Final Writing: My Lonely Archive (Fiction)

This will be the story of a lonely man with no interesting aspect in life whatsoever. In this very occasion though, I am demanded to be very specific as so many people are waiting for my confession. I think I’d like to write this as a uumhhhh….., uh I am not sure what will this be frankly. I’ll just let it all through as it happened naturally, I guess. No pressure. I hope this will be enough explanation to you all fellas. I’ll be as thorough as it can be in less than two thousand words. So, let’s begin.

Years ago, I found another reason to move on with life. My life hadn’t exactly happy and full of love and joy. My father and mother weren’t really functional, both as a parent and as a person. It’s your typical broken Southern family. Drunken father, abused mother. Nothing’s changed for good down here. Same shite different day. They separated when they had my sister three years after they had me. And just so you know, both me and my sister never knew about him, until we are at least getting out of high school.

Life moved on, we went on to live with one of my mother’s relative. It was her younger brother I believe I can’t quite recall whom he was exactly. He’s a tall slender but muscular man, a carpenter, a very skilled one to be honest. Usually wears plaid. He only like three shades of them, red-white, green-black and all grey. Every day, at 8.00 in the morning he went out to his spot, bringing his shed of tools continue his work right there, not getting out even for lunch and coming out of his shade at exactly 5 in the afternoon. A devout man, that’s what he is. With one wife and three miscarriages, they both gave up and turn their head to Jesus instead.

Jesus might help them but He sure didn’t help my mama and her children. We lived day by day with my mama’s minimum wage. She worked day and night to support the three of us and yeah surely but barely enough. But it did anyway. Nobody knows why. My good uncle must’ve helped her went through it. A good family he and his young lovely wife. Every time I think of him now, I know that those five months with him were the only good memories of my childhood. I wish my life could’ve stuck in those days forever sometime.

Unfortunately, all those stopped when my mama found new beau. He supported the three of us. We said goodbye to them and moved away to the north. The snow was cold and it never get any gentler. So did my new papa. There was so many unspeakable things in our home. To my mama, to me, to my sister. He wasn’t human, he was never human. He was a Devil in Angel skin. People like him is the cancer of the world. I wish he’d just disappear someday. Nah, it’s too kind for him. He had to swallowed a wildfire or getting his limb chopped. Probably that’s even too kind for him. Oh, fellas, have I told you that he served Jesus in daylight? Yeah, that’s what he did for a living. People loved him, no wonder my mother did too at first sight. I guess this new papa loved Jesus too much, he started to treat both me and my sister like Jesus. Full of pain and blood. You dense hypocrite.

Even after all those, I could manage my life. My one and only sanctuary was my love of movies. Back in the days, movie was not as popular as it is at the time this is written. I made some cash specifically to buy my simple equipment of movie. I spend my time in this era with my movies. Not much friends outside my movies. Another human being that ever stick with me ended up picking in on me. They whether thought of me as a some kind of punching bag for their more miserable life or some clown to get laugh at. I hate them. There was no reason at all behind what they did to me, they just loved the fact of me being in pain to make them fell better. So, I stay away. Those filthy little human never deserved my attention. Never give them what they want. I chose to build up a giant tall wall around to protect my feelings. My life was totally cold as it can be. Felt like I’m just the one and only person living in my own space. I’m stuck. And it’s totally my fault.

All this darkness finally come to light when I met this specific someone. She found me out of nowhere to be honest. I was secretly shooting one of my movie and she bumped into me asking this specific matter that nobody will ever talked about. Instant love. Ah, you’re my one and only, girl. I don’t think I could ever tell another story about you. I just can’t. I’m here to talk about all my feelings about you, girl.
We had more and more intense relationship after that. Obviously. I have no idea why can’t I just said I loved her back then instead, doing what I did.

To describe my feeling better, I am going to put it this way, a force. A mystical dark force of love. What I felt was a whole different feeling. She was the only one who could give me that kind of warmth. There was some longing deep down inside that simply awakened by one single force. My life was so much better from that point. I want to give her the best of everything. Umhhh. Is this what they called love? My idealism of it was set too high then. I didn’t want to be like my folks. They were as tortured as human can be in a fake life living under fake love. I wanted something real, something essential that become one with my blood and bones. We will become one lover. You and me together in this world. Facing them monsters with our strong bare hands.

So that’s how love supposed to be felt. Nurturing each other’s life equally. Well, unfortunately that was something I could never ever have my entire life, as I am lonely pathetic and sorrowful. I realized that fact the day she kissed some other jerk behind the gym. “But she loves me,” I thought. Yeah, this just another lie. This feeling had deceived me from the truth. Out of the blue, I had this idea. I had to consummate my love to her. Yes, I had to. I know it was the right thing to do.

