Final Writing: Oh, Windy (Fiction)

Nabhila Irsaad / 180410150035

I couldn’t see anything in here, in my cardboard, but I knew a group of girls, around twelve or thirteen years old, were carrying me to somewhere.

“Watch out!” said someone to one who grabbed my left side. I couldn’t see them, but I think it was unfair, how they carried me. I felt like my left side was about to touch the floor.

After a minute of struggle, they carried me into a room that was noisy with girls’ voice. Only girls’ voice. And it seemed that they didn’t find any blank tables, because they put me on the floor. Two girls with excitement opened my cardboard and slowly got me out of it. They put me on the cold floor. Just… ew. Gina must have forgotten to bring my stand. Are they going to play me on the filthy floor?

Okay, there were about six girls in front of me. Two were standing, the rest were sitting in front of me. They all wore long white hijab and white-blue uniform, they must be Gina’s classmates. Oh, now I knew that I was in Gina’s school. Insan Kamil Islamic Junior School. Yep, I read that a lot on Gina’s notebook covers.

“Meike.” Said the girl who looked attentively at me, then she laughed. “Such a weird name for a brand.” Nobody ever thought about my name in such a way. She took my cardboard and looked for the cable. “Where’s the cable?”

“Gina, let us borrow your keyboard please! Thanks…” said the girl with red glasses, then she laughed because there was no Gina there.

“Yeah, Gina, wherever you are.” Added the other girl. Gina was a sweet and generous girl, hence in the name of my owner, I permit y’all.

After turning me on, the girls were pressing my keys randomly and they were happy. They tried every single button available on my body. It was delightful to be the center of the girls’ attention and happiness, one of them tried my drum sounds, the other tried my melodies, the other tried my other musical instrument until the most funny button—the instant tuning control on my left side that made every sound sounded like broken music or even a music wave of dangdut. Oh, if only they could hear me laughing.

But there was one girl who played some of my keys on the same octave, playing some pieces of songs gravely, but without any mistakes. Among the noisy makers, she made her own world with my keys. She got my attention as a musical instrument.

“How did you do that? It’s that song, right?” it seemed that the girl with the rose broach listened to the song she played.

“Cool, Windy! Play it again!” added the other girl happily with too many bracelets on her wrist.

Suddenly the bell rang and like obedient troops, the girls left their places and took their seats, except Windy—she played a new piece of song for a moment, then turned me off and left.

I bet she would come back.

The second bell rang—the lunch break. I could see the girls were ready with their lunch boxes on their tables, and some of them went to the cafeteria. But like what I said before, Windy came to me—with her lunch and her netbook.

Windy turned me on casually, it was as if she had owned me for a year. Then she played me based on the song tutorial played on her netbook and got the girls who listened to it excited.

“That’s amazing, Windy!”

“Whoaa, our pianist!”

“That was awesome! Have you had any piano lessons before?” Gina came and sat in front of her, observing how Windy got the perfect tones of every song she played.

“Never. Awesome, right?” Windy replied.

“Hey, how if she become the pianist to accompany our choir?”

So, the girls had put their trust on Windy, and that was what made me stay for a night—at least that was what they said—in Windy’s house. It seemed that I had to get used to live without my stand, because they put me on the floor. Didn’t they have any table or something to make me stand tall and graceful, away from the cold floor, like Gina’s family did to me?

Windy spent about an hour to play whatever she liked without the choir song which was the obligatory, then she turned me off and went downstairs, talking to her parents. She wanted a keyboard like me. She said she could play keyboard and she wanted to have her own.

“I can play it! You have heard me playing, haven’t you?” I could hear she said that.

After receiving some bad news, she went upstairs again and turned me off angrily, and went to her bedroom and cried on her bed. Poor Windy. Gina had never such an obsession towards me. Poor me, then?

The next day, afterschool, Windy came to me with a happy face. She put down her bag and without changing her uniform first, she turned me on and play whatever she liked. Yiruma, Japanese songs, Indonesian songs… yeah, mostly were Japanese songs, most of which were Ikimono Gakari’s, if you ever heard of them.

“You are mine now!” she said, then hugged me. Then she took a shower and comfort herself before putting her fingers on my keys.

So, Gina had given up on me, huh? At least I like to say it that way instead of the fact that she had SOLD me to this girl, which meant I had to spend my whole life lying down on the cold floor with no grace at all.

I’m just kidding, I like it here.

