No, they’re attacking from the right flank!” As the German infantries confused to decide which side the attack came from.

“Bang!” The two remaining Panzer IV exploded as the Firefly and the Easy Eight rounds pierced their armor through the ammo racks.

“Easy peezy lemon squeezy. It’s like shooting some dummies!”

“Never get too cocky William. We don’t know the worst yet.”

Those two tank commanders chatted leisurely as their tanks wrecked the German platoon’s entire armored unit.

“This is our time lads. Charge for the King and Country!”

“Cross, Champ, give them some suppression fire. Mark, Roy, smash them through their flank!” The British Special Air Service squad leader Captain John Smoke gave his soldier some orders to attack the enemy infantries.

The squad of British Special Air Service equipped with some Bren Light Machine Guns and Sten Submachine Guns charged from bushes and shoot the confused Wehrmacht infantries. Although they were only consisted of six soldiers, they were one of the most elite soldiers on earth. They made 40 enemy soldiers scattered all over the area. The sound of bullets ravaging through bodies, and well perfected aim from the British SAS made sure that no enemy infantry can aim them before they could shoot them.

“Retreat, fall back!” the German’s platoon leader ordered the platoon to fall back. 20 infantries ran away through the woods, and avoided the bullets that sprayed by the British SAS. With only 15 minutes of fighting, the field already filled with corpses and broken steels. After some minutes, the SAS soldiers and the tank crews sat under trees

“These foolish don’t even bloody think that we will defend our precious supplies.” The Firefly Tank Commander Captain William Wilkinson talked with a cocky voice.

“You’re right William. Even incompetence London police can shoot better than them. These fools are only some third rate soldiers and newbies.” Captain John Smoke replied.

“Cut the chatter both of you. Keep the celebration later until we put some bullets in the Fuhrer head. We still have a long war to fight.” Captain Chris Baker reduced the tension of is two best commanders. A moment later, Captain Chris turned on the radio and called the Headquarter.

“Fox to Overlord, Fox to Overlord.”

“This is Overlord, come in Fox. How’s the operation progress over?”

“The operation progressed smoothly, General. We destroyed four Panzer IVs and five halftracks, killed 12 men, and wounded 8 men. The rest of the enemies are retreating.”

“Good work Captain, your squad can rest for a while now. The Lightning Fox will be deployed in Ardennes Forest in December to receive your next objective.”

“Solid copy General Eisenhower. Special Squadron Lightning Fox reporting out.” Captain Chris putted the radio back into his bag.

“So what did Ike say?”

“We can have fun for 5 months. You guys can grab some French girls, drink as much as you guys want, and take some vacations until 5 months passed. After that we’re going to be deployed in Ardennes Forest Belgium on December.”

“Good lord almighty, that’s a long time to take a rest. Let’s go chaps, to Paris pubs. We need to remember the taste of some scotch and absinthe. Onward driver!” Captain William ordered his tank driver to go to headquarter in Paris.

Two days later in Walter Model’s headquarter at Arnhem

Mein Fieldmarschall, we got the report from the ambush operation.” Said the colonel.

“So how is it? Is it a success? Can we launch our counterattack as soon as we can?”

Nein Mein Fieldmarschall, the operation was kaputt.”

“What do you say colonel? Say that again.”

“The operation is failed mein Fieldmarschall. Our tanks and Halftracks are destroyed, our troops were retreating.”

“BAM!” The general punched his desk with his two hands.

“How the hell… HOW THE HELL IS THAT COULD BE HAPPENED?! Our intelligence said that no American nor British platoon in that area, we even sent some best men to this operation. How the hell we can be failed? What kind of schwein that destroyed our platoon?”

“We don’t know yet sir, we still investiga…”
“We received important information from our intelligence sir!” A Major abruptly entered the general room in a hurry.

“If you dare to interrupt the Colonel, it must be an important thing to say major, or your head is my answer.”

“Our spy reported that the Allied has a special squadron that operating on behind our lines. They attacked our flank with surprise elements and quickly disrupt our defense. Some fights such as Carentan, Caen, and the latest Redball Express are the result of their work to disrupt our defenses.”

“What kind of squad is it? Never heard such a very mobile and tactical squadron in American or British beside the SAS and 101st Airborne Division before.” The general confused with the major’s report.

“Our spy called it The Lightning Fox Squad. They consisted of a Sherman Firefly Tank, a Sherman Easy Eight Tank, and A squad of British SAS carried by a flamethrower-equipped Bren Carrier.”

“Okay, I see. That’s why although they are a mobile unit, they have some heavy firepower from those Shermans. Major did the spy gather other information about them?”

“Yes, the General Eisenhower planned to deploy them in the Ardennes Forest in December along with 3rd US Army that being led by Patton.”

“Ardennes Forest? What are they going to do there? I should report to the Fuhrer as fast as I can.”

Four Months later, Hitler and his generals already finished constructing an offensive operation called “Unternehmen Wacht am Rhein ("Operation Watch on the Rhine") Hitler’s main objective was to split the US and British Army, then encircled them while hoping the US and the British will offered a peace negotiation if the operation is a success. But for Model, this operation was his biggest chance to destroy The Lightning Fox squad completely. For months Model construct his special platoon that specifically to destroy the special squadron entirely. He also had given permission from the Hitler itself to be granted an access to have the most formidable tank in World War two, The King Tiger Tank.

20th December 1944, southern area of Ardennes Forest.

“Alright boys, we’ve received our order. We need to link up with General Patton’s 3rd Armored Division at Bastogne, and establish a defense position around there.” Captain Chris gave his squad an order to move.

“Easy lads, time to move out. Those stinking Jerry won’t wait us here. They will meet with our bullets in Bastogne.” The SAS squad leader Captain John Smoke also gave his order to his squad.

The squad moved leisurely at the forest as they didn’t know what kind of danger that they would face.

