[Review] Ada Apa Dengan Cinta? 2: The Stories That Are Not Obvious And Hard To Understand

Azrina Abharini

Film industry in Indonesia endlessly present the very interesting film and one of the films that are now booming is a sequel of Ada Apa Dengan Cinta ?. An advanced film of Ada Apa Dengan Cinta? in which aired in 2002 is eagerly awaited by fans. The film is directed by Riri Riza is a romance movie starred by Nicholas Saputra who acts as Rangga, Dian Sastro who acts as Cinta and there are also friends of Cinta, who stares by Titi Kamal, Sisi Priscillia, Dennis Adiswara.

This film tells the story of gang members of Cinta that has now been transformed into a metropolitan women who consider drinking sweet iced tea at a roadside of Yogyakarta is very special and also Rangga are still struggling with the problems of life lived with a sense of reluctance. With the distance of time so long from the first film, the sequel of Ada Apa Dengan Cinta? 2 is expected to be the answer of all the puzzles in the first Ada Apa Dengan Cinta?. Unfortunately the answer is presented entirely unsatisfactory and it just feels like delicious cotton candy chew, but it did not leave an impression.

The unique love story of Rangga and Cinta was indeed sensational. They mutually harbored feelings and when they know the way they do was wrong, separation at the airport is the best way to vent it all. When they were reunited fourteen years later, they are hard to find an appropriate logic to justify the repetition of pieces romance conducted on the previous films.

Ada Apa Dengan Cinta? and its sequel should not be regarded too seriously. This movie soared is aimed to please the audience. But when the screenplay was written hastily and ignored the logic, the good idea like anything will not stain in the memory. The famous film director Riri Riza and the screenwriter Mira Lesmana was unsuccessfully laid the foundation of reality to the story of Ada Apa Dengan Cinta? 2. From the beginning of the film, already make the audience confused. The gang of Cinta gathered to wait for Karmen, who was recently completed of the problem, and cinta and gang felt to need to console her go on vacation. After everyone was assembled, Cinta announced her engagement with Trian. In these scenes were not told previously how karmen problem before and how Cinta can have relationships with Trian. Thus making the audience had to guess what happened earlier.

Meanwhile in New York Rangga look restless, as usual, when he comes to the coffee shop that he had with his friends. He felt restless and he did not know why he felt that way. Moreover, during this audience knows that Rangga always looks like a lot of problems to him. Suddenly his half-sister came all the way from Yogyakarta to convey that Rangga should meet with her mother, the mother he had never met after 25 years. Whereas in the first film rangga mother never referred her existence and who knows what happened to his mother. But in Ada Apa Dengan Cinta? 2 his mother suddenly presented that make the audience more and more confused with the plot of the story.

With the set-up as weak as that, it is easy to imagine how it would be the film did. The story is not better to be followed and some parts were something forced. Writing the story like the first time create a scenario and still do not understand how to write a story. Each character like not built properly and the background of the story character is also not strong even for people who are supposed to be in thirties are nothing changes from each other’s behavior while still in school. The only figure that had not been changed in this film is Milly who still entertained by her acting, that are funny and ridiculous.

Rangga that now is not the person who sensitive like in the first film, he had more initiative now. Whenever Cinta was angry, he felt need to improve the situation, he did not want to waste time maybe just a bit of it. In a series of this scene the audience are invited to recall how strong chemically created by the two actors. If this movie is only focused on the two of them, this film definitely better. But for another reason, it seems indeed story of Cinta and Rangga enough to end up at the school period.


-My experience when I watch Ada Apa dengan Cinta? 2



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[Review] Captain America: Civil War : Watch It Twice! No, Thrice!

Dzikri Mahfud

Captain America: Civil War—or just Civil War, because the original title is too long—officially hit theaters a month ago, on April 27. The film functions as a sequel to both 2014 Captain America: The Winter Solider and 2015 The Avengers: Age of Ultron.