I like the way Windy, my new owner, treated me like her best friend. She didn’t say anything to me to convey her feelings (of course, she wasn’t crazy), she just let her fingers do it for her, and the whole world would know it.

She also knew how to make a relationship with musical instruments. Once I saw playing her new guitar and it made me jealous for a second, until I realized that I didn’t have to worry because I knew I will be her all-time favorite.

She played from one song to another, then fell in love with it and she made her own way to play the song to express her current emotion. Gina never made such an impression of exploring her music, she only played what the instructor told her to play.

By the way, Windy’s style of playing had been more neatly after she joined keyboard course for about one year and piano course for a few months. Then she decided to stop for the reason I never knew and then she became a middle school student.

One day, she came to me with a smiling face and flowers in her heart. I thought she would sit in front of me and play some songs, but apparently her phone was more interesting. She looked happy with what she read then changed her white-grey uniform into karategi. Then she left.

A few months had been so lonely for me, and I began to look dusty. She practice her karate movements in front of the mirror like crazy and sometimes told her sister, Amy, about one guy whose name I heard over and over.

“He was SO annoying that he had no time except to make fun of me or to pick me!” she said, contrasting with her happy facial expression.

Hello, Windy, didn’t you miss pouring your heart on me?

A few months went by without she touching any of my keys. Now almost all of my body were dusty, and she didn’t bother to clean me. She was just being so cruel to cover me with the pink shawl I knew she hated forever. If only I could play her favorite song by my own, I would do that. But it would only scare her and the possibility was she would dump me.

But one afternoon, she came with a broken heart and for the first time after the lonely few months, she opened the pink shawl which had covered me, and played Taylor Swift’s Back to December, and it was December. She played that over and over and over until she couldn’t play it anymore because she apparently cried!

And it was the last time she touched me.

Word count: 1412

Final Writing: Hardest Time of My Life (Non-Fiction)

Ekaprilia Nur Shabrina/180410150023

I don’t know if I remember this clearly but I think I can tell you about what happened back when I was 12 or 13 roughly. Many things happened back then so I only remember a little bit about what happened. It was a really really beautiful day, at first; the sky was clear blue and the sun decided to shine a little bit more, burned my skin and left it red and hurt when I was on my way back home. Oh! I was just graduated from junior high school, I remember it. I felt so happy because finally, no school for a few weeks. I imagined I could go to swimming pool in the morning everyday. At first my friends and I were gonna hang out somewhere but I swear it was too hot that day to even go outside so I just went straight to home. My body felt funny at that time, you know, because I didn’t sleep well the night before and I kind of had bad cold so I kept myself in my room, wrapped in blanket and sweater and tried to sleep even with one of my nostril was blocked and the other one was runny.

Everything was fine until Ma knocked at my door, face full with tears and panicking. I was still half asleep when I opened the door and tried to process what she said; something happened and Grandma just fainted. She yelled at me because I stayed in my room and didn’t go downstairs after I got home. I was still dizzy to process everything and she just dragged me downstairs. There, Grandma in her room, unconscious. Ma told me she had been fainted for three hours, so I assumed I had fell asleep for that long. I didn’t know what happened next. It was all blurry, I think Ma took her to hospital but I can’t remember with who because my parents were at work. It was blurry. The beautiful day had turned into a stormy day, at least for me.

I remember I was all alone at home, my parents went to hospital and stayed with Ma. But I also remember my nephews were at home, but I still assumed I was alone until the rest of my family; aunts and uncles, come. I still felt I was alone. I felt like they were strangers that crashing into someone’s house just to sleep. My cold also was getting worse, I bet there was a desert inside my throat; so dry. Midnight came, and I swear I could hear another relatives came. Home was crowded that night. For a moment, I forgot about what happened to Grandma. All I could think about that time was how I got good enough sleep with so many people being noisy downstairs. I remember Mom called but I can’t remember when, she gave me information about Grandma’s current situation; her condition was critical. I felt both relieved because finally someone gave me an information and also panicked because I knew she was gonna leave me, forever. I knew she was dying. Before I knew, I started crying until my nephews came to my room asking if I was okay. That was very sweet of them but still, I couldn’t control my emotion. I yelled at them, told them to leave me alone. I was so rude, I know.