“Mark, do you know any good British girl around your place?” Captain Chris asked the British SAS soldier Mark randomly.

“I’m not quite sure sir. I don’t have any girl either. It seems my girlfriend is only this lovely Bren Light Machine Gun. Maybe it’s a good thing if in the future I can gra…”


Some loud sound of Karabiner 98K Sniper Rifle echoed through the forest, and one of the bullets pierced through Mark’s head.

“Bloody hell, multiple snipers in 10 o’clock. All troops take cover inside the vehicles!” Captain John Smoke gave the direct order to all soldiers.

“We don’t have time to mourn for Mark. Roy, splash some fire through the woods at our ten!”

The flame came from the Bren Carrier, splashed some fire through the woods and successfully burned the snipers.

“Good job lads, now keep your bloody eyes open. We’re ambushed!”


The Bren Carrier exploded immediately as a tank bullet pierced the vehicle and exploded right inside it.

“God dammit! Where the hell is that coming from? Our entire SAS soldiers are killed!” Captain Chris panicked as he saw an entire troops dead just in a moment.

“Bloody hell, it came from three o’clock. It’s a tank!” Captain William answered

“Can you identify the tank William?”

“I can’t, it’s too far, and it’s about 2 kilometers away. We need to drive closer to that tank to give it some shots.”

“Okay I’ll do it. Driver, approach that tank with some zigzag maneuvers to avoid their shots.”


The Easy Eight avoided three shots, and eventually Captain Chris can see the tank clearly.

“Oh shit… It’s a goddamn King Tiger!”

The King Tiger, the most formidable tank in the war. Equipped with 88mm guns that can penetrate any Allied tanks easily, and protected by a thick 185mm frontal armor.

“We need to retreat. There’s no point of fighting this beast. We’re going to be dead anyway.” Captain William terrified as he looked to the enormous tank.

“No, we’re not going to retreat! If we let this goddamn tank pass, it will attack the General Patton’s flank. Our defeat in this battle will be assured if that happened.” Captain Chris Baker didn’t agree with William’s suggestion to run away as he saw a bigger potential threat if they let the King Tiger pass.

“Any bloody bright idea?”

“Let’s gambling, I love gambling. I’m going to become the decoy while you destroy that panzer with your powerful 17-pounder gun.”

“No for god sake Chris. It’s too dangerous.”

“It might be dangerous, but it will be more dangerous if we missed this chance.”

The Easy Eight approached the King Tiger with full speed as the Firefly went to the King Tiger right side, as the armor was thinner than the frontal armor.


A sound of 88mm gun exploded the Easy Eight completely. As the King Tiger shoot the Easy Eight, the Firefly already got a clear shot to the King Tiger.


The Firefly shot the King Tiger three times as the first shot jammed King Tiger’s turret transversal, the second shot destroyed the track, and the third shot exploded the King Tiger’s ammo rack.

A month later, the Allied force won the Battle of the Bulge as William Wilkinson promoted as a Major. He won’t forget that his life was given by Captain Chris Baker and Easy Eight tank crews.

Word Count: 2491 words

Reference: Company of Heroes 2

Final Writing: How does it feel to be dead? (Non-Fiction)