The next I knew was that I enjoyed her bones. I loved it very much. I cried as loud as I could be whilst screaming out of excitement. “This is it,” I mumbled in the middle of laughter. I felt so alive and yeah, it was real. Real emotion. The one kind that would not deceive you, but instead, shed a light on your heart. At first, we both screamed, then she started begging me to stop with her tears. I got confused then, as all I could think of was that we enjoyed this equally. Didn’t you, girl? Her sobbing stop as I choked the life off of her. I could not stop staring at her beautiful self. So yeah, I stared and stared until the dawn came. It was done, I thought. My job here was done, I served enough. What I could remember next was I got back to my room.

Alone in the dark, I finally got my best sleeping experience in that room in years. What rushed through my blood was so addicted that I was hugered for more and more “consummation”. Should I find another “love”? Yeah I know I would. So, the next morning was what I called an achievement unlocked. People keep talking about what I did. I was so proud that something I’ve done finally got some recognition. I mean, hell yeah. I would love to do some more of this ramp.

Then so it went. My second, my third and fourth and fifth. None of them was as special as my first one apparently. They left me an odd satisfaction and at least cured my thirst for a while. I lost track of number after the fifth one. I never quite remember what I did to be extremely honest. None of them worth my feelings after they served me well. Huh.

But, I have to admit that Sheila certainly got my attention enough. She is the one who got me caught. She was smart enough so you people finally found me. I do not remember why I chose her, yeah, I never remember the reason I suppose. What I can recall is that she resembled my sister in some sense. She didn’t make any sound nor anything when I was with her. Nothing. Just like my cold little heart here probably. Nothing.

I do not want to share my other experiment to anyone. I keep my mouth shout for any question they keep asking me. Well, you know what? I will let my action be speak louder than this mere words. I welcome you to my world now, fellas. Right now, I am ready for everything that has been destined for me, no more fear, no more loneliness.

Word count: 1617 words


– Axl Rose’s Wikipedia page

– Several Criminal Minds episodes from various seasons


Final Writing: Letters from Another Universe (Fiction)

Nadira Noviandita/180410150074

Dear myself in another universe,

In the morning of Valentine’s Day, I received a letter. It was not a love letter from a secret admirer. It was a letter from myself in another universe who lives one year faster in the future. More precisely, a warning.

Here we go.

Part One

February 14, 2014

9:45 AM

I want to tell you a story. Don’t worry, it is short because I know you don’t like boring long stories and that is why you only read short stories. Am I right?

So, I write you a mini journal.

Let’s start here. I had this friend. We. We had this friend. She was my one and only best friend. Her name is Juni Alnilam. I remember the first time she talked to me. It was the first day of school. She was sitting in the back seat in corner of the class. I sit next to her. There is a unique tradition in our school. On the first week since school started we have to wear a name tag with our nickname written on it. After seeing mine, she said we have something in common.

“So your name is Bintang? Is it more like a boy’s name?”

“Yeah, that’s why I don’t really like it.”

“My full name is Juni Alnilam. Alnilam is the name of one of the bright stars in the Belt of Orion. I don’t really like it too. So, I think we are the same. Want to be friends with me?”

I laughed. She sounded like a 6-year-old girl trying to make friends. “Yeah. Why not?”

“I’m gonna call you Karina instead.”

“Sounds good.”

One year passed and we become closer as best friends. Nothing can separate us. Until that boy came into our lives.

Part Two

February 14, 2014

6:30 AM

The school hallway was still quiet. That is why I like to go to school earlier than the others. The air outside was still cool because there are less people who breathe the same air as me in the morning. As usual, I went to the end of the hallway. To my locker. I liked it how my locker is located here. It makes me easily find which one is mine because all of the lockers look the same. When I opened it, I found a letter. I was surprised. It is rare for me to get a letter on Valentine’s Day. I cannot guess who the sender is. I could not tell if all this time I had a secret admirer because it sounds impossible for a girl like me who prefers reading books in local library rather than going to a mall with some friends.

I threw away those secretly-hoping-thoughts and started to read the letter. It was covered in blue envelope with “2014” written on the corner of its front side. I was surprised for the second time. The letter was from a girl. From me.

To Myself in February 14, 2014

If you’re reading this, then my mission is accomplished. Now it is your turn.

