[Essay] The Advantages of Many Minimarkets in Jatinangor

Enriko Lumban Tobing

Jatinangor is the place that there are many campuses, such as Unpad, ITB, Ikopin, and IPDN. So that, there are many students in Jatinangor, especially students from out of town. Students in Jatinangor often feel that variety of foods around the boarding room or campus are different than many foods in their home town, like in Jakarta, Bandung, or Bekasi. Jatinangor foods are cheap, but those foods sometimes make students bored, because students eat those foods almost everyday. Those foods are porridge, fried rice, nasi kuning, nasi uduk, friend noodle, and sate. However, in Jatinangor there are many minimarkets, so if students are bored with many foods that they usually eat, they can go to the minimarket.

Minimarket is a favorable place to shop. Many people come to minimarket to buy daily necessities, such as food, drink, and bath tools. The place is cleaner and larger than a stall. All items can be seen and we can take what we want by ourselves. It is different than when we are shopping at the stall, we should ask the seller first about what we want. For example if we need a bath tool, like shampoo, everyone uses different brands of shampoo, of course we are looking for brands that we use. For minimarket is larger than a stall, we can see all of brands that on sale. We do not need to ask the seller about the presence or absence of the brand. Besides all of brands can be seen by ourselves, the prices are fixed and written, so we do not need to bargaining. If we are bargaining when shopping at the stall or traditional market, the price that the seller wants always more expensive than the price that we wanted. Sometimes, the seller still disagree with the price that we wanted, although we are bargaining many times. It is the common difference between shopping at the minimarket and shopping at the stall or traditional market. Another difference is in minimarket we do not need to queue when we take the item. Only when paying at the cashier we need to queuing, if there are many visitors.

Many foods and drinks in minimarket always given the expiration date. Every foods have an expiration date, because there will be a time when a food cannot be eaten anymore. We must be careful when buy a food. Expired food is not good for health. Every foods and drinks are also heavily guarded. In minimarket, there are CCTV cameras to protect many items from the theft. So, many items are secure and the possibility of theft is less likely. Besides that, minimarket provides shopping carts for a visitor who take a lot of items. Sometimes, a visitor needs a lot of items for daily needs like shampoo, soap, tooth brush, and many items for cooking like oil, sugar, and flour. Of course a visitor needs a shopping cart if he or she does not have his or her own bag. It means minimarket is more care with the visitors than traditional market.

Sometimes minimarket give discounts on some items. It is useful to make visitors more interest in shopping, because the prices on some items are cheaper than usual. Buyers always want a low price. A very expensive price often become the reason why buyers do not want to buy, although they like the item. Besides discounts, minimarket often make a promo, like if we buy one item, we will get more or if we buy a food, we get a free drink. Discounts and promos in minimarket are more often than in traditional market.

Because shopping at the minimarket has many advantages, so minimarket is very useful in Jatinangor, especially for students who get bored with their daily food. They can buy a snack or beverages in minimarket. Snack is not a staple food like rice. However, it could reduce a boredom of the daily food, and the price is not expensive. Build a minimarket in every around a boarding room is a good idea, because Jatinangor is a place for students. Students always prefer minimarket than a stall or traditional market. Even they are not only come to minimarket for shopping, sometimes they come to gathering with their friends. Although many items in minimarket are more expensive than in a stall, but those items are cleaner and fresher.

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[Essay] The Student Culture of Early Pregnancy (Before Marriage)

Zahra Nur Fadilah

The pregnant culture before marriage is not a taboo issue anymore to be discussed. In this era, it is not surprising that student couples have a baby before their marriage. There are several causes on student couples to do that. Family condition, environment influences, technology influences, and lack of religion aspect can be the cause of early pregnancy. There are many impacts of early pregnancy of students, as I see it.

In general, girls may suffer because of their early pregnancy. They have to experience the pregnancy and the process of children’s birth. In Indonesia, there are many matters of senior or junior high school students having a baby before their graduation. I refer to The Jakarta Post quoting UNICEF, that “one in six Indonesian girls marry before they turn 18, about 340,000 girls every year and around 50,000 girls marry before they reach 15 every year”. In addition, I argue that boys must have more responsibility in their early marriage than when they are still in school. When they are in junior or senior high school, they may only have one primary problem, i.e. the school problem, such as friendship, subject matters, etc. This problem contrasts to a problem marriage. At the first time, Boys have to look for money for their new family. They have to give their wife and children food.

Girls will be excluded if the school committee know their student having a baby. I have one friend who is excluded from her senior high school because of having a baby. She lives in Kiaracondong area in Bandung. I think that she get lack of affection from her parents. Her parents are about 40 years old. Her elder sister also has children whom her husband has been gone since 2007. Her parents have again one child. Try to imagine how miserable her family is. The family seems to be in a mess. I can see from her sister’s family. We can call my friend “D” and her sister “E”. Because E has lost her husband, she has to look for money for her family needs. It is very difficult to look for job for E who only a graduate of one junior high school in Garut. E have not yet had a job for several months even years so parents of E must fulfil E’s family needs. D certainly has to marry her husband to be. As far as I know the earnings of D’s husband is not sufficient for D’s needs and her baby. I think it is irony. Earnings of the parents can be insufficient for the needs of D, E, and a little brother of D and E. Based on D’s story, I argue that there are several reasons for children, particularly girls be pregnant before their marriage.