Shabrina Eilien Khalishah/180410150025

Vacation, vacation, vacation. Bali? Jogjakarta? Ugh, anywhere but Cirebon! Anggun Martha Bethari was so sick of her college stuffs, she needed vacation more than anything. It was a nice day actually, Anggun just finished her shower and ready for the day with her close friends, it took her at least 30 minutes to get ready. Once she stepped out of her house, the young lady could feel the wind blow her long hair. The long-haired girl moved her head to the left and then right, waiting for her friends to come, they said they will be there within 10 minutes. Oh, one of the things she hated the most, waiting. Her eyes widened when she spotted two girls walking side by side, approaching her. “Oh wow, you said 10 minutes and I’ve stood here for more than 15 minutes.” A long sigh escaped her mouth as she started walking, followed by Nana and Marsha. The girls had planned to visit a new cafe near Anggun’s house. People said they serve the most delicious pancakes ever, though she didn’t really believe what people said. “How’s your granpda, Nggun?” Nana broke the silence between the three. Anggun kept quiet for a few seconds before she shrugged her shoulders. “I don’t know, I’m not sure,” she hesitantly replied, “I haven’t visited him yet, maybe tonight.” She continued, biting her own lower lip. Suddenly Anggun felt bad because she had not visited her grandpa even though he already hospitalized for a week, but she quickly covered it by trying to talk about something else. The day went well as she expected it to be. They had fun at the cafe, eating, drinking coffee, even taking picture and gossipping. There was something bothering her when she was on her back to her house. The thing that made her sad without knowing the reason behind her sadness. She used to feel it before and something bad did happen to her. “Where were you? Mom was looking for you but she went to the hospital already.” The voice of her younger brother successfully brought her back to the world. Anggun blinked her eyes several times before looking at Dean. “I went out with my friends. Ugh, why mom didn’t call me? Are you going to the hospital now?” Instead of replying her, Dean walked away, ignoring her as usuall. “What kind of brother is he?” The girl muttered under her breath as she walked upstairs. It was around 6:30 in the evening when she heard some noises, actually her father was talking on the phone, and she decided to go out of her room. “You are going with me to the hospital. Granpda wants to see you since a few days ago.” ‘Wow, really? Not even a single hi and he just told me what to do.’ Anggun rolled her eyes and went back to her room to get her stuff. “I know I haven’t visited grandpa yet but ugh, I’m planning to visit him tomorrow, why today?” She kept grumbling while following her father to the car. The car ride to hospital was kinda awkward because both of them didn’t even say anything. “You go to his room first, I need to buy some meds.” Said her father before he walked away. There she was, walking alone to her grandpa’s room. She noticed someone standing by the door once she arrived. “Where is your dad?” Anggun shrugged her shoulders and went inside. Her body freezed just when she saw her grandpa was laying there. His skin was very pale, he seemed like he was unconscious. She didn’t expect to see her granpa in this condition. “Is he okay?” She whispered to her mother. “Not at the moment, but I’m sure he will be okay.” In fact, just some mere words weren’t enough to make her sure that he is okay. Her grandpa didn’t seem like he was okay, not even a bit and she knew that. But oh well, she tried to hide it, it wasn’t the right time to make her mother sad, was it? The clock kept tickling and it was 7 when she walked out of the room to get some air. The aura around her felt so strange, she didn’t like to be around hospital. This place was full of tears, blood, death, hopeless people, she hated it so much. Anggun sat in the nearest chair. Her eyes were looking straight in front of her but her mind was full of so many things. She started the day with happiness but once she went to this place, it felt like the happiness is gone somewhere far away. “No… He is still here, isn’t he? It’s not possible…” One of her eyebrows raised when she heared those words. The next thing she heard was her mother crying, literally crying while calling her name. Her heart skipped a beat, she hesitantly walked in to the room. There were her mother, her father and her uncle in the room, standing near the bed. She clearly heard the crying noises. It wasn’t just her, they really cried. Anggung take a few steps forward and the first thing she saw was her grandpa’s face covered by white fabric. That was the time when she realized that he was gone. Anggun didn’t cry, not even a single tear. But it didn’t last long until she broke in tears along her family. It’s been a while since the last time a family member of her passed away, she almost forgot the feels and now she felt it again. “No, don’t tell mom yet. Let’s just ask Dian to drive her home, let Anggun meets her first.” Her mother was trying so hard to speak while crying on their way to her uncle’s house to pick up grandma. “What about Yusuf?” Her father asked, trying to calm his wife while driving. And there was Anggun, crying alone in the back seat, she was blaming herself for being a bad grand child. Her granpda always wanted to see her since before but she didn’t even spare her times to visit him, even for a minute. In the other hand, she felt lucky that she at least had the chance to see him for the last time. The so called Vacation days turned into gloomy days. Anggun kept blaming herself everyday, wishing she was there to accompany her grandpa. She kept crying, remembering how much he loved her. But it’s not only that, the thing that made her more sad was, her grandma kept blaming herself for not being there in the last few minutes of her husband’s life. Though she knew that her grandma was the best wife every men could ask for. She still rememberd the look on her Yusuf’s face when he reached home from Bandung and had to face his father’s dead body. Everything felt so wrong after the death of her grandpa. There was like a distance between the family. Her mother refused to meet her aunt, only God knows why. Her grandma kept crying almost every day. And Anggun? Oh, she wished she could just change back the time, she wish she could control the time. But it’s too late, isn’t it? It’s been a week since the day her granpda died. Everything was falling apart. Anggun sat on her bed, scrolling her LINE messages only to read and didn’t even bother to reply any of them. A long sigh escaped her mouth as she laid her body on the bed and stared at the ceilings. No, she didn’t cry, she was indeed thinking about her grandpa. She was wondering how her family would be after his death. Well, for now, her family didn’t feel like a family how it used to be. But she amazed of how a death of a person impact the rest of the family. Whether a good impact or other wise. “Anggun, come with us. We are going for lunch.” That was she heard after a few knock on her door. The lazy Anggun just nod and closed her eyes for a few minutes before getting ready. She looked at her reflection in the mirror. Her hair was a mess, her face looked very pale with no make up. She stood there, staring at herself for almost ten minutes. “How does it feel to be dead?” Anggun whispered, “Is ‘The World After Death’ real?” She continued. Another knock on her door made her almost jump in shock. She brushed her hair in hurry and walked out of her room. “Why don’t you put on some make up? You look very pale, Anggun.” Her mother said once she saw Anggun standing by the door. Anggun did not reply, she only stared at her mother and without her knowing, tears slowly pouring down her cheeks. “Mom, how does it feel to be dead?” A smile made its way to her lips when she said those words. The next thing she knew was, she passed out.

Word count: 1,502


Final Writing: An Additional Member (Fiction)

Putri Saraswati Sekarningtyas/180410150077

An Additional Member

“Baby.” Said Miles slowly.

“Yeah?” Lottie replied while she rolled her body so that she could face her husband.

“I’m going to Bali on May 4th for some office stuff, and it’s very important that I can’t leave it. Are you going to be okay? Or do you want to stay at your family house?” Miles asked her very carefully, scared that she would cry.

Lottie was still confused with what Miles just said because she just woke up, so she still couldn’t process anything. Miles knew Lottie’s mind was still somewhere else so he waited until Lottie fully opened her eyes. When Lottie finally gained her consciousness, she sat right up.

Immediately, Miles sat right up too and held Lottie, rubbed her belly, and said, “Wow, careful, babe. Remember, you are carrying our baby in your belly.”

Lottie glared at her husband and put on a questioning face, Miles knew that look meant that she need a further explanation, so he gave her a more detailed and further explanation.

“Look, baby, I’m going to Bali on May 4th with my off–“ Miles did not get to finish his sentence because Lottie cut his words off.

“But I’m about to pop any second!”

“I know, babe. Please, listen to me first, okay?”

“Okay. Go on.”

“So, I’m going to Bali on May 4th maybe until the 7th with my office to work on some really serious project, and I’m afraid you can’t come. Are you going to be okay here in our apartment all by yourself? Or do you want to stay at your family house whilst I go, so you don’t have to be all by yourself?”

Still, it took Lottie about a minute or two to process what her husband just said. Her first instinct after Miles said he is going to go to Bali is to come with him, but she knows it’s not possible, and Miles would be very busy with the project and would not have the time to accompany her. Aside from that, she knew Miles would not be able to concentrate with the project, knowing she is all alone in the hotel room. She knew she had to stay at her family house, because that was the best option for right now. “Okay, Miles. It’s okay for you to go, I understand. And I won’t come with you because it’s just not possible. I think it’s best for me to stay at my family house, at least I have my dad to help me if I need some help,” said Lottie wisely. Miles was shocked when he heard what Lottie just said, he even had his mouth hanging open, because he did not expect an answer like that. He thought Lottie would beg him so that she could come with him, because he knew Lottie wanted him to be there when she is in labor and she was about to pop in any second.