I am you from the future. Well, not exactly from the future. It is just the universe I came from has the same space but different time than the universe you are in. Because you live in the past, I’m going to tell you something really important. Actually, we are the same person. We can live the same fate if you want. But I don’t. Because I’ve lived it and if you know what happened, you will think the same thing.

You must be thinking how weird it is, reading a letter from yourself from another universe. Me too.

There will come a time when everything should be changed. But it still depends on you. Please choose wisely if you don’t want something bad to happen.

Meet me again here at 16:00.

Bintang Karina

I didn’t remember sending myself a letter for fun? It was only 6:30 in the morning! This is not a dream. This is not a dream. I kept repeating it in my head. Probably it was only some people doing some pranks on me.

Part Three

February 14, 2014

3:50 PM

“So, I was reading this book called ‘An Infinite Number of Cosmic Love Stories’ and I thought I could share my thoughts after reading this book with you.”

“Where did you find those weird books?” said Juni.

“My dad’s library. He has many books like this. I like it.”

“So what is it about?” Said her with a tone that indicated that she was interested.

“The book is actually a compilation of short stories. Again. It contains a bunch of different love stories with the same characters. A boy and a girl with the same names but different fates. Isn’t that cool?”

“I bet it is the multiverse thing.”

“Yes, it is! And I bet it is real.” I said. It suddenly reminded me of the odd letter I received this morning.

“Nah, there are no such thing. It’s just a work of fiction,” said Juni.

“The universe was born finite, they said. But did you know that actually there are an infinite number of finite universes? So there are infinite numbers of us living different fates and choices.”

“And here I am. Living in the wrong universe.”

“He’ll look at you someday,” I said, trying to make her feel better. But it seems like it didn’t work.

“Or…,” I guessed we were thinking the same thing.

“The love is requited in another universe!”


By this conversation, you can tell that Juni likes a boy but he has not noticed her. Not in the universe I came from. This boy’s name is Filan. The good-looking, smart, multitasking basketball captain. But sadly, they don’t know each other. They never talked. She told me that it was her first love and it was the kind of love at first sight. She never tells him her feelings. Not like in Japan, confessing your love to a boy is like a forbidden thing to do by girls in our country. So she never do that.

What about me? Do I have a crush? You will find out right away.

Part Four

February 14, 2014

4:00 PM

I could not seem to find my doppelganger so I opened my locker again and bingo. I was not surprised this time. I still thought this was a prank. Still in the same kind of envelope with the same color, I opened the letter and read it.

To Myself in February 14, 2014

I’m sorry I can’t meet you in this universe. Because we are the same person, we could disappear if we meet in the same space and time. I know this is not convincing so you think that this is a prank.

It’s definitely not.

To sound more convincing, I’m going to tell you something that will blow your mind.

Still remember Dimas? The troubled student who always skip class and get in trouble. He is back from detention. Starting tomorrow he’ll be in your class and sit next to you. You and Juni will become friends with him because there are no other students who wants to be friend with him because he’s dangerous. This boy will change your life. In the universe where I came from, this happened and you have to change it.

Meet me again tomorrow morning at 6. I will tell you how it should works.

Bintang Karina

Part Five

February 14, 2014

6:00 AM

This is insane. That was what I thought after finding myself following what the letters told me to do.

To Myself in February 14, 2014

You know you and Juni will be friends with him. Be friends someone is a good thing right? But this one is not. I won’t tell you what is going to happen because I know you won’t believe it. I’m just going to tell you the only right thing to do.

Leave Juni before Dimas come and only be friends with him.

I know this doesn’t sound right but it’s the only thing you can do to prevent that accident. Because in another universe, you deserve him.

I didn’t need to read the rest of the letter. This was not right and that was not me. Why should I leave my best friend for a troubled guy like him? Because I’m the type of girl who get curious easily, I read the rest of the letter with a little bit of shame and anger. She told me- I told myself to do things I don’t want to do. So I just let everything goes on its own without changing everything.

Part Six

April 19, 2014

Time goes by and the things that is said in the letter like when Juni and I became friends with him was really happened. I still think it was a coincidence. Until the first thing that I can’t believe will happen, really happened. No matter how much I resisted.

You will fall for Dimas.

He is the type of guy who is not too open to people. It made me want to know more about him. Until I found out what was happening to him. What made him become like this. Skipping class, smoking, doing all the things that make him end up in detention. He did that on purpose. Many people who see him from the outside think that he is troubled by the way he looks and behaves. He is actually a kind and caring person. He is funny sometimes.

