Song: Ziggy Stardust

David Bowie’s “Ziggy Stardust” presents a narrative about a rock n’ roll character with the same name. Due to its limited space (unlike prose), it is crucial for you not to neglect every single element, including the sounds (produced either through the music or the lyrics) and even the genre. References on the character are available everywhere since Bowie himself has clearly stated them in several interviews. In your comment, please refer to the triangulations of story (plot-characterization-setting) and poetry (meaning-sound-shape) to analyze the concept of the song.

Your response should be in form of significant opinion and/or valid argument about the act of writing creative work and the way fiction form (poetry/song) is delivered. I include these study questions as prompts/reminder. You can either write your comment with your own composed opinion or submit answer to one of these questions.

Study questions
1. How do you see the characterization of the protagonist plays its role in developing elements of narrative in the song?

2. How do the sounds influence the characterization or story of Ziggy Stardust?

3. If you refer to the references, how are they portrayed in the song as a newly created universe?

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