“Oh my God. Babe? Are you serious?”

“Yeah, why wouldn’t I?”

“It’s just– I don’t know, I did not expect that answer at all. Okay, so, should we call your mom to see if it’s possible for you to stay at her house while I’m gone?“

“Yeah, okay. But I don’t have my phone with me right now.”

“It’s okay, I’ll call her.”

Miles dialed her number, but it went straight to her voicemail, twice. So he called Lottie’s father three times, but he didn’t answer all of it. After they tried to call her parents but failed, they decided to just message her brother. When Miles was about to message Lottie’s brother, she just remembered that their family – her mother, her father, her brother, and her sister were planning to go to Singapore. Lottie told Miles to ask her brother the date they were planning to go, so he did.

Her brother replied at noon, he said that their flight would be on May 6th, and he asked why Miles asked, and it happened to be Lottie who read the message. If her family’s holiday started at May 6th, then it would be useless if she went to stay at their family house. She thought she would just beg to Miles so that she can come to Bali too, because at least she could just call Miles if something happens. Lottie replied her brother message and said, “Okay.”

After begging and begging and begging, Miles finally gave up and bought Lottie a ticket to go to Bali. Medically speaking, Lottie should not go on a plane, because she was on her last three month of her pregnancy. But she and her husband did not even care a bit because going to Bali was the only option they could take.


At the plane, Lottie suddenly felt her belly harden, and she had a contraction. Miles panicked and did not know what to do and there was nothing they could do because they were up in the air and the pilot just could not land on wherever he liked. But the flight attendant did help Miles and Lottie by giving them the number of the nearest hospital. Right after they landed, Miles called the hospital and he booked a taxi to go to the hospital. Luckily, they did not bring any baggage, they only brought cabin luggage, so they did not have to wait for their baggage and they could go to the hospital straightaway. But unlucky for them, especially Lottie, the minute she tried to get up from her seat at the plane, she bled out so much, it looked like she just made a new pool out of her blood. The flight attendants and the land crew also panicked and they gave her a wheelchair and she was rushed to the taxi.

As soon as they arrived at the hospital, she was rushed to the USG room, and the doctors and the nurses were already there, waiting for her. After the doctors looked what was wrong with her pregnancy, it appeared that the baby was stressed because of the flight, the baby’s heartbeat was so fast. The doctors concluded that Lottie had to go into the labor right away, or neither the baby nor the mother would survive. Whether Lottie and Miles wanted it or not, it had to be done, even with zero preparation. Lottie could not have a normal birth due to her eyes condition and bladder infection that she had, so she had to go under operation. After 3 hours of operation, at 4:42, the baby was finally born and it was a girl. Lottie and Miles cried. They cried because they were really happy that the baby was finally born and healthy. Miles even shouted, “Woohoo! The baby is finally out of your belly! I love you!” but Lottie was too tired to respond him.

Even so, Miles was still panicking even after the operation was done and the baby was born. For the first 10 hours, the baby had to be in the incubator due to all the stress she was going through at her mother’s belly. Miles went back and forth from his baby’s room to his wife’s room, until Lottie told him to calm down.


Miles did not answer.


Miles still ignored her.


Finally, Miles answered, still in a panic voice, “Yeah, baby? You need anything? What can I help you? Should I call the nurse?”

“No, baby, I’m fine. I’m perfectly fine. Look at me, I’m alive. I survived, and so is the baby.”

“But the baby is in the incubator, how could I be calm?”

“Yeah, I know the baby is in the incubator, but we know for sure that she is in a good hand. You do really need to calm down. You panicking is not helping at all. I should get some rest, yet here I am, trying to calm you down.”

Before Lottie said what she just said, Miles was walking back and forth beside Lottie’s bed. After Lottie finished her talk, Miles finally calmed down a little bit and he grabbed a chair and sat beside her bed. When he was about to fell asleep, Miles remembered that they should actually inform their family, so he woke Lottie up, who only had been asleep for 5 minutes.

“Baby, wake up.”

“What is it, Miles? I’m tired.”

“You know, we have families, and we do need to inform them about the baby.”

“Oh my God, yes, you are right, we need to inform them. What time is it?”

“It’s about 5 in the morning.”

“But they are not up yet. And I’m afraid to tell them because they don’t know that I am in Bali with you, and mom would be so mad at me because she knows I shouldn’t be getting on a plane. Besides, they are about to go on a holiday and I don’t want them to worry about me.”

“But we need to tell them.”

“But I’m scared. Even I still cannot process that I am finally a mother.”

“Okay, so when do you suggest we deliver the news to them?”

“On Sunday, their last day at Singapore.”



On Sunday morning, Lottie called her mother to inform them that the baby was already born. At first, her mother was panic and she insisted that she and Lottie’s dad, brother, and sister, go straight to Bali from Singapore, but Lottie told her that she was going to go home too that night. Her mom did not allow her but Lottie made sure that it was okay for the baby to go on a plane and the doctor already gave the permission. Finally her mother allowed her but with one condition, a nurse should also come to the plane, so if something happened, the nurse would help her. A deal was made and Miles immediately bought the plane ticket.

Their plane landed at a fair same time, and they decided to meet at a restaurant just outside the gate. They met, and the family reunited with an additional member of the family. They were all happy.

Word count: 1689

Final Writing: A Walk In a False City

Rifki Hafian Rasyid/180410150065

It was a small shack, but by no mean does the shack look cheap, decrepit nor dirty. Inside the shack are a lot of trinket, portrait and of course, the sage is here. The legend said that there is a sage that can tell the wisest of the wisdom.

