[Profile] Death

Cinthia Nurmaulani

Winda, a twenty-year-old woman, had worked at Klinik Mutiara Bogor for 3 years. Her job is assisting doctors deal with many patients. Patients coming to Klinik Mutiara had various conditions. Some of them had accidents, had a mild disease or severe disease, gave birth, and malingered and asked for sick letter. Winda was graduated from SMK Informatika. Although working as assistant doctor was not in accordance with her majors, she was able to take actions when she accompanied doctors.

In 2015, there was a grandfather who drove a car. When he stepped out from the car, he cried out for help. He was holding a small child in his arms.
“Why she’s drenched, sir?” The doctor asked.
“My granddaughter sank in the swimming pool. Her mother entrusted me to take care the child. She’s very busy at work. But, I was too ably talking with old friends, I forget about the kid.”
The assistant helped the doctor to pair oxygen into the patient’s nose. The doctor tapped chest and opened Diana’s eyelids. Her retina had spread. It almost covered all parts of the eyes. Her body had begun to turn blue.
“Sorry, sir. She didn’t make it. I can’t help her”
“How could it be? My granddaughter is still alive! Wake up, please! Your mother must be angry. Wake up! I was entrusted by her mother to keep Diana, doctor! What should I tell her mother? Wake up, Diana! She is still alive, right? Oh God, I regret having invited her to go.”
“Well, we recommend you to go the hospital, let me make referral” The doctor said while releasing oxygen.

“That impossible. So you say!”

The old man immediately left the clinic with angry. As he went on, the telephone rang.
“Good afternoon. Is my daughter okay? “Asked a woman.
“Sorry ma’am, on behalf of whom?”
“Diana was taken to the hospital by his grandfather. A few minutes ago.” Winda said.
“I don’t know what happened to her. I just got word that my daughter was taken to Klinik Mutiara”
“Your daughter was sunk, ma’am.”
“Oh, it’s fine. Thank you.”
An hour later, there was sound of an ambulance. Diana’s grandfather had entered Klinik Mutiara again. He apologized to the doctor and the assistant on his distrust of his granddaughter’s death.

In the next month, a frantic woman came to Klinik Mutiara. She requested the doctor to come to her house. Unusually, her mother slept for about four hours from 12 PM to 4 PM. Having arrived at the woman’s house, the mother was laying in bed. Winda saw ants already crept the old mother’s hair. When it being touched, her body was already rigid and cold. Her mouth was opened. Shaking his right arm, all parts of the body moved. Doctor Elsa checked the woman mother’s eyes. Her retina was already very widened, and it almost covered the entire eyeball.
“My mother usually sleeps for 2 hours, doc. But, this time, she slept for many hours. I’ve awakened her a few times, but she didn’t wake up as well. So worried,” A woman said.
“I saw her seizures. Then I gave her a little drink. After saving the glass to the kitchen, I saw my mother had fallen asleep again.” Added a man.
“I’m sorry to say this, her heart is not beating.”

Everyone in the house was panic. Some of the family members were going back and forth, some of them were busily calling neighborhood head to announce at the mosque. Winda quickly returned to the clinic and brought medical equipment for a woman demand that her mother’s dentures should be removed. After getting the equipment, the doctor asked Winda to open the mouth of the mother. Winda got somewhat difficult to hold it because it kept opening and closing. Dentures on the bottom of the mouth had been unplugged.

“My mother also wears dentures at the top, doc.”
Winda exhaled. She reopened the mother’s mouth and helped the doctor shine the mouth. The doctor said that there were no dentures on the top. To ensure that, Winda and doctor exchanged their tasks; doctor held flashlight and Winda checked the dentures.
“It seems to be something coming in at her throat.” Winda said
While being highlighted, the dentures were in the throat. It was already quite deep.
“Please remove that, doc. My mother should be calm afterlife. ”
The doctor immediately brought a pointed tool and try to take off dentures. However, after a few minutes, it did not work. Winda offered to pull out the teeth. The doctor agreed. Winda clamped the dentures and pulled it. It was very difficult because the dentures were already covered by the flesh. After being forced, one end portion of the dentures had been removed. Then doctors continue removing part of the other end.
“Here is this. Three teeth”
On the way to the clinic, Winda asked the doctor.
“Why it is hard to bring the mother’s dentures?”
“Her blood is frozen when she died, and the dentures might fall when the mother is at death’s door, the dentures was stuck in her throat for several hours. That is why we got problems in bringing the false teeth since it was covered by the flesh. ”

In the months that followed, a woman came to the clinic. She mentioned her complaint. She caressed his stomach. Winda helped her go to the obstetrician room.
“For three days I did not feel my unborn baby’s gestures. It is usually not like this. ”
“When did your last check, Mom?”
“About a week ago when my womb was 7 months.”
Doctor Rizky checked her and the results of the test mentioned that her unborn baby had died since she did not feel unborn baby’s responding. The doctor said that this could be caused by the way she ate. Eating foods that contained bacteria or fungus could make the fetus could not survive anymore. The woman said that she often ate luncheon leftovers at night. “The condition of the pregnant body is very sensitive.” The doctor said.
“Then, what should I do, doc?” Her face paled visibly.
“The baby in the womb needs to be removed, if not, it will rot in the stomach and this will be dangerous for you. However, he should be removed as you gives birth. You need to go to big hospital. We cannot handle because the medical equipment and other facilities here are limited”.

After three years of this, “I don’t know what will happen to me when I’m going to die. It realizes me how fast, how could.” Winda said.


An interview: Winda Nurfithri. Now, she is having beauty skin care. She lives at Lembur Tengah No. 25 Sumedang Utara. The interviewed was on 13 May 2016.

Word count: 1104