Family condition, environments, lack of religion aspect, and technology influences can be the cause of early pregnancy on girls. Having divorced parents is an unfortunate situation for children. “Broken home” is the usual term referring to those children. The cause of divorce such as, working parents, dishonest couples, etc. can lead children to bad things. Children may get lack of attention because of parents’ busywork or their new couples. The busyness of parents can impact to children such as, the freedom of children social intercourse as an example of my friend. Children’s environments can impact their behaviour. Bad friends can lead them to the bad behaviour. Lack of religion aspect can make children having no principle. If forgetting God, we have no direction in this life. If we cannot always remember God, we may break the law of God. Furthermore, it directs to bad things. Having an important role, technology carries advantages and disadvantages. One of the disadvantages is appearing many videos of pornography. Those videos can stimulate students to imitate some negative actions.

Building a new family in teenager may appear some matters on the stages of new life. The results of early marriage are such as, lack of economy aspect in married couples, being susceptible to get divorced influencing couples health, and other matters. According to The Jakarta Post that “UNFPA is working with the National Commission on Violence Against Women (Komnas Perempuan) and other civil society groups” to do a research on the negative impacts of early marriage on teenage girls such as, health, education and economic opportunities. Because of early marriage in the rushed manner, teenage couples may have no preparation. They certainly have not yet had savings for building their new family. When they marry, their daily needs may still come from their parents. Lack of preparation of economic aspect can lead the new family of teenager to the divorce. Talking about health, I argue that the condition of teenage girls’ pregnancy approximately in 13 to 19 is not yet stable. Girls’ uterus has not yet been strong enough to give birth a baby. I refer to The Jakarta Post quoting Siswanto Agus Wilopo statement, professor in reproductive health at Gajah Mada University in Yogyakarta said that “Pregnant youth face a double risk for a variety of health repercussions and even risk dying from pregnancy-related complications”.

Thus, the communication between parents and children must work well. Parents must create harmonious atmosphere in the family in order to prevent their teenage children marrying at not the proper age. Teenage parents will take much risk because they have not yet been ready both emotionally and physiologically.

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The life story of Zahra’s friend

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[Essay] Korean Beauty: An Emerging Beauty Trend

Santika Vania Putri

Right now, we live in a society that obsessed with beauty. Not only women who is obsessed with it, but men also. We are taught by the culture around us from the moment each of us sets foot on this earth to the day we die that beauty means happiness, prosperity, and wellness. I used to believe as a kid that the beautiful princess will marry the handsome prince and live happily ever after, while the hideous witch or ogre is doomed to meet a grisly end. As I grow older, the princesses make way for shimmering Hollywood stars and carefully made-up models. The message however, remains the same: beauty is everything. But is it true that beauty is everything? I, as a woman, think that woman has the beauty standards that everyone tries to achieve. Nowadays, the term beautiful is thrown at us teenagers every day. The media is constantly using the idea of beauty to show us what we should aspire to be. Wearing makeup is what we use to achieve that. Make up itself is good to help people increase their self-esteem, rather than doing a plastic surgery, which is very money and time consuming. I like how makeup can help me a lot in boosting my confidence and conceal all the imperfections that I have, instead of hiding myself with makeup, I try to be myself with it.

If we talk about beauty, people have their own beauty standard to achieve. For instance, Korean beauty is known to have a different beauty standard. In appearance, Americans tend to love having a big bum, flat stomach, long legs, tanned skin, and big breasts. While Koreans tend to love having a small v-line face shaped, petite body is thought to be the most attractive to these women. In addition, small nose and big eyes are considered beautiful both to Americans and Koreans. Koreans tend to have small and mono eyelids and many Koreans undergo a plastic surgery to achieve double eyelids, which is a fold/crease above your eye. Americans love tanning, while Koreans don’t. Koreans thought that having a pale and white skin represents luxury, wealth, and lack of wrinkles. The idea of going to a tanning bed is just a horrifying idea to Koreans; even on the beach you can rent pre-set up beach umbrellas to avoid the sun at all costs.

In makeup, both Koreans and Americans have distinct differences. Korean makeup try to utilize the dewy, no makeup look, while American makeup goes for the heavy contour and matte finish. Women in Korea also thought having straight eyebrows make them looking more youthful, rather than having an arched eyebrows which a lot of Americans have. The popular Korean gradient lips also became popular after Korean celebrities using that technique. Americans love fuller lips, which became viral after Kylie Jenner introduced her new lips to the public. Then a lot of American brands came out with liquid lipsticks, while Korean brands tend to produce more lip tints to create the gradient lip look. I personally think that the Korean lip style looks more natural compare to what Americans one. Lip tint is becoming popular among students in Indonesia because it is cheaper than liquid lipsticks, easier to apply, and more natural looking. Their face makeup routines are different too. Korean makeup is focusing on a dewy finished, that is why they use BB creams, CC creams, or cushion foundation more than a matte liquid foundation. Whereas tanned skin, bronzer, and contour are the main focus of American makeup. Recently, highlighting became popular too to bring out a glow on the skin. For the eye makeup, Korean is popular with the aegyo-sal, which is the little fatty deposits under your eye. It does not refer to those bags under our eyes that we all get from aging, but it sits right under the lower eyelid. Some people believe that it can make you look more youthful and innocent. Besides that, instead of creating a cat eye like Americans do, they use the eyeliner to draw a downward line, creating an innocent look called the puppy eye look. When we talk about Korean beauty, we can’t not to talk about plastic surgery, which women in Korea have been obsessed with. Teenage girls in Korea prefer to receive a plastic surgery as a gift rather than an actual gift. The most common procedure in Korea is double eyelid surgery. Koreans are commonly had mono eyelid and small eyes, that is why double eyelid surgery has been so popular.

Korean beauty style is not a bad one and it fits people who are not Korean. I find I use a mix between Korean and American makeup. I really don’t clearly prefer one look over the other, but rather I like to create my own look using both styles. Korean makeup is suitable for a daily makeup routine, if you want a ‘no makeup’ makeup look. While American makeup, with its smokey eye, sculpted face, and fuller lips, is suitable for a special occasion.


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