Even though he often skip class, he is surprisingly smart. That’s why he survived. He skip class to study. Alone. Anywhere. No teacher, with only textbooks and free internet. He doesn’t like to be in his house with those people. I bet at this moment, you already knew because he has told you.

He is the loneliest person I know even though he doesn’t show it. It made me want to be with him. To chase away his loneliness. Or just at least accompany him in his solitude.

Part Seven

May 20, 2014

6:00 AM

To Myself in May 20, 2014

Haven’t seen you in a while.

This is the last letter I sent to you. Today is the day you will feel heartbreak for the first time.

Today, after all this time, you will find out that Dimas falls for Juni. You know exactly that Juni likes Filan. And so does he. Find out a way to separate them.

One of the reasons why he still come home is his mother. Today, when the air is still cold, she’ll pass away.

Today, when the setting sun is on its way home, you will meet him by the bridge near school. Call his name before it’s too late.

The letter was right. I called his name just before he jumped off the bridge.

Part Eight

July 22, 2014

Do you want to know how I separated them?

I made Juni join the cheerleader team so she can talk to the basketball team. It’s not surprising that she successfully got in and win Filan’s heart after two weeks of practice because puberty hit her like a miracle.

And what about Dimas?

After joining the cheerleader team, Juni has spent more time with her teammates but still keeping touch with us. And that made me and Dimas spent more time together. He seems happier now and you can see it in his eyes.

To Myself in July 22, 2014

I hope you have a wonderful day.

One year ahead of you,

Bintang Karina

Word count: 1935 words

Final Writing: Cloudy Converse and Blue Box (Fiction)

Jihaan Jullanaar Mazaya/180410150039

Hello, I’m Dev. I’m just an ordinary girl who was living in unordinary life. I said unordinary because living in dormitory is not common for some people out there. I was studying in an Islamic senior high boarding school, or have you ever heard about pesantren? The senior high school’s method I was studying at is almost as same as pesantren –in modern way of course. I learnt a lot about Islamic religion, so girls and boys lived separated by a big long tunnel in this school. Girls and boys had their different own facilities, such as school building, kitchen, canteen, hall, field, and dormitory of course. So the girls never met the boys, except in a big event called Education Festival once a year.

Living separated from the boys made my life ruined fine. I mean it did not matter for me to not recognize any boys in school even though some friends took it to be a problem. In the boarding school, we were not allowed to recognize each other, I did not think I was really understand the meaning of “recognize” itself in this rule, but if you were getting caught while meeting your boyfriend or just boyfriends by someone whom had a certain importance for attending to the rules (such as a head master, teachers, dormitory guards, security guards, your friends even your friends parents), you would be got the punishment. I know this rule’s scary enough for some teenagers like me, but I was an obedient student typical who did not like to break the rules, so I followed that “game” well. Moreover loving someone in my age (I was 16 by the way) was not a need for me at that time. I thought senior high school was the best session to make many memories with some freaky friends which I would remember for the rest of my life. So who did need a boyfriend anyway?

Some friends had different perception about recognizing boyfriends across the tunnel there. They thought knowing some boyfriends was such a fun thing (?), even I didn’t know where the fun part was. They used social media to know some boyfriends because it was the only way, except the boys were your brothers or cousins or neighbours or any other possibilities. Facebook and twitter wetre the most favourite places to catch some new “friends”, so then my friends used it in maximal way to meet the boyfriends. How about me? Yeah as a teenager at that time of course facebook and twitter were my entertainment things too, but I used them just to catch up with some old friends or sometimes with family. In this boarding school we were not allowed to bring cell phone, so I could greet my family by facebook chat because we were allowed to bring laptop and use school’s wifi.

When holiday came I usually used cell phone excessively because in dormitory we were not allowed to use it, so my mum would call me “autism person” because I could be too addict to my cell phone. Believe me this case is classic to be happened if you were a boarding school student. Well that day the autism-me’ was coming, which means holiday was in my hand. My parents and sisters picked me up at dormitory then asked me to have lunch in Margonda City Mall. I think we choose Margonda just because it isn’t too far from our house.

Since I had lived in boarding school, every time my parents picked me before I returned home, they always asked me to have lunch and dinner in any restaurants I like. They usually called this by “a nutritional repair ritual for Dev”. Yeah, I know it sounds so bad but I want to confess that this one is really true. In dormitory, I couldn’t choose what food I wanted to eat. Whatever the kitchen attendants provided, it was our food. Living in boarding school made me a more grateful person by eating whatever was provided. In dormitory, we rarely ate anything made from chicken moreover seafood. What we usually ate was just simply tofu, tempeh, or some vegetables. That’s why my parents always held “a nutritional repair ritual for Dev” every time I came home from the dorm.