Next, I didn’t remember what happened. I think I fell asleep because I remember the next day my aunt made me a poridge for breakfast. We had a good chit chat about school,but then she told me if God decided to take Grandma’s life away I have to be strong because she would be no longer in pain, she would watch us from above, and she would reunite with Grandpa. I just nodded and starred into my bowl. Then it finally hit me; what if Grandma really leave this world, forever? A call from my dad woke me up from the deep thought. Even before he finished what he said, I started wailing and crying on the floor. I never thought it would be that fast. Just a second ago I was still thinking about it and the next second I was faced with the reality. Grandma had passed away and the question was left unanswered.

I kept crying until the ambulance that took my Grandma came. Mom, Ma, and Dad were inside. I remember I couldn’t see Grandma, who was covered in kaffan, in living room. My angel, lying there, just body without soul. Mom said she was smiling in her sleep. Then all the memories I have with her flashed before my eyes, I couldn’t take it. I broke down in tears again when all relatives came gathering around Grandma. And I was just there, standing doorway of her room with my aunt supporting me. I never fell such sadness in my life. Once I got really sad because I lost my favourite blanket. Grandma thought it was so dirty and the fabric was worn out and she decided to throw it into the bin. But then, I got a new blanket. It was different but she told me it was also the same thing. It still feels different; losing someone you love and losing the thing you love.

At her funeral. I managed not to cry when I attended the funeral. So many people came, it was crowded. But I cried again when Grandma were not in my sight anymore. I remember I almost passed out but someones beside and behind me, hold me so I kept standing. I starred at her tomb with her name on it, wet soil, flowers, and people. I refused to believe that she really left me. I searched for her at home, but she wasn’t there. She left me.

Let me tell you about Grandma. I lived with her ever since I was born because both my parents were busy with their work. She raised me with Ma and my other uncles. She put up so much with me because I was such a rebel when I was a kid. But she loved me. What made my heart hurt so bad was back then when I was child, every time I got upset or angry without any reason, I would pinch her so hard until it left bruises on her skin or hit her. But she loved me. Every time I broke down into crying fit, even with me kicking and punching, she just hugged me and murmured sweet nothings into my ear. She loved me. After all that, she would make me a bowl of hot noodle to comfort me and a baby bottle of warm tea (I use baby bottle until I was 7. I know this is embarassing but I don’t care). Even when I was stressed because of school things and decided to blare Avenged Sevenfold on full volume, she didn’t scold me. She knew I like that kind of bands and let me play them even if she didn’ like it. Also I slept with her until I was 11. Every time she hold me in her arm, her scent was comforting me. It smelled like home, like where I belong. I didn’t want her to leave me. I remember the last thing she said to me before all this was she couldn’t be there for me any longer. I hate how she kept her word, she really left me…

Migrain came to me because I think I cried so hard alot at that time. I kept crying myself to sleep (or not) for 2 days and my head felt so heavy. Mom took me to doctor eventually. They prescribed me some sleeping pills so that I can rest and stop crying. And yeah, I also felt tired from crying nonstop and I admitted that I need a really good sleep. I remember I was still in sorrow but for the next few days were also blurry, I can’t remember what happpened.

I’ve ever hit a point in life where I felt like I can’t continue my life because I lost someone I love the most. But Mom told me that life must go on, you can’t use losing someone you love for the reason not to continue your life. I let her words absorbed into my mind. I thought about it seriously. Even sometimes I still feel sad, and crying because I miss her, Mom’s words are ringing inside my head. They are my reminder, and will always be. Sometimes I can still feel her present at home. Whether be it in the kitchen, her room, living room. Her warmth is still lingering in this house. Mom also feels the same way. She told me sometimes Grandma visits in her dream but not mine. I want to see her in person and say I’m sorry for what I’ve done. I want to see her face, smiling, like what Mom told me when she passed away.

word count : 1,506

FINAL WRITING: Takjil Pride and Prejudice (Non-fiction)

Nurul Fauziah Febriyanti/180410150005

I’m still in Nangor because my exam hasn’t over yet.

“San, let’s caw looking for food in that mosque as usually.” Said me while woking up my apartment-room-mate, Ikhsan.

“Oh! Is it already Maghrib? Let’s get ready for it.”

“Fiuh. I’m crazy hungry for fasting all day long.” Said me.

“Fasting? I bet you did ‘ayakan’ fasting, didn’t you?” Ikhsan hit my head.


‘Ayakan Fasting’ is Sundanese term to call fasting but no fasting. Puasa nu aya dihakan seems can replace the All You Can Eat slogan in restaurant.