He sat behind a rusty iron table, in an ornate chair. Alongside his gray beard and black attire, he evoke a mystifying aura. His wrinkle on his face tell the story of a man who have witness many years.

It’s honestly surprised me that the legends are true, but I shouldn’t let that distract me. Slowly I approach him. Lowering my voice, I start to speak.

“O wise sage, I came here to humbly asks your wisdom”

“You have come to the right place, young man. Wait are you actually a young man?”

“22 sir” I spoke truthfully, usually I lied about my age.

“Ah. You have come to the right place, mister. However my wisdom doesn’t come cheap. For I cannot live on just with farming. I need donation”

I already expected it, but I don’t know if it’s enough for him…

“A golden necklace? That’s pretty nice. It’ll do”

“Thank you. So what is your wisdom, o wise-”

“Can you get out for a while? I need some inspiration first”


“I said get out. Shoo!”

That was something. The sage doesn’t seems to be as amazing as the legends said. From what I heard, he lives solemnly in this shack for about 50 years. Though the legend didn’t tell how the shack were decorated with painting, ornament, and trinket. I can’t imagined I living in this kind of shack.

“Come in” he shout from inside.

When I come in, the empty table before has been filled with dishes and empty glass. Looks like his way of finding inspiration is not so difference compare to mine: Eating.

“What is your name?”

“Donny. Donald Shortstack”


Great, even a legendary sage like him would laugh at my name. That’s okay, it’s reasonable.

“Hahah. Now Donald, why do you came here?”

“I seeks advice O wise sage. It’s been four year since I finished college, and yet I still can’t find any permanent job. I want to have a permanent job but I lack… something!”

“Ah another one. Well you see, here’s what you should do first”


It’s not actually a big city. Quite small actually. I don’t know why the sage called this place a city. From afar I can see that the building is comfortable to lived in, well compared to the shack from before.

The path to the city is made from dirt and sand. It’s hard to described it, it’s like made like those in jogging track. It’s a bit unusual for a “city”. As I approached the city, I soon realized the reasoning behind this pathway. A horseman approached

“I can help but noticed that you came from the direction where the wise sage lives. So tell me young man, why do you came to this city” A man asks me from above a horse. He sits on a gaudy saddle.

“Well you see, I asks him for his wisdom-”

“Did you asks him how to get a job?”

“Yes. How do you know that?” The horseman seems unamused, even more than the sage.

“So I was told to visit a place called Cornsoup city in the west and then a man called John will aid me”

“Which John again?” The horseman asks

“The one that are known for being the greatest mayor in this region”

“That would be… Me”

“Well Mr. Filbert-”

“Do call me Mr. Mayor”

Oh boy. This will be good.

“Mr. Mayor, will you aid me?”

He smiled somewhat creepily and answers

“Sure. Let’s get breakfast lunch first. I’ll pay the bill”


“Say wanderer, what’s your name again?”

“It’s Donny, Donny Shortstack”

“Ha. No really. What is your name?”

“Donny. Shortstack”

I handed him my business card. And he won’t stop laughing

“Well you can’t blame me laughing at you! I mean why would someone pass such an absurd family name!”

“Well I could always change my surname. But my family are renowned. Abandoning that surname is like abandoning your fortune”

“Ah I see what you mean. I am after all inheriting my father’s fortune and position” he said with a face full of joy

“Wait, they didn’t do an election?”

“Nah, they respect my father’s will”


It was a nice looking restaurant, decorated with gold lining and copper lamp. All of the chair and table were made from the finest wood they could find. At least that’s what the banner outside said. Yes. The gold lining is there, but some have rusted and some were stolen. The chair and table were made from the finest wood, but only two of them. The rest of them are made from bamboo, not that there’s anything wrong with that. Seen from the inside, the door have a sign that says “CUSTOMER IS KING” made from silver, or maybe aluminum. Surprisingly it’s shine brighter compared to the gold lining or copper lamp.

So here I am, sitting in a fancy restaurant, being treated by the “mayor” of this “city”. I sit in a chair like a normal person, while the mayor sits… on his horse.

Yes, the owner of this restaurant build a door big enough for the mayor to get inside without dropping off his horse.

“Excuse me, what would you like to order?”

Oh well, let’s see. A mixed omelet sounds nice

“Mixed omelet ma’am”

“A grape juice, ‘ma’am”

Oh look, he mocked me again.

“Is that all?”

“That is all”

He’s a weird person, if the sage didn’t recommend him, I would–

“I see that you still are confused about my seat, and how the citizen tolerated it”

He smirks while he said that

“Did the people love you that much or did you paid them”

“I wouldn’t called it love as much as it’s…. Uh. Well let’s just say that these people owe me a lot”

“Owe you what? Money?”

“No. It’s more than that”

“Okay, but that didn’t explain a lot. Like, why are you sitting on your horse in the first place?”

“I like looking at people from higher position than them. It’s… cathartic”

Cathartic? What, did he have grudge with human in general? Is he angry at his citizen? Is that why he demand people called him mayor?

“Oh would you look at that” he said while pointing to the kitchen”

I can heard it faintly

“I’m sorry sir”

“That doesn’t excuse these OVERCOOKED omelet! Where do you think YOU are?”

It’s like watching that tv show, Hell… something something

“Well you better COOK it again, or I’ll decided whether YOU can still WORK comfortably here”

The cook ran straight to the kitchen. He immediately pulled an egg from the fridge, I think.

Is it really THAT tense for these guys to cook my omelet? It’s not like they are cooking for the president or something. They certainly took the phrase “Customer is king” to the heart. At least he treated–





After that debacle, me and the mayor here enjoy our nice meal. Well he certainly enjoyed it. I eat a bit slower than usual.