After held “a nutritional repair ritual for Dev”, my mum chose to go to supermarket with my youngest sister, Ama. My dad and Ica (the oldest after me) chose to go to the bookstore. I usually accompanied my mum to the supermarket, but that day I really wanted to go to movie and no one wanted to accompany me. It’s ok I would go to the cinema by myself. Furthermore I had so long no me-time for myself, I thought that day would be a good choice to have a quality me-time.

At the cinema, I did not expect to meet Sal my roommate accidentally. So then we chose to watch the movie together. In the cinema, I got the seat beside a boy whom came there with his two friends. The three of them never stopped to look at me and Sal. I did not know what’s happened to them. I asked sal, “is there something wrong with me?”

“I don’t think so, what’s up, Dev?”

“Three boys on my left, they several times tried to observe me. They are annoying”

Sal became curious to them. She thought there was no wrong of us. So what made them wanted to observe us so bad. When Sal tried to look at them,

“Oh my Lord, Dev you must be know them, are you?”

“Who are they?”

“Dev, are you kidding me or something? The boy on your right is Zun!“

“Zun? Who is he?”

“He is on the 1st rank in class. He’s got an appreciation on Education Festival 2013”

I have no idea who Zun is at that day. Even I did not know whether it would be the very first unpredicted memorable meeting ever in my life.


Three days had left. At that day I had no plan to go outside, watching Barca on TV would be the only one agenda I wanted to do. By the way watching Barca, my favourite football team, on TV is my hobby. When I am watching it, I will ignore anything happened around me including my BBM ringtone. When the match had over –and I got Barca won the game, I took my blackberry then I found a friend request from the contact named “Zun”. Wait, the name sounds familiar. Zun… oh my God, he was the boy whom was set on my right when I was at the cinema three days ago. I directly sent a chat to Sal,

“Zun added me as friend at BBM”

“Cool. Go accept him, Dev”

“But I don’t know who he is”

“So let yourself know. Greet him, maybe?”

No, I did not greet him. But I accepted his friend request. I did not expect that he would greet me directly just a second after I had approved his friend request.

“Hi, the girl whom sit on my left at the movie, were you?”

Again, I did not expect that his greeting would make my holiday at that time more colourful. It turned out to be a pleasant conversation.

Again, I did not expect that chatting with the boy across that big long tunnel would be an interesting activity for me.


The holiday had ended, but the conversation between me and Zun was not over yet. This third term, I became had the same perception as the other friends had; knowing some boyfriends –for me a boyfriend was such a fun thing. I turned on my laptop was not only for streaming Barca or replying facebook chat from my family, but also for replying Zun’s direct message on twitter. Yeah we chose to communicate by using direct message because we did not want if anyone knew we were that close, besides the boarding school’s rule that we might not recognize each other.

Having a long nice comfortable conversation with Zun was a need for me. We talked a lot about anything, our favourite football team –Barca, our hobbies, families, friends, ambitions, future. Zun was taking a social class while I was taking science class. He liked to read some books, either entertaining books such a novel or history and biography books while I was super not interested in to read any books at all. Zun liked to write his perception about any things. He looked so clever while flooring what he got after did an observation of an event at those days, or criticizing about a book he just read. Zun was a calm person while I was a careless girl who was always hasty in making a decision. He was a good listener and great advisor in every time I needed someone to hear my disappointing of some blue days. He was cool yet warm guy at the same time. We had so many differences, but somehow I felt he filled me. He filled my deficiency by his excess so I felt completed by him. We had shared a lot, about our life through ups and downs. He became a special person for me. Someone who was I always wanted to share the story of my life with.


Holiday of the fifth term was coming. As usual my parents and sisters picked me. I couldn’t wait to have my cell phone. I couldn’t wait to be the autism-me. I couldn’t wait to be greeted by Zun. This holiday became more interesting for me because Zun was going to be 17 and I would send him a birthday present. After had lunch together, I visited Converse store at one of a big mall in Jakarta. I was looking for shoes that suitable for Zun. Then I found a cloudy blue high converse. Looking at the shady blue clouds on that pair of shoes was reminding me of him. The calm blue clouds depicted Zun’s character. Then I bought it, I sent it to his house.

A day left.

Two days had left.

Three days.

A week had passed.

Two weeks more had left.

The holiday was over but Zun did not greet me at all. Zun never greeted me anymore. Even after the graduation, Zun still lost by the time.