I am Guntur Bumi, born in a family of Muslims but my behavior still cannot be fully Islamic. Today was the 20th day I have been faced Ramadan month since I was born. However, this is the first time I faced this month alone as the college student far from my hometown. Ramadan is the month when Muslims are obliged to fast. The atmosphere is so typical, same like Christmas celebration for Christians on every 25th December. Or even this is merrier than Christmas. Ramadan is held within one month of the Hijri calendar and involves all Muslims in the world. Not only fasting, worship that became its identity is Tarawih prayer. Pray together within lots of rakaats and its long duration. Talking about duration, it is depend on its priest whether he reads lots of verse or not and whether he reads fast or not. The humility of prayer is at stake when the mosque is in the middle of densely populations. Squeezed by crowded. Traditional night markets, firecrackers, and children crying for snacks.

“Yea, that’s all my thought if my faith is strong” I muttered to myself.

While waiting for Ikhsan, I prepared myself by wearing a Koko shirt and a cap. I can’t wait any longer for looking some free foods to break fast. This is one of my daily activities as the college student who called the ‘poor takjil fighter’ but still be fluctuated in fasting. As I said before, I still cannot be the true Muslim. However, on this 21th fasting day, I haven’t been eating anything alias I’m fasting and I didn’t have sahoor. Therefore, whenever the time is around 6 PM, Ikhsan and I always go to the mosque which is located in senior high school around my apartment. There is always free distribution of takjil and other foods.

Different with Ikhsan, the almost faithful guy, I pray Tarawih if I am in a good mood. Once I pray, I would like to do this in the mosque where there are free foods. This is gonna benefits my dunia and akheerah. Fortunately, Al-Barokah mosque in SMA 1 Nangor distributes takjil everyday provided must do the tarawih prayer there.

“Here, I am ready, Gun. Go go go!” Ikhsan shouted excitedly and came out from bedroom.

“Wow, how handsome you are dude. Where will you go?”

“I’m gonna marry neng Wulan.”

“By the free takjil” Ikhsan added.

“What? OMG, how can you marry me with that free takjil. Fuck you.” Said me imitated angry girl’s voice.

“Make sure you won’t be regret, girl. Uda will always be waiting for you”

Wulan is a daughter of the owner of my apartment. She has beautiful hair, a nice shape body, and an awesome pointed nose. Ikhsan ever shoot her. Unfortunately, the result was “you are my nice friend no more than that”. I guessed it was because of his handsomeness is under the average. It was also caused by the quantitative survey of lots of girls reject him. However, I salute Ikhsan of his courage and his failures. LOL.

Along the streets, we met a lot of college friends who are also on the way hunting for free foods at the same mosque. Looked very homely. I am suddenly missing my hometown with its activities. Suddenly, we met Wulan.

“Hi, Gun! Where are you gonna go?” Wulan greeted me.

“Baby! Why you didn’t greet me too?” Ikhsan was cranky.

“Well, I already greeted you through Guntur, didn’t I? He he.”

“We are gonna go to Masjid Albarokah, Lan” I said.

“Can I join you?”

“Yes, of course neng Wulan, let’s join with Aa Ikhsan”

“Hey, Gun. I want to talk something with you.” Whispered her to me

“What is it about?”

Wulan didn’t answer; she smiled and walked faster.

“What do you think?” she shouted.

There is something strange with Wulan. Whenever she meets me, she is always enthusiast. Sometimes she sends her regards through her friends for me. She also never rejects me whenever I ask her help for me even though it was in the middle of the night. She often comes to my bedroom and gives me foods although Ikhsan will tempt her. And now she joins me to come to the mosque.

As I arrived at the school, i didn’t directly come to the mosque. I felt so dizzy and lousy.

“Gun, I go to the mosque first, okay? I got the natural call. Hehehe. Can’t handle this anymore.” Ikhsan ran in a rush go to the toilet.

“Okay, go hurry! No wonder if i smelled the stench since the first we walked.”

“Shit You, Gun”

“Hihihi, Don’t be like that, Gun” Wulan replied me.

“I thought the devils were shackled in the jail. But why, there is still one hanging around”

“Yea, so did me. But wait; is that right the devil was still hanging around?”

“Here is beside me. The takjil devil.”

“Ha ha, you mean, it’s me? No problem, the devil is not alone. He is with his friend.”

“Ha ha ha, Yup! I am a friend of takjil devil.”

“Anyway, i am not feeling well. I feel so dizzy.”