My parents would scold me for eating voraciously, they said that’s “unbecoming” for a future gentleman such as me. It can’t be help, I just like these food. I wonder if those food I used to eat with my parents were made like foods here: Made with a lot of shouting and dish throwing. Not sure if I could eat like I used to anymore, knowing thing like this.

“I see that you still worried about what happened before, I can assured you that there is a perfect reasoning for that”

“Such as?”

“They are just making sure they adhered to their ‘customer is king’ philosophy. When you have underling who are just so inept, you have to fired them”.

“Yeah but that guy’s behavior seems to harsh”

“Not at all. This “harsh” way is the only plausible way for these people to improve themselves”

Unbelievable, he approve that guy’s behavior

“And in what way do they improve?”

“They become more tougher, more braver, and more importantly, more prideful of themselves”

Hmm, maybe the sage are teaching me how to be more… prideful? Is that why he send me here. I mean the mayor had a point. All this time I behave more easygoing than other. If I had someone who would treat me more… harshly?

“Now, let’s move on”

“…To where?”

“You didn’t come here to just eat an omelet”


It’s a scary place. Really make you felt demoralized. But that’s to be expect from a place like this. People should be afraid to commit crimes, lest they be put behind bar.

My uncle used to scared me with his story. He said that everyday, prisoner would be forced to eat human waste, drink polluted water, breath poisonous gas. The scariest story that he said were that prisoner should behave nicely, or else the guard would whipped them twenty time per hour. Of course, those weren’t actually true. It just that people said my uncle used to be a prison guard, so naturally I believed in his story.

“Is the warden free?”

The mayor here is trying to called the warden through his assistant.

“No, I mean does he have enough spare time. What? Look just patch me up to him. I’m the mayor of this town you-”

“Hey mayor!”

“Hey, how’s it going. Your assistant told me you were busy”

“Oh, I am. I just gave up after the prisoners can’t stop screaming HARD enough”.

Okay, maybe my uncle didn’t lie at all, just exaggerating.


We walk outside the prison. I mean I walk, but the mayor still rode his horse.

“You didn’t seems to look well?”

An understatement. How can I “look well” when I just witness the prison warden watch in glee as an ex-gang member punch another ex-gang member, which results in a mini prison riot?

“But you do understand why I take you here right?”

“So that I can learn the ‘consequences of failure’ of real life? You already told me that while we were watching a prisoners gang war”

“Good, it’s nice to know that you understand how this city works”

“This city”, what a load of crap. It’s not even big enough to be called a city! It’s just a small–

“I guess it really is my fault”

Did he just admit his mistake?

“I shouldn’t have brought you to a prison. It was a demoralizing place”


“So how does a farm sounds like? Fun? Exciting?”

“Yeah sure”

“By the way, a prisoners who see us actually scream to me, calling me ‘High-horse filbert’. It’s nice to know that these people is still creative enough to complement people”.

I’m pretty sure that’s not a compliment.


“So he let those who he deemed a failure, to starved?”

“You made it sound like it’s slavery


“Oh yeah, that happened. Well–”

The farm owner whip the farmer he deemed to be slacking. Or so the mayor told me. I stopped hearing whatever he told me once I witness… this.

“The whip is unnecessary”

“Not at all. It’s the perfect way for the farm owner to maintain his superiority over these… peasants”

“Peasants? Why do you need to be demeaning to these people”

“Hey, it’s the correct term. These people are just being taught to be better”

Just as he was saying that, the farm owner kick one of the farmhand.

“He kick them? This is an abuse! It’s violation of civil rights at worst”

That’s it, I can’t stand this.

“Hey you! STOP”

The farm owner asks “Why would I?

“These people doesn’t deserved it! You can just kick and whip people for such inconsequential things”

“I mean that’s how they run it right”

“What? Who told you that”

“The mayor, obviously. He’s been the one who taught us all. How to farm, cook, heck even the prison warden were his ‘student’. It’s the way of Cornsoup”

As he said that, the mayor ran away.

“Why would you believe his words?”

“Well the sage told us to. He is after all the wisest sage. I have to followed his advice”.

That’s… what I have been doing to.

I noticed that the mayor disappear. I could find him and question him, but I felt I need to asks someone else entirely.


The sage doesn’t seems surprised. He already look angry before I said any word. I assume mister filbert already contact him somehow.

“I’m back old man, and I’m telling you something. You’re a fraud!”

As if trying to control his composure, he stroke his beard

“Really? Can you explain what do you mean by that”

“That mayor is nothing but a maniac! He and his citizen were a bunch of sadistic mob!”

The sage widen his eyes, as if he didn’t expect THAT explanation from me. To be fair, I exaggerated a bit.

“Cornsoup city will crumbled once he ran out of his father’s fortune, which is the only thing that maintain it”

“How dare you! iHe is a man with more wisdom than i. He is the most handsome man in this country. He is th-the smartest man in th-this region. He is mo-more than capable to run a ci-city! It was his own father who gave him the city”

He speaks more erratically. Have I touched a nerve?

“Oh yeah, what do you mean by ‘city’ exactly? It’s just a small complex of building. At worst it’s just a village”

“It is a city! It was what father always planned. Th-Those ‘legal’ people doesn’t have any right to stop me calling my city a city!”

Hahaha. Looks like the wise sage isn’t can’t stand people mocking his ‘city’

Wait. “‘Father’? ‘MY’ city?”

I pulled his beard. As I pulled his beard, so does his gray hair being pulled.

“YOU! It was you the whole time”

“YES IT WAS ME! What’s wrong with it? ALL I WANT WAS MORE PEOPLE! My father’s vision of making my village a city, WILL SOON BE TRUE”

“You pretend to be a sage, JUST so you can called your village a city?”


He ran straight to his horse, cackling.

“You will never catch me!”

He’s mad. I didn’t even tried to catch him. He left his valuable in this shacks. I just have to take it and left.

As I take my necklace back, I heard a horse scream followed by a man screaming. Looks like he trips on a branch.