What so great about Civil War is that the superhero hype in this film is real, because it has everything: it has Captain America (Chris Evans), it has Iron Man (Robert Downey Jr.), it has Black Widow (Scarlett Johansson), it has Hawkeye (Jeremy Renner), it has Falcon (Anthony Mackie), it has War Machine (Don Cheadle), it has Vision (Paul Bettany), it has Scarlet Witch (Elizabeth Olsen), it has Ant-Man (Paul Rudd), it has Winter Soldier (Sebastian Stan), it has Black Panther (Chadwick Boseman), it has Spider-Man (Tom Holland), and even Dr. Wats…Everett K. Ross (Martin Freeman)—like I said, it has everything. Check out this fan made poster:

Oh cool! All heroes gathered in one film! But wait a minute, this seems familiar… (credit: http://cdn.movieweb.com/img.news.tops/NEbchxKYXqq6ej_1_b.jpg)

…right. (credit: http://vignette3.wikia.nocookie.net/powerrangers/images/b/b4/WF_10_Red_Rangers.jpg/revision/latest?cb=20070720183315)

Assuming not all of the readers understand what this film is about, I will give you the overview of the movie. There are no major spoilers ahead so, no, you do not have to cover your eyes.

The film is based on the 2006-2007 Marvel Comics event series that shares partially same title, Civil War. It is basically Captain America working with his Avengers teammates throwing his shield at everything to stop whatever threatens the world. However, after a mission in Sokovia ends up causing a huge collateral damage, the team suddenly became the subject of controversy, and led the United Nations to question whether these superheroes should be allowed to continue functioning as a private organization—and finally they decided to control them. In order to put the team in check, Secretary of State Thaddeus Ross (William Hurt) presents them the opportunity to sign the Sokovia Accords to make The Avengers work under United Nations. This idea is supported by some, including Iron Man, Vision, Black Widow and War Machine, but not Captain America, Falcon and Scarlet Witch. Their disagreements and misunderstandings eventually led them to fight each other—thus civil war.

Fun fact: Sherl..Cumberbatch will play Stephen Strange, in this November Doctor Strange. Check out his trippy trailer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Lt-U_t2pUHI (credit: 9gag)

Later on, a terrorist attack is pinned on Captain America’s super-mega-ultimate-beloved-best-friend-forever-turned-assassin, Bucky a.k.a. Winter Soldier, and while Cap is told to leave the situation alone, he rebels—turning him into a fugitive (whaaaat). Along with all that happened, Helmut Zemo (Daniel Bruhl) moves in the backstage, asking everyone about “Mission Report, December 16, 1961”—Bucky’s past, the key to the civil war.

Go go, Baron Zemo! (credit: https://pics.onsizzle.com/when-u-hear-someone-talking-about-mission-report-december-16-2522989.png)

The headliner is the conflict between Captain America and Iron Man, of course, but this film is not just about superheroes brawling each other; it is about how these heroes relate to each other, and the Russo brothers has done a great job in that. There are two newly introduced heroes in this film: Black Panther and Marvel’s Spider-Man (yes, the two former Spider-Man are not Marvel’s, boo-hoo), and also newly developed heroes relationship: Falcon-Bucky, Vision-Wanda, Tony-Spidey, and even Cap got many chance to be with his beloved Bucky. Way to go, Cap!

Poor Andrew and Toby. (credit: https://pbs.twimg.com/media/ChVFMRSWMAEHVos.jpg)

Falcon and Bucky, have one of the most complex relationships in the film, because they were once opponents, and now they are teammates. Falcon shows that he dislikes Bucky by not wanting to help Cap retrieve his best friend forever, but he did anyway–he even refused to moves his seat in that long-awaited-Cap-and-Sharon-kissing scene—and they finally work alongside. But they did a surprisingly good job when fighting Spider-Man (so many laughs). On the other, more serious side of the story, Wanda and Vision are wonderfully brought together, not only because of their relationship in the comics (SPOILER ALERT: they got married) but also because there is a bond between them as newcomers in the superhero realm. Tony seeks Spider-Man for help, and they developed a family-like relationship. In the short scene where Tony came to Spidey’s house, it feels like they have known each other well for a long time, it feels like they are uncle and cousin. Somehow, everybody gets a moment with everybody, and yet Civil War has zero fat and never swings too far away from the central plot (pun intended).

