Flash Fiction: Travelling Bad News

Faris Indra Baswara/180410135001

People called me Gorrin, I was a simple woodcutter in a small village. Jortun, that’s what we called our home. I gather woods for gold. Having no wife to fed, I spent that gold at the tavern. The tavern is the place where travellers could exchange information and news from others who happened to pass our village, In return the tavern provided shelter for them. At least that’s how it was in the past. Nowadays, Galafar the spy controls information around here and he usually charges them gold for information. That was what happened this afternoon. A group of traveller came to our tavern and asked Galafar about some temple. Strange lot they were. A Vartian, a Rovirian, and two Acreans travelled together? That really was a rare sight. But I tried to keep my mind out of it. Right now I’m sitting at my usual spot in the tavern which is the western side corner table, alone. My jug of mead is the only companion I need.

Tonight is colder than usual, lucky I had enough gold to buy more mead. After a couple more jug, I’m sure I’ll sleep like a lamb. The tavern’s door swung again. Two travellers came through the door. One traveller covered his face with a scarf, and the other had a chainmail protecting him. I could tell from the sound he made every time he took a step. I managed to take a glimpse of their green eyes, so I know they were Rovirian. They didn’t come for a drink from the way it looks because they immediately asked the barkeep of something, but the barkeep directed them to Galafar. The one with the chainmail is sitting in front of Galafar while his friend stood beside him. I know I should mind my own business, but I can’t help but overheard them talking. Apparently they were searching for the travellers that came this afternoon.

“…give me sixty gold.” I looked around and saw almost everyone is smiling after they heard Galafar. The chainmail clad man laughed and offered Galafar his right hand. That was quick. I hope Galafar would buy us another round after this is over. So I sat straight and sip my mead, but then I heard someone screaming. The sound came from Galafar’s table, so I instinctively put my eyes there. I held my breath as I see the chainmail clad man was holding a knife that pierced the table through Galafar’s hand. a second after, when Galafar’s companion only started to react , the other traveller pulled the sword from his scabbard and cut his head like it was butter. I recognise the sword. It belongs to a raider group called Kynara’s Hound. I had wanted to run but my feet are betraying me. That is when the rest of them came through the door and started slaughtering everyone. The man with the scarf comes to me with his sword in hand. But I only come here to drink!

Word count: 500

Flash Fiction: Dear Rain Voland


Dear, Rain Voland

“Always in our heart, in memoriam, Rain Voland”

Rain voland’s death being a trending case in my school. He reportedly committed suicide, his body has found in his room of his house. He cut his veins and left the last message on a piece of paper.

“I love you all, see you in heaven. –Rain”

His family, the police and everyone in my school are still trying to find the exact reason why he committed suicide. Everyone in my school thought this doesn’t make sense. He was a good kid at school, no bad record, active in the organization and he had no problem with anyone in school. They assumed there may be a big problem between him and his family. But, I didn’t think so. Because, I was his schoolmate and I often met with his family. He was the only child in his family who had very dear parents. They loved Rain so much.

The police had been coming to my school. They were still trying to find the truth. Sometimes they called some of students for interrogation and I am one of them. All of students suggested me to be interrogated by police, because they considered that I was very close to Rain. The fact is true. I was close to him. I was the first person to be notified by him when he had a story about his life. The interrogation didn’t go well when they interrogated me, because I always gave ‘I don’t know’ or ‘I have no idea’ to them.

I admit it. I really knew him so well. He was known as a cold person. I agreed. He was cold as his name. But not with me actually, he was always opened to me. For those who didn’t know him. I can tell them everything about him except the reason why he committed suicide.

Rain Voland, He was tall and smart that’s why he was chosen to be a leader of my schoo’l basketball team. He was a very handsome blue-eyed guy. I loved his eyes, those were my favorite part of him. I loved everything about him exactly. He was just perfect. Yes, I did love him. He was always there for me when I needed a hand. He was always listened to my story and cared for me. How can I didn’t fall in love to this boy.

I always remembered his smile when he was trying to cheer me up when I was sad. But, everything had been changed, when he fell in love to my bestfriend, Mary. He was completely different Rain that I knew. I was so disappointed. I came into his house when his parents were not in home. I poisoned his drink. Then, I slashed his vein with his bare hand and wrote the message. I am sorry Rain. I just can’t see someone that I loved get in relationship with my bestfriend. Farewell, you will always have a place in my heart, Rain Voland.