I still can’t believe a man with a wig and make up fooled me.

Word Count : 2499

Final Writing: A Usual Weekend at Oma’s House (Fiction)

Rachmah Setya Utami/180410150061

“I’m bored,” the youngest in that group whined. He was small, a kid actually. Well, they all were.

Quickly agreed by the rest of the group members, which only consisted of three more kids, the tallest boy with hair that stood up like some of hedgehog’s spikes said with flat tone, “I’ve got enough of PS2 games,”

The others exchanged their looks with pitying expression. After months of consistent whines, arguments, stubbornness, the hedgehog’s-spikes-haired boy called Shidqi was finally able to touch his new dear PS2 although with also consistent mood of playing numerous games with it, he got bored not so long after.

“Yeah, after all, we can never beat Ami.” Same age with Shidqi, his partner in crime, Fatah added.

All morning long he had tried his best to win over the current care race game against the only girl in the group but only to find his attempt was futile. No one knew how the skinny girl could manage to be the best in that game and hold the throne for the over past few days. She liked no game or whatsoever or so they thought before, yet dragging her to also play PS2 with them seemed to be a great mistake.

“I cannot play the soccer game, you know.” Ami shrugged, she was yet to know what the man−boy−ego was.

“No! Oh, please, don’t teach her that! Believe me she totally can beat all of us in just two hours of trying.” Fatah shouted in a dramatic manner. There was no drama queen within the group, a drama king, there was. “Are you really a girl, Mi?”

“After all this time, playing with you guys, and you asked me that?” Ami laughed. She was a girl which could be hardly recognized as one.

It was not the first time she got that kind of question of course. Her mom asked her that almost every day. Every moment she was caught still hanging on mango tree’s branch and got yelled by the neighbour, or coming home all wet, from head to toe in attempt to mastering swimming but in a very wrong location, the nearest fishing area. Of course she still played cooking and dolls, wearing dress and trying to walk like a model for a modelling contest in the competition of the country’s independence day celebration, but she could never resist to adventure that most of the boys, not girls, were seeking for too in that age. And she couldn’t wait for her father to finally get tired of complaining if his had a daughter of son instead, because her mom finally did, a year or so ago, giving up for Ami’s kind of play preferences. Moreover, it was partly her fault to let her daughter grow up with a bunch of boys.

“Yeah, let’s see how far you can make in our smackdown sparring again. Want to bet?” Fatah tried to bait her.

“Your body is a lot fatter than me, and you always try to block my attack by overweighing me, you dumb!” Ami pointed out her finger in anger, she could feel the strangled sensation when that happened in her mind and shuddered. “Your body is as big as a cow!”

“No, no, we cannot do that again, Ibo was crying when Fatah punch him the last time and Umi Abi promised to stop my allowance if I dare to do that again. It’s dangerous too.”

“Your parents are no fun.” Ami and Fatah said almost together, only in this kind of hobby they were so cooperative.

Ibo, Fatah’s younger brother and the whining kid that triggered this silly quarrel finally responded, “Can we just ride a bike few blocks away from here?”

Shidqi shook his head, “Remember that our bikes are still locked in garage by Oma since the last time we rode it just few more blocks from where we usually went and we lost there until night?”

“It was only past 7. Auntie Rani may come home even after 8.” Fatah groaned.

“For the sake of making her school assignments, yeah, of course.” Shidqi added.

Ami strengthened his point by, “And she is older than me for good five years.”

“Being older sounds fun.” Fatah glanced at the elders who were busy in the kitchen. “I mean, no more strict rules.”

Ami made a disgusted face. “I am older than you all and they put more rules on me. Like; you are the oldest, why don’t you behave more mature? You are the oldest, why don’t you just sit and stop to play like a child with the boys? Ugh!”

“You are practically our auntie too, like Auntie Rani, because you are the cousin of our parents.” Fatah teased the girl only to make her more annoyed. It was successful, Ami kicked his ankle.

While Fatah was still busy cursing at his own-made pain, Ibo mumbled, “But you are only a year older from bro and Shidqi.”

“See?” Ami pouted.

“They usually say something alike with ‘you are the only girl’.” Shidqi argued. “Not just ‘you are the oldest’. Like when we climbed the mango tree in front of this house and held a camp in the roof. None of my girl friends in school able to climb a tree with a plate of chicken like you.”

“Or nearly breaking my arm in when we were joking.” Fatah hissed, still remembering the pain.

“But, that means being older brings you more responsibilities.” Ami countered. “Although yes, no more curfew, no more playing rules.”

Ibo saw the other two talking and said innocently, “So why can’t we just being adults now?”

The three immediately looked at him, realizing how bright the idea was.

“I don’t want you to stay too long, make it quick, please.” Fatah begged. “You are so advanced on stealing food.”

“That’s just because I don’t make it so obvious like you and your hungry face, idiot!” Ami smacked his arm.

“Whatever. We will be in my room, okay?”

Ami only nodded and hushed him to go already.

Their plan was good. So good until all of them couldn’t stop the grin from appearing while thinking about it. The last thing they needed only food, and this was Ami’s turn to provide it for them.

The girl walked confidently into the kitchen, trying to look as natural as she could.

“Mom, what will you make with these?” she asked nonchalantly. No one paid too much attention at her as she hugged her mother’s shoulder from the back.

“Why? You want to avoid eating vegetables later?” her mom replied. “Don’t cling onto me, it’s heavy.”

“Okay, okay. So?”

“Just some soup, maybe you’ll like it.”

“With long beans?”


“You know I never like it.” Ami complained.

“Try to, it’s healthy.” Ami’s mom smiled at her first daughter.

“Typical answer, I can guess it even before you say it, Mom.” She laughed.

“Stop disturbing your mother when she’s working, Ami.” Her auntie scolded her, shaking her head as she watched the little girl action. “She uses knife there.”

“Mom won’t stab me with that!”