Good news! We can see them bonding again in the 2017 Spider-Man: Homecoming. (credit: personal screenshot from marvel.com)

Besides this hero and that hero relationship, the film also brilliantly brought the audience to care about two particular heroes’ motivation—what drives them to act. The two are T’Challa a.k.a. Black Panther and Tony a.k.a. Iron Man. I am going to step up more into the details of the film so, major spoiler alert.

Chadwick Boseman as T’Challa a.k.a. Black Panther. (credit: http://www.modernmythmedia.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/05/new-civil-war-trailer-shows-the-first-look-at-black-panther-unmasked-958967-e1462229424685-830×450.jpg)

Black Panther made his first ever appearance in this movie, and he is as cool as he can be. I mean look at those details—those claws on his full vibranium suit, and did you hold your breath when he is being shot continuously by a military helicopter while beating Winter Soldier to pulp and he just sat there chilling? Or scream a little when he was being shot by Hawkeye’s explosive arrow right in the face, literally, and did not even shake? I did. But what I want to focus here is that he is being Black Panther not because he wanted to, but the situation and his emotion drive him to. His dad, T’Chaka, was killed in the terrorist attack while giving speech of peace regarding the Sokovia Accords. Later on he saw the footage that it was Bucky who blew the building. What then confuses the audience is whether his motivation a good reason or not, because, he did not want to drag Bucky to trial, but straight to grave. As a son whose father was killed, it is a good reason to punch—or claw the murderer right in the face, but as a king (after his father’s death he became one), I think he needs to calm down. Here is a little advice; when your parents’ murderer is standing next to you, try a punch or two.

Yes, Tony. So was I indeed. (credit: https://media.giphy.com/media/feDwwmINSXFwQ/giphy.gif)

The title says Civil War, and yes it is a civil war from the beginning, but the real civil war feels is there in the last fighting scene—Cap and Bucky v Iron Man. The act starts with Tony followed Cap and Bucky to the island where they search for Zemo, intending to ceasefire and help them. When they finally found Zemo, however, the villain showed an old footage of the mission report he had been looking for. It turned out to be a footage of Tony’s parents assassination, and the one who did it was *drum rolls* Bucky. Driven by anger, Tony tries to punch Bucky, but Cap tries to calm him down. What surprises the audience next is that Cap knew about this and did not tell Tony, and that resulting in Tony brawls both of them. There are so many emotional conflicts in the fight: Tony was too angry to understand that Bucky was brainwashed. Cap helped his beloved best friend forever rather than stopping them, but on the other side, Howard Stark (Tony’s father) was his best friend too. So many wrongs so many rights, it is hard to decide who is to support, but I am with Tony on this one.

All in all, Civil War is equally thrilling, fun, emotional, smart, thought-provoking, and really everything you want and expect, bringing together tremendous character dynamics; bold structure; an emotional narrative; and spell-binding, fun action sequences, it is everything a blockbuster should be. It is worth watching, even twice or thrice. You should see it though, if you haven’t.

(credit: http://cdn3-www.superherohype.com/assets/uploads/gallery/captain-america-civil-war/civil-war-poster-3.jpg)


Captain America: Civil War movie.




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Tubagus Firmansyah

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[Review] What Happened in ‘Batu Api’ Made these Students Want to Go Back There Again

Ezrani Julinda

“Where do we wanna go now?” He asked me.

“Hmmm, there’s a small library near Jatos*. People said the place is nice,” I said.

“Is that so? Okay, let’s go there. I want to find a book to read.”

So, that was the conversation which brought me and him went to the library near the mall—Batu Api.