After that, the world was dark before the Adzan is sounding. I was blackout.

The fact is, i lost my consciousness. I realized that I was in School Medical Room of SMA 1 Nangor or in Bahasa we shorten it by UKS. I saw the two girls were in a serious conversation. The one was sitting and being shouted by the other one and left the room. Yea, those were Wulan and Hana. Hana was my mentor in my orientation week in my faculty. She was very strict and vicious but secretly loves to give me foods.

“Don’t you realize it?” said Hana slowly.

“What must I realize? I asked.

Hana didn’t answer me; she just turned her face and then stood up from where she sat.

“I must go, I am afraid if people saw us in this room. The fact is I am disappointed. You are so nasty, Gun.” Said her while walked out of the room.

Hearing the decision, I just could not say anything. Today I was puzzled by two women who were silent and did not make the point. It may be true to say that men are the most insensitive. Or maybe, they actually know, but try not to be such a know-it-all.

I went back alone in UKS. Accompanied by some warm water in a glass, and 2 bowls of empty porridge, I’m now lying down in a moment.

It seems that the body already feels a bit well. Dizziness is no longer coming. Because I quite bored, I finally decided to return to the mosque for Maghreb prayer. Anyway I want to look at Wulan’s condition who just yelled by the witch recently.

I also just got off the UKS mattress and was about to wear shoes, suddenly the door opened. Suddenly I was a little surprised and looked toward the door. That’s Ikhsan. My friend suddenly appeared in the UKS with a serious face.

He opened the door, closed it hard, and locked the door straight from the inside. I’m gonna be raped.

He moved the chair from the table to the side of my bed. He just sat there without saying anything. His feet were perched on the chair where Wulan and Hana sat.

"What are you doing here?" I wondered.

“I know you are here, so I come here.” He replied as he closed his eyes.

“Don’t you have to queue for foods?”

“Don’t know what to do."

Gee, why is he so annoying like this. I think this morning he was not as cold as this. OMG, this guy is really cool when he is silent; unfortunately his face looked like a thermometer.

Seeing this, I finally also chose to go back to rest on UKS mattress. Felt awkward, sitting up close to someone I know so well. But his face was fierce. He seemed strange.

"What did you do to Wulan?” Suddenly Ikhsan talked to me.

Hearing the question, I immediately woke up from sleep and sat facing Ikhsan.

“Huh? Wulan? What happened to Wulan?”

“I asked you, it means I don’t know. You know that.”

“I swear, I didn’t know anything, what happened to Wulan?”

"Did not she come here for you?"

"Yeah, Wulan was here, but suddenly Hana came, finally Wulan was told to go back to the mosque" Answer me.

“Oooooooohhhh shit. You must be said that at the first time…” Suddenly Ikhsan opened his eyes and sat facing me. He’s back to being a bad guy again.

"What’s going on here? What’s wrong? “I was more curious.

"I think you hurt Wulan. She came to class while crying, I don’t know because of what. I think you hurt Wulan, that’s what people think. You’re famous for your lewd thought, suddenly people think you raped her "Ikhsan said seriously.

“Shit!! I didn’t do anything to Wulan. Never and ever. My pants zipper is still a virgin, never been taken down at all." I tried to maintain my pride.

“That’s the reason I came here to make sure this.”

“So, that fierce face you used is the reason you were still suspicious to me, right?

“Yea, I also had time to find evidence, but I do not seem to find some tissue that lies just like that."

"Jerk, Fuck You!!” I threw the pillow to his face.

After that incident, I immediately rushed to the class. Trying to correct this misunderstanding, once I was in the court of the mosque, I was instantly seen as the rapper of the child. Did not want this ill-fated situation last long, I went straight to Wulan to know the condition.

Wulan was still crying, her eyes red. When I saw her, the tears that had stopped now came back down on her eyelids. Seeing this, people were increasingly cynical looking at me.

After I calmed down enough, I asked why Wulan can cry like this. Wulan initially refused to answer, until at last he looked at me sitting next to him.

“Gun, are you okay?” She asked softly.

“Huh? What do you mean?”

“You have no history of heart disease, haven’t you?”

“What?” I was getting wonder.

“I am afraid, Gun.”

“What are you afraid of?” I asked her curiously.

“I left you and Kak Hana alone, I was afraid you were scolded by Kak Hana, and then Hana told you to Push-Up. I know you’re not feeling well, I’m afraid you cannot breathe anymore, and then you die.” She cried.