A year had passed. I am now a student in one of a fame university in country. I have just celebrated my 18thbirthday with some friends last night. This 18th birthday’s very special for me because all of my close friends came although we live in different town even different country. I am blessed. The only one close friend whom did not come is Zun. I still call him my close friend although we never greeted each other anymore after that day. Yeah, I knew if we still communicate like we used to of course Zun won’t come too, because he is studying in Birmingham right now.

“Dev, you’ve got a package!”

The dorm servant’s voice startles my thoughts.

“Does it from JNE? Please take it on the desk, thank you”

“No, it’s not from JNE courier. A tall man just delivered it”

A tall man? My curiosity asks myself to stand up then open the door. I open the package. It is a blue box. There are some CDs of my favourite singers and band, some novels, a notebook, and also a letter. Why novel and notebook? I never interested in to read books moreover to write. I have no idea who sent me this package.

“Who’s that? Didn’t you ask his name?”

“He’s very rushed. The only one I remember is he is wearing a pair of cloudy converse, I forgot the colour either green or blue.”

Word count: 1974

Final Writing: Oh, Windy (Fiction)

Nabhila Irsaad / 180410150035

I couldn’t see anything in here, in my cardboard, but I knew a group of girls, around twelve or thirteen years old, were carrying me to somewhere.

“Watch out!” said someone to one who grabbed my left side. I couldn’t see them, but I think it was unfair, how they carried me. I felt like my left side was about to touch the floor.

After a minute of struggle, they carried me into a room that was noisy with girls’ voice. Only girls’ voice. And it seemed that they didn’t find any blank tables, because they put me on the floor. Two girls with excitement opened my cardboard and slowly got me out of it. They put me on the cold floor. Just… ew. Gina must have forgotten to bring my stand. Are they going to play me on the filthy floor?

Okay, there were about six girls in front of me. Two were standing, the rest were sitting in front of me. They all wore long white hijab and white-blue uniform, they must be Gina’s classmates. Oh, now I knew that I was in Gina’s school. Insan Kamil Islamic Junior School. Yep, I read that a lot on Gina’s notebook covers.

“Meike.” Said the girl who looked attentively at me, then she laughed. “Such a weird name for a brand.” Nobody ever thought about my name in such a way. She took my cardboard and looked for the cable. “Where’s the cable?”

“Gina, let us borrow your keyboard please! Thanks…” said the girl with red glasses, then she laughed because there was no Gina there.

“Yeah, Gina, wherever you are.” Added the other girl. Gina was a sweet and generous girl, hence in the name of my owner, I permit y’all.

After turning me on, the girls were pressing my keys randomly and they were happy. They tried every single button available on my body. It was delightful to be the center of the girls’ attention and happiness, one of them tried my drum sounds, the other tried my melodies, the other tried my other musical instrument until the most funny button—the instant tuning control on my left side that made every sound sounded like broken music or even a music wave of dangdut. Oh, if only they could hear me laughing.

But there was one girl who played some of my keys on the same octave, playing some pieces of songs gravely, but without any mistakes. Among the noisy makers, she made her own world with my keys. She got my attention as a musical instrument.

“How did you do that? It’s that song, right?” it seemed that the girl with the rose broach listened to the song she played.

“Cool, Windy! Play it again!” added the other girl happily with too many bracelets on her wrist.

Suddenly the bell rang and like obedient troops, the girls left their places and took their seats, except Windy—she played a new piece of song for a moment, then turned me off and left.

I bet she would come back.

The second bell rang—the lunch break. I could see the girls were ready with their lunch boxes on their tables, and some of them went to the cafeteria. But like what I said before, Windy came to me—with her lunch and her netbook.

Windy turned me on casually, it was as if she had owned me for a year. Then she played me based on the song tutorial played on her netbook and got the girls who listened to it excited.

“That’s amazing, Windy!”

“Whoaa, our pianist!”

“That was awesome! Have you had any piano lessons before?” Gina came and sat in front of her, observing how Windy got the perfect tones of every song she played.

“Never. Awesome, right?” Windy replied.

“Hey, how if she become the pianist to accompany our choir?”

So, the girls had put their trust on Windy, and that was what made me stay for a night—at least that was what they said—in Windy’s house. It seemed that I had to get used to live without my stand, because they put me on the floor. Didn’t they have any table or something to make me stand tall and graceful, away from the cold floor, like Gina’s family did to me?