After through the white gate, he parked the motorcycle inside, near the terrace. It was a house. The appearance of the library wasn’t give us that amazed feeling because its good-looking or another. It gave us homey feeling, yet new at the same time. I, myself, felt like I had been there before, although it was the first time I go there. It all looked fair. Two doors opened, allowed us to choose which door we were gonna use to enter—it seemed like there was no front door or back door, they were just doors. A table surrounded with chairs was set near the door near the right gate, a terrace for people to read, chat, wait, etc.

We entered that door, and looked around. It was an L-shaped room, quite small and humid, and as we breathed in, the familiar scent of books came through our nose. The books were not-so-neatly arranged in the high bookshelf—almost touched the ceiling, which stood in front of almost every wall there. On the right corner, there was a desk and a chair for the librarian. There was Teh Arum sat there and gave her smile to us. We looked at the bookshelf in front of the right wall, started finding an interesting book there. Some books reminded me of my childhood, books like Roald Dahl’s and Jacqueline Wilson’s. There were also imported books published by Penguin Book. A little bit to the right and you’ll find translated novels, and more to the right, there were books about feminism, philosophy, and religion. At the left side, there were so many Indonesian novels. Take a bow a little, and you’ll find various comics—DC, Marvel, Tin-tin, etc. We turned to the left side of that L-shaped library, there was a warning sign written ‘Awas kepala!’**, for the edge of the wall was low. Not so much amount of books, but as I looked around the library, I could see books about politics, religion, history, sex, culture—almost every kind of book you are looking for. Put an exception to manga.

Hey, I found The Picture of Dorian Grey, I like Wilde’s short stories; The Rose and the Nightingale, this book may be interesting, too. I chatted with him about the book, and how the place was so nice with the music played. There were some place to sit and read; a chair near the shelf, two chairs in front of the librarian’s desk, the set of table on the terrace, and a wooden level on a corner near the door. There were not much, but the spots were somehow enough and familiarizing. We sat on a wooden level as we chatted. Ernest Hemingway’s interested him, and he decided the book he wanted to borrow. So, we went to the librarian’s desk.

“Excuse me, teh. I’d like to borrow this book,” I said.

“Oh, it’s your first time, right? You have to be a member, first. It’s Rp15.000 for the registration fee,” she said.

“Okay, then. How much does it cost for a week loaning?”

“It’s Rp3000 a week, and the penalty is Rp1000 each day,” she answered, and asked us to fill the registration form.

“Ah, you both are from English Department,” she said as she read the form and wrote our name in the loaning notes. “I’ve met several students from English Department,” she added, and we started chatting as she explained to us about the placement of the books in the library. She introduced herself, and told us that she is not alone running this library. There is Bang Anton, too. Bang Anton, who was formerly a student of History in Universitas Padjadjaran, have a hobby, which is collecting book. So, at 1999 he started to open this library called Batu Api. The books were about 9000 copies, and there were also films, music, and clippings.

“You just bring flash disk and I’ll give you films or music. I collect so many musics all around the world,” Bang Anton said in the middle of our conversation.

They were so friendly, and we talked about the library and about campus as well.

“Do you know our lecturer, Mr. (…), in English Department? He mentioned you once in a class,” he, the one who came with me to Batu Api, asked to Bang Anton.

“I know him. He focuses on (…), right? Yes, I know him.”

“I heard you’re quite close to him.”

“No. Not really. He haven’t came here, even,” Bang Anton answered.

“Really? But he once recommended us to come here,” he said.

“That’s one of those phenomena. Many lecturers recommend their students to come here, yet most of them never come here. That’s quite funny,” Bang Anton poured his thought.

As the conversation went on, we then talked about how the library has ‘fictional street’ as the address, which is Jl. Pramoedya Ananta Toer 142 A Jatinangor. Bang Anton once attempted to change the names of the streets in Jatinangor become names of writers, but it couldn’t be realized due to the licensing matters with the local government.

The time was 05.00 PM, an hour before the time they will close the library every Monday to Saturday, so we excused ourselves. On the motorcycle we talked about how nice it was that we could spend our afternoon there by searching interesting books, and chatting with Teh Arum and Bang Anton. To me, it would be very nice to hear again the pouring thoughts from the books, of Teh Arum’s, of Bang Anton’s, and of his.

