Another Round of Writing Submission

In early December, Erika is welcoming new writing submissions for her Writing Professional Purposes 2016 classes. Jatinangor Food Map project, with its main focus on copywriting practice, will feature simple ads of interesting food around Jatinangor (with visuals!!!). All the final content drafts of the Map will be featured here. Deadline is 9 December 2016, 23.59. Sharp.

Update: Thank you for completing your Finals for this 2016 Writing for Professional Purposes. You’re officially done with this class. Congratulation!

All the follow up links (for showcasing and pimpin’ up our work purposes) will be available soon! Do look forward to it.

Achtung: Submission Schedule

As we have discussed in class (and as I have posted here), you have three main individual and one group assignments to be completed in order to make my life easier  meet the requirement for this class. The following are important dates to note for assignment deadlines:

  1. First assignment (writing with a prompt): April 17, 2016. Submission instruction is here. And if you share your work somewhere else, please provide the link here
  2. Second assignment (non-fiction): May 22, 2016. Instruction is available here. If you need some references on the example of the writing, you may check this link.
  3. Third assignment (fiction or non-fiction with the general theme “My Generation”): June 10, 2016.
  4. Group assignment (mock-zine): June 19, 2016

Midterm submission is here

As for schedule, we have talked about it in class and here’s your early general reminder. Deadline for blog-posting your complete final assignment (both your story and dramatization) is 24 April 2015, 23.59. Final writing guideline and assignment submission are available on the Guidelines page. Also, you may also want to consult the Grade Rubric page on how your work will be graded. Comments on your classmates’ works should be submitted on 25 April-1 May 2015.

If you have question about  grading, you can comment on this post. We’ll get to it as soon as possible.