Windy spent about an hour to play whatever she liked without the choir song which was the obligatory, then she turned me off and went downstairs, talking to her parents. She wanted a keyboard like me. She said she could play keyboard and she wanted to have her own.

“I can play it! You have heard me playing, haven’t you?” I could hear she said that.

After receiving some bad news, she went upstairs again and turned me off angrily, and went to her bedroom and cried on her bed. Poor Windy. Gina had never such an obsession towards me. Poor me, then?

The next day, afterschool, Windy came to me with a happy face. She put down her bag and without changing her uniform first, she turned me on and play whatever she liked. Yiruma, Japanese songs, Indonesian songs… yeah, mostly were Japanese songs, most of which were Ikimono Gakari’s, if you ever heard of them.

“You are mine now!” she said, then hugged me. Then she took a shower and comfort herself before putting her fingers on my keys.

So, Gina had given up on me, huh? At least I like to say it that way instead of the fact that she had SOLD me to this girl, which meant I had to spend my whole life lying down on the cold floor with no grace at all.

I’m just kidding, I like it here.

I like the way Windy, my new owner, treated me like her best friend. She didn’t say anything to me to convey her feelings (of course, she wasn’t crazy), she just let her fingers do it for her, and the whole world would know it.

She also knew how to make a relationship with musical instruments. Once I saw playing her new guitar and it made me jealous for a second, until I realized that I didn’t have to worry because I knew I will be her all-time favorite.

She played from one song to another, then fell in love with it and she made her own way to play the song to express her current emotion. Gina never made such an impression of exploring her music, she only played what the instructor told her to play.

By the way, Windy’s style of playing had been more neatly after she joined keyboard course for about one year and piano course for a few months. Then she decided to stop for the reason I never knew and then she became a middle school student.

One day, she came to me with a smiling face and flowers in her heart. I thought she would sit in front of me and play some songs, but apparently her phone was more interesting. She looked happy with what she read then changed her white-grey uniform into karategi. Then she left.

A few months had been so lonely for me, and I began to look dusty. She practice her karate movements in front of the mirror like crazy and sometimes told her sister, Amy, about one guy whose name I heard over and over.

“He was SO annoying that he had no time except to make fun of me or to pick me!” she said, contrasting with her happy facial expression.

Hello, Windy, didn’t you miss pouring your heart on me?

A few months went by without she touching any of my keys. Now almost all of my body were dusty, and she didn’t bother to clean me. She was just being so cruel to cover me with the pink shawl I knew she hated forever. If only I could play her favorite song by my own, I would do that. But it would only scare her and the possibility was she would dump me.

But one afternoon, she came with a broken heart and for the first time after the lonely few months, she opened the pink shawl which had covered me, and played Taylor Swift’s Back to December, and it was December. She played that over and over and over until she couldn’t play it anymore because she apparently cried!

And it was the last time she touched me.

Word count: 1412

Final Writing: Hardest Time of My Life (Non-Fiction)

Ekaprilia Nur Shabrina/180410150023

I don’t know if I remember this clearly but I think I can tell you about what happened back when I was 12 or 13 roughly. Many things happened back then so I only remember a little bit about what happened. It was a really really beautiful day, at first; the sky was clear blue and the sun decided to shine a little bit more, burned my skin and left it red and hurt when I was on my way back home. Oh! I was just graduated from junior high school, I remember it. I felt so happy because finally, no school for a few weeks. I imagined I could go to swimming pool in the morning everyday. At first my friends and I were gonna hang out somewhere but I swear it was too hot that day to even go outside so I just went straight to home. My body felt funny at that time, you know, because I didn’t sleep well the night before and I kind of had bad cold so I kept myself in my room, wrapped in blanket and sweater and tried to sleep even with one of my nostril was blocked and the other one was runny.

Everything was fine until Ma knocked at my door, face full with tears and panicking. I was still half asleep when I opened the door and tried to process what she said; something happened and Grandma just fainted. She yelled at me because I stayed in my room and didn’t go downstairs after I got home. I was still dizzy to process everything and she just dragged me downstairs. There, Grandma in her room, unconscious. Ma told me she had been fainted for three hours, so I assumed I had fell asleep for that long. I didn’t know what happened next. It was all blurry, I think Ma took her to hospital but I can’t remember with who because my parents were at work. It was blurry. The beautiful day had turned into a stormy day, at least for me.