*Jatos: ‘Jatinangor Town Square’: The one and only mall in Jatinangor, Sumedang.

**’Awas kepala’: ‘Watch out, your head!’


“Has Travel Become Another Exercise in Narcissism?” by Henry Wismayer

-“A Slacker of Jakarta” by Eka Kurniawan

-My first experience in Batu Api

-Conversations and unarranged interviews with Teh Arum and Bang Anton

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[Review] Låpsley – Long Way Home

Putri Amalia

A few weeks ago, I stumbled upon a playlist in Spotify. Looking through the playlist I found that her name was quite unique, so I gave her song “Hurt Me” a try. I was expecting her voice to be more Halsey-like, but I was wrong. I fell in love the moment I listened to it for the first time.

Long Way Home is a debut full-length album by Holly Låpsley Fletcher, also known as Låpsley. The 19-year-old released the album on March 2016. Consisting of twelve tracks, each has its own unique sounds.

Sharing the same label as Adele has made Låpsley often being compared to the Grammy-Award winning artist. Just like Adele, she is releasing her debut album at the age of 19. Not to mention, Låpsley’s vocals also bear a similarity to Adele’s in a way. It may be the emotional feelings, smooth vocals, or soulful delivery of her voice that Låpsley brings a different kind of music.

Opening up the album with “Heartless,” Låpsley can easily catch the attention of listeners. A track accompanied with instrumental piano and her vocal that doesn’t sound like anything out right now, which makes Låpsley more intriguing.

Being one of the finest tracks on the album, “Hurt Me” has Låpsley’s delicate voice mixed with catchy beat. With heartbreaking lines, such as “Building up my walls just to tear them down” and “Why don’t you hurt me a little bit more,” this is definitely not a track to skip.

The third track “Falling Short” gives a peaceful vibe as Låpsley‘s soprano voice glides effortlessly over the piano chords along minimalist background music.

“Cliff” is a great song to listen to, especially for the listeners who like Daughter. The young singer brings her smooth vocals to this track with the slow yet catchy beat.

Out of all the tracks, “Operator (He Doesn’t Call Me)” has a groovy and funky tune to it. Repetition of the line “Don’t put me on hold please” sounds very disco-like. I have to admit that “Operator (He Doesn’t Call Me)” is a song you can actually dance to.

“Painter” starts with a simple xylophone progression in the background, which makes it simple but interesting. There’s not much lyrics to this one, but along and Låpsley’s calm and soothing vocals, you can get the feeling of sadness throughout the song.

“Tell Me The Truth,” the title alone conveys the theme of love and loss. Her smooth vocals shines through the song as she sings “Just tell me the truth, it’ll hurt less.” Having lyrics that almost everyone can relate to, Låpsley sings with such emotion behind.

Different from the rest of the tracks, Låpsley barely sings in “Station” barely has Låpsley’s singing in it, instead it is filled more with unique beats. “Station” may actually seem like a duet between Låpsley and a male singer, but it turns out to be her singing in a lower pitch. She manages to showcase her vocal talent in this one.

“Love is Blind,” is definitely one of the tracks that can be a smash hit. “Love is blind when the lights go out,” she sings the verse over and over again. This one is perfect for singing along in the car as it is quite catchy to sing along while driving or even when you are on your way somewhere.

Next, Låpsley’s ballad “Silverlake” is unlike anything heard before. I find that this particular track sounds more Adele-like. Building up the vocals slowly from the beginning, Låpsley shows how different her voice for a girl her age.

Starting with an instrumental, “Leap” is a track that truly showcases Låpsley’s vocals. Accompanied by simple beats, Låpsley’s vocals sliding over the instrumental in this track. “Leap” is ideal to listen to after such a long day spent.

The final track to the album is called “Seven Months,” a song that describes a broken relationship. Along with the line “In seven months I tried my best but I know that we all drift, “ she details all about her relationship in the past. With just basic piano behind her vocals, Låpsley’s unique voice makes this song a perfect end to the album.