Words count: 499

Flash Fiction: Invisible Threat

Ling Yanting(Tini)/180110169005

Ted was on the shuttle bus to Mclean Poet Psychiatric Hospital, observing people around him, most of whom were in white uniforms. He caught a glimpse of a familiar face, and vaguely remember that he was the mysterious man who claimed that he knew where Mark exactly was. Two years ago, Mark left without a goodbye to his best friend. And the last time Ted saw Mark, his clothes was stained with blood. According to Mark’s brother, Mark was transferred there for further treatment. But Ted was afraid things are not so simple because once Mark had revealed to him that he was adopted.
The hospital sat on the foot of a hill, and such a huge bounding wall around it that nobody could get out. He had an uneasy feeling on the depressive and terrifying atmosphere there. The mysterious man led him into a private room in the second floor, asked him to wait, and turned to leave. A strange feeling welled up in Ted’s heart. Ten minutes later, that man returned, but this time in white uniform.
“Why did you……”, Ted was interrupted.
“Shh! Come with me. I’ll bring you to Mark.”, he hushed Ted with his index finger against his mouth.
At the end of the corridor, a door opened to the outside. A man with the short and spiky hair sat by the window, looking out dully of the window, with a bitten doughnut in his hand.
“Mark! It’s me! Ted!”, cried Ted.
Mark slowly turned his head, shaking the doughnut slowly. “Do you wanna have a bite?”, he said with a giggle.
“Mark!! Don’t you remember? It’s Ted, your best friend! What’s wrong with you? Tell me!! What did they do to you? Mark!!”
“Do you wanna have a bite? Do you….”, repeated Mark unconsciously.
“Mark…”, Ted left with a sigh, with tears in his eyes.
That made him more convinced that it was his brother who made Mark become a fool so that he could be the only heir to the company of his family. And also his desire for the truth became stronger. So he turned to Dr.Walter Freeman, who was Mark’s attending psychiatrist.
After Ted’s waiting anxiously for Dr.Walter out his office for an hour, Dr. Walter finally asked him to come in. At the sight of Dr.Walter in white sitting right there, déjà vu occurred in Ted’s mind. Suddenly, he felt dizzy and a flicker of fear crossed his face. Time flied.
It was midnight when Ted awoke. He was lying on the bed and tried to remember what happened. But all he could remember was just some words of Dr.Walter, “lobotomy…delusional disorder…hallucination…fear…suicide…”. He couldn’t figured out what it meaned and his headache smote again.

Word count: 499

Flash Fiction: Interview Recording at Shanghai Beixinjing Prison

Lu Jiawei/180110169002

In 2016, the artificial intelligence was so popular that it seemed like every country was trying to create their own AI, you know, Alpha Go or something like that. So these stupid leaders in my scientific institution thought of a stupid experiment to show off our ability in AI.

I always say that human beings will die out sooner or later if we continue to create AIs. Wisdom is the supreme law in this world. It’s okay for us humans to kill chickens just because we’re smarter than them. So why AIs cannot kill humans? In sight of AIs, humans are just the same as chickens.

Well, after that accident happened, everyone involved was put in jail, including me, the least important engineer of “A”, as you can see. How come all the bosses in my institution are idiots? If weren’t for them, I wouldn’t in this fucking jail now…

Okay sorry. Let’s just get back to the accident. to be honest, “A” was the best humanoid AI in China at that time. We cooperated with a Japanese company for her skin, eyeballs and the face. “A” was so beautiful. No one could deny.

If everything went well, she would buy a ticket at Shanghai railway station and get off at Beijing station all by herself, and maybe even chat with passengers. Everything she has done would be recorded and the world would be shocked how smart she was, if everything went well.

The moment I found she had the access to the wifi of railway station, I panicked.

Since the moment she was created, we’ve been teaching her that her mission is to protect the earth. Why? Because this mission is endless so that her desire to learn would last forever. And desire is the reason why she could become intelligent. However, all she knew about human beings were no other than the good parts. She was kinda like living in the Truman Show.

You must have read her running log, right? The first thing she did after she had the access to wifi was to read. She read at a speed of 50G per second, like a monster finally get free from the cage. She read about human beings, animals, environment, wars, pollution, everything about the earth. Can you imagine how she felt when she found out the real situation of the earth? I guess she must be shocked and angry. But just a minute later, she figured out what she should do to fulfill her mission. She had to cut down the population of human beings. She believed Human beings are the very reason why the earth is suffering.

Yes. I know it’s a tragedy that hundreds of people in that railway station got killed by her strong carbon fiber arms. But who’s the one to blame? “A” or human beings?

Word Count:499

Flash Fiction: A Whimsical Sound

M. Naufal Ibtihal / 180410150050

A Whimsical Sound

Gilly and Melissa lived alone in the lake house since their parents had lost. Gilly was 11 years old at that time and her sister Melissa was 15 years old. They were left by their parents since they were a little girl but they didn’t know the reason why their parents left them. The only thing they know was their parents had fought before the night they left. However, when they were still live together as a family none of them ever fought. Since then, Melissa and Gilly stayed at home and didn’t go to school, they often sell a newspaper to make sure there was a food on their table. Because of this condition, they believed that their parents had already dead.

One night, when they were listening to Nirvana on a boom-box, a heavy rain fell. The thing that make it weird was it had been several weeks without rain and the forecaster say it would be no rain until the end of the month and Melissa decided to check it out. Surprisingly, there were no single raindrop falling from the sky but a weirder thing happened, in a hurry Melissa run into her room and called his sister. Then, they both rushed to the lake and watching the water surface of the lake unleashed a wave, and they were both terrified and run to their house. Since that night, a terrifying sound came from the house’s basement, its sound like two people were arguing with an angry sound. They couldn’t sleep every night.

After a week, they decided to call police to find out what was happening down there. The police found no clue about the sound down there, there was only a broken tape which was not giving any clue. They both depressed, didn’t know what to do. They tried to call anyone who seemed can help them, police, firefighters, and a priest couldn’t help them where that sound came and why. After several terrifying weeks, they came into property dealer and decided to sell the house. Just before they came into the dealer an old man stopped them.

The man is the late owner of the house, he introduced himself and told them he would give an explanation about what was going on down there. They decided to go somewhere across the lake house and had some talk. The man told them that their parents had done a bad thing back in the day, the house sold in one condition, they had to promise to never fight or arguing in an angry way. The sound was a consequence of their mistake, a broken recorded tape would be playing their conversation of their fight every night. They vanished because they broke their promise. And the old man told them not to sell the house, so they could feel their parent’s presence every night.

Word Count: 480