I remember I was all alone at home, my parents went to hospital and stayed with Ma. But I also remember my nephews were at home, but I still assumed I was alone until the rest of my family; aunts and uncles, come. I still felt I was alone. I felt like they were strangers that crashing into someone’s house just to sleep. My cold also was getting worse, I bet there was a desert inside my throat; so dry. Midnight came, and I swear I could hear another relatives came. Home was crowded that night. For a moment, I forgot about what happened to Grandma. All I could think about that time was how I got good enough sleep with so many people being noisy downstairs. I remember Mom called but I can’t remember when, she gave me information about Grandma’s current situation; her condition was critical. I felt both relieved because finally someone gave me an information and also panicked because I knew she was gonna leave me, forever. I knew she was dying. Before I knew, I started crying until my nephews came to my room asking if I was okay. That was very sweet of them but still, I couldn’t control my emotion. I yelled at them, told them to leave me alone. I was so rude, I know.

Next, I didn’t remember what happened. I think I fell asleep because I remember the next day my aunt made me a poridge for breakfast. We had a good chit chat about school,but then she told me if God decided to take Grandma’s life away I have to be strong because she would be no longer in pain, she would watch us from above, and she would reunite with Grandpa. I just nodded and starred into my bowl. Then it finally hit me; what if Grandma really leave this world, forever? A call from my dad woke me up from the deep thought. Even before he finished what he said, I started wailing and crying on the floor. I never thought it would be that fast. Just a second ago I was still thinking about it and the next second I was faced with the reality. Grandma had passed away and the question was left unanswered.

I kept crying until the ambulance that took my Grandma came. Mom, Ma, and Dad were inside. I remember I couldn’t see Grandma, who was covered in kaffan, in living room. My angel, lying there, just body without soul. Mom said she was smiling in her sleep. Then all the memories I have with her flashed before my eyes, I couldn’t take it. I broke down in tears again when all relatives came gathering around Grandma. And I was just there, standing doorway of her room with my aunt supporting me. I never fell such sadness in my life. Once I got really sad because I lost my favourite blanket. Grandma thought it was so dirty and the fabric was worn out and she decided to throw it into the bin. But then, I got a new blanket. It was different but she told me it was also the same thing. It still feels different; losing someone you love and losing the thing you love.

At her funeral. I managed not to cry when I attended the funeral. So many people came, it was crowded. But I cried again when Grandma were not in my sight anymore. I remember I almost passed out but someones beside and behind me, hold me so I kept standing. I starred at her tomb with her name on it, wet soil, flowers, and people. I refused to believe that she really left me. I searched for her at home, but she wasn’t there. She left me.

Let me tell you about Grandma. I lived with her ever since I was born because both my parents were busy with their work. She raised me with Ma and my other uncles. She put up so much with me because I was such a rebel when I was a kid. But she loved me. What made my heart hurt so bad was back then when I was child, every time I got upset or angry without any reason, I would pinch her so hard until it left bruises on her skin or hit her. But she loved me. Every time I broke down into crying fit, even with me kicking and punching, she just hugged me and murmured sweet nothings into my ear. She loved me. After all that, she would make me a bowl of hot noodle to comfort me and a baby bottle of warm tea (I use baby bottle until I was 7. I know this is embarassing but I don’t care). Even when I was stressed because of school things and decided to blare Avenged Sevenfold on full volume, she didn’t scold me. She knew I like that kind of bands and let me play them even if she didn’ like it. Also I slept with her until I was 11. Every time she hold me in her arm, her scent was comforting me. It smelled like home, like where I belong. I didn’t want her to leave me. I remember the last thing she said to me before all this was she couldn’t be there for me any longer. I hate how she kept her word, she really left me…

Migrain came to me because I think I cried so hard alot at that time. I kept crying myself to sleep (or not) for 2 days and my head felt so heavy. Mom took me to doctor eventually. They prescribed me some sleeping pills so that I can rest and stop crying. And yeah, I also felt tired from crying nonstop and I admitted that I need a really good sleep. I remember I was still in sorrow but for the next few days were also blurry, I can’t remember what happpened.

I’ve ever hit a point in life where I felt like I can’t continue my life because I lost someone I love the most. But Mom told me that life must go on, you can’t use losing someone you love for the reason not to continue your life. I let her words absorbed into my mind. I thought about it seriously. Even sometimes I still feel sad, and crying because I miss her, Mom’s words are ringing inside my head. They are my reminder, and will always be. Sometimes I can still feel her present at home. Whether be it in the kitchen, her room, living room. Her warmth is still lingering in this house. Mom also feels the same way. She told me sometimes Grandma visits in her dream but not mine. I want to see her in person and say I’m sorry for what I’ve done. I want to see her face, smiling, like what Mom told me when she passed away.

word count : 1,506