Låpsley may be only 19 years old, but with her simple yet ethereal voice, this album is impossible to miss. Most of the songs can be quite relatable to us as the singer going through the tale of young romance. Her voice will surely be a great potential to the music industry and being only 19, she has more to come in the future.







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[Review] Video games: An Epic Adventure

Aris Ramdan

Video games: An Epic Adventure

By this time,the development of games are fast.many genre of games that we can played like Adventure,Action,Tactics,Role Play,Racing,Sport,Card etc. and by this time,many of games are using online system like the game that I would discuss on this articles,I will try to talk about games on Android Smartphone. As an Android user,we actually so familiar with Google Play Store. We can find variety of apps on Google Play Store,before we start using Google Play Store we have to sign in by personal e-mail and need to completing the agreement and policy from Google Play Store.

We can start to looking for games that we need on search icon,we can type The tittle from game that we need. For example,the game that I will play is Rayman Adventure that published by Ubisoft Entertainment,I click on install button then waiting for downloading process. After downloaded we can open the games and start to play the game.

Main menu in Rayman Adventure

Rayman Adventure is an Adventure games,the goal of the game is we have to grow up the sacred tree as high as possible and we can compare who is the highest tree with friends. Rayman Adventure is a game online,we can sign in by facebook account to interact with friends who played the same game. And we also can visit,sharing items,share screenshoots and check the score with friends from the worldwide,national or only from facebook friendlist. Another goal is we have to gather all creatures called Incrediballs in each every adventure levels,the Incrediballs is hatched from an egg that we have to rescued from each levels,the Incrediballshave their own ability like the Rhinoz is a good protector,the Green Pieces is a good seeker.

In Rayman Adventure we can see a map that have a different lands,we can play in ancient geek,jungle,a factory in the deep sea,medieval mayhem etc. We can play as Four caharacters,we can play as Rayman,Barbara,Teensies and Globox. All of the characters have an unique costumes that we can change by purchasing with gems,we can get a free gems from daily reward,watching ads video or by completing the missions and reach the achievements.

Rayman characters and Sacred Tree

Rayman adventure have a good graphics,easy to play,challenging,fun and have a good sound. On the Incrediballs tree,we can make a music from the Incrediballs,we can mixing as we want and we also can save the music in phone storage. In the levels of Rayman Adventure we can play in four kind of adventure,we can play as heroes and beat the time,gathering all lums,knock down all of the foes and saving kidnapped Teensies. Every we complete the levels we can get free gems and unlock the next levels,when we complete the adventure on each levels we can rescued the egg that would be hatch become an Incrediballs.

The Incrediballs is hatched from different kind of eggs,there are four kinds of eggs: Royalty,Golden,Silver and Common. And able to reveal the invisible eggs, we will know the incrediballs after hatched from the eggs,the Incrediballs will give some power to grow up the sacred tree. The Incrediballs that hatched from Royalty would give 3 powers that will give 30 meters of sacred tree,the Golden egg would give 2 powers and grow to 20 meters for sacred tree,the Silver and Common eggs would give only 1 powers or only 10 meters to sacred tree. But,when we got the duplicate Incrediballs it can’t added to Incrediballs tree,but it will changed by free gems.

The Incrediballs

In each missions we can get a tickets,and we don’t get the tickets for free. So we have to complete the missions. If we get the tickets we have to scratch it and we would know the prizes,and the prizes is Speed Timer,Silver Oil,Golden Oil,and Royalty DNA if we want to get a special Incrediballs.

Rayman Adventure is very addicting and an epic adventure game,and full of happiness if we play it. As the person who played Rayman Adventure,I have spent time about 2 or 3 hours per-day. But the shortcomings of this game,we have to purchase an expensive costumes and get a buck of gems. Another short comings are we always have to waiting the egg hatching if we don’t have a speed timer,and waiting for the new missions in 12 hours to get a new missions if we done with the last missions and of course as an online games,we have to always have a mobile data to stay connected and able to play the games.


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