“No, but she might hurt herself.” The older woman replied.

Ami’s mom hushed them. “Can you just check your sister in the bedroom, is she still sleeping? Tell me after that.”

“Ayay, Captain!” she ran at a certain direction of the said bedroom her mom mentioned.

Ami got a little sister and she was super excited about that although being teased a lot because her one year old sister had no similarity in features with her. However, that was not a big problem. She loved her after all. Being the only child at home was no fun, so she could hardly wait for her sister to grow up and being her playmate everyday.

“Grow up fast, Sist.” She kissed her sister’s chubby cheek and the baby was so deep in sleep to give respond on that.

She met Fatah’s mom in her way back. The older woman was always nice to her, making her cute dresses and giving her dolls. Some said that was because she always wanted a daughter instead of Ibo, the second son.

“Hello!”Ami’s greeted her.

She replied the girl’s greeting with smile. “Where are you going, Mi? Running like that. And where are the others?”

“Kitchen, to Mom. I don’t know about the boys.” Ami answered with a grin. The last sentence was true in some senses. She didn’t really know where they were right now.

The woman laughed with a pleasant sound. “Oh, you have grown up as a girl finally? I hope they won’t make any ruckus anymore. How is your scar from the last fall?”

Ami giggled. “Better. It’s nothing.”

“The fall is nothing but you sure screamed with heart when we use the Chinese remedy.”

“Hey!” the girl pouted. “It really hurt!”

“Don’t fall then. It looks ugly too if your body is full of scars. The dresses won’t suit you.” Fatah’s mom winked. She really liked the woman.

“Okay.” With that, she continued to go and inform her mom about her sister and didn’t forget to look at the dining table. Half of it was already full of plates. There were chicken, some tofu, spices, and many others. Then she decided it would be easier to steal some chicken.

Impatient, Fatah’s head sneaked out from the main door, even though he rushed to hide himself away when he spotted his mom who sat comfortably inside. However Ami had seen it and covered her laugh with her hand. Alright, she needed to be quick and she did just that after quietly took few tissues to wrap some chickens, enough to feed them all a day long, or hopefully so.

“Mi, where will you go now?”

Ami nearly tripped on her foot as the voice of her mom reached her. She looked back almost immediately, acting okay as if there was no chicken on her hands.

“Don’t know. Maybe just watching TV in sister’s room. I promise the volume wouldn’t wake her up.”

Her mom agreed on that. “Be good.”

“Yes, Mom. Of course, I will.” She grimaced silently at her lie.

“Woah,” Fatah gaped.

There were so many stuffs, cool stuffs in the kids’ eyes. There were some boards made by wood, hammers, nails, paints, and many more. They never knew that the warehouse owned by their grandpa was this big, full of things, and looked fun to explore. Had they known it sooner, they would escape here since ages ago. The place was too perfect for them. It was secluded, big, and locked. Meant that this place would never be guessed by anyone to be a kid’s playground. In fact, they needed to climb up the high fence to be able to enter the place. Another plus, the place was quite far from the main home so their play would not be interrupted by a horrified mother or a furious grandmother anymore.

Ami dropped her bag, weighing a nail in her palm, then throwing it at the room before her. The clanking sound echoed loudly without anything happened after that.

The four adventurers exchanged their looks. This only could mean what they thought it meant.

“Yes! We are free!”

“Have anyone spotted Shidqi? He needs to eat, this is nearly past 1.” Shidqi’s mom, just coming from their actual home, dropped her body on the sofa.

“Right, I haven’t seen my sons too.” Fatah’s mom added, looked concerned now.

“Why don’t you check on your daughter because basically they would be in the same group?” Oma’s said to Ami’s mom, which was her own sister.

“Hah, no need for that. I kinda have guessed.” The sister replied. “Where are they now? Has anyone checked the roof?”

“Abi, can you search for our son there?” Shidqi’s mom asked her husband who only nodded in compliment.

“I will ask the neighbour, just in case they choose to be normal kids that play a normal game this time.” Ami’s mom finally volunteered herself.

However, in the next three hours, nothing was gained from the parents’ effort. Their children were practically nowhere. They had asked the neighbour, searched at the field near the house, checked on every relatives houses there, scanned the roof, the mango and guava tree behind the house yard, even went as far as looking on every closed space like below the bed or inside the wardrobe in case their kids choose to play hide and seek in a more extreme manner for hours. But there was still nothing.

“They wouldn’t go so far! Their bicycles are locked!” Shidqi’s mom was now panicked.

Perhaps their kids didn’t like to be a little bit more normal and had their own style in playing together, and so getting a hard time after figuring out the next terrific things they did. But never been missing together without any trace.

“There’s no place we haven’t checked, right?” Ami’s mom mumbled.

“I believe not.” Fatah’s mom replied. Although she was the most reserved one, but she was also worried as hell, considering for her, it was not only a kid, but two kids disappear in the same time.

“Should we contact the police?” said Oma. “One more hour and it will be dark.”

“Do you think they are kidnapped?” the tone on Shidqi’s mom’s voice rose as she looked more terrified.

A phone rang in a very loud sound that made everyone almost jumped in their place. Fatah’s mom then took it from her pocket and began talking, in ten seconds more, she hung up.

“My husband said they have found them all.”

And by finding them all, it meant catching them red handed with paint all over their clothes, some chemical liquid was now splashed on the ground, several boards were now officially couldn’t be used since it was either gone into two pieces or simply broken by too many nails on it. And as soon as the fence was opened by the adults, a piece of slipper flew over their heads and laughing sounds were so loud.

“Oh my god…”

Everything fell silent by those words. The kids finally realized that their time was over now and both now turned pale. Not ready to face the next nightmare that would follow. For the adults, the next nightmare as a parent and for the kids… well, it was not new to get scolded although they could see that this time was definitely worse.


No, no! It’s more than just worse! They might die for real now!


Word count: 2.439 words