I laughed in my heart. Apparently Wulan cried just because of it anyway? Anjir, Wulan was innocent enough, her imagination resembles the imagination of elementary school children.

Hearing this, the girls who had embraced Wulan now even joined laughing loudly. Everyone in the mosque were saying “aya-aya wae” I just realized, Wulan had not been told the reason why she cried to her friends, therefore her friends think I was doing indecent things to Wulan. Shit, what a night.

words count: 1943

reference : Pride and Prejudice novel is the reference of the title of my story.

the picture source :

Final Writing:Human Wisdom For God (Fiction)

Muhammad Salman Alfiansyah / 180410150038

In this evening we are celebrating our god’s birth by gather in the center of the village surrounded by thousands of candles and pray through the night. My village is located in the center of the forest, the name of the forest is Vasvaya it is the name of our first ruler of the villagers. Back in the past, King Vasvaya was the only person who survived after the forest fires which burnt his village into the dust. the forest fires burnt everything and what was left from the forest is wide black field. Vasvaya also left as the only human who survived and hopeless. knew every single of his family, friends and people from the village is gone made Vasvaya didn’t have any interest in life again. He was there in what left from forest, laid with no passion of anything. He laid in the middle of the rain and hot noon, did not eat or drink nor open his eyes. He just laid and closed his eyes. Then something fell to Vasvaya’s head but it was not just a fallen thing, the thing was thrown to Vasvaya’s head. It hit Vasvaya’s head hard enough to make person says “ouch!” but Vasvaya did not says it even though he open his eyes. It was thrown and thrown again and everytimes it was thrown it became harder. Then Vasvaya move his shoulders and the thrown was stop. In the next morning, the thrown began and this time Vasvaya was too limp to responded but deep down he was curious what was it. Vasvaya then decided to take a look and found that it was a girl, a human after switched a glance the girl ran but Vasvaya couldn’t followed her. Vasvaya just realized that the girl threw fruits to him. In that time Vasvaya found his firts goal of his life that he should meet the girl again, and then Vasvaya ate the fruits. After he ate the fruits, Vasvaya was looking up for the girl, he walked following the way the girl ran after moon was up. In the next morning, the girl was not show up and Vasvaya thought that it was a dream but then he realized that the fruits were definitely real. Vasvaya continued to search the girl but it came to nothing then he slept under the tree. While he was sleeping something hit his head hard enough to woke him up and Vasvaya saw that the thing which hit him was a fruit. He saw something moved in the bush and ran to it and finally found the girl. “thank you for saved me by throwing fruits to me” said Vasvaya. The girl did not respond and seem was afraid by the act of Vasvaya. “oh my apologies, I surprised you. It is just so hard to meet you. Once again I do apologies for it, a.. for what i did?” said Vasvaya, once again the girl did not respond and just looked at Vasvaya’s face. “do you understand what i say ?” said Vasvaya curious why the girl didn’t respond what he said. “huh? hey? do you…”, “yes i… do” the girl cut vasvaya’s words “you’re welcome, glad you are still alive” the girl said. Vasvaya was stunned knew that it was not a dream that there was still human who survived beside him. After that moment, Vasvaya and the girl lived together but in the night the girl was always missing and she appeared in the morning before the sun rose. It made Vasvaya worried and curious and one night he followed her and found her in the middle of the forest stood still and transformed into monkey. Vasvaya was shock and made the girl knew that he followed her. The girl explain that she was cursed because of her parents mistake so that she always transform into monkey in the middle of the night but she still human she said and she also explained that she was the one who threw a bee hive to his bedroom before the forest fires so that Vasvaya can run to save his life. Vasvaya cried and hugged the girl and said thanks again and again. After that Vasvaya made a family then a group from his own blood and his wife and then the group one by one left the burnt forest and one of those group was made my village.

The worship due to celebrated our god which is Vasvaya wife always followed by villagers happiness because we really love our god. There was only one statue of our god and it always washed and sprayed by fragrance every night. My brother and I are the obedient followers and we love our god so much. My mom also is the obedient follower like my father was. My father died when he crossed the river in the middle of the storm and found dead in the morning and that made my younger brother who wasn’t born yet have no father when he born. But we are always patient and give everything to our lord and considered it as trial from the God.

When my mother delivered my younger brother, my older brother and i were not home. When we went home, the village was quiet and there were no people except us and it made us panic. We found that almost all the villagers were in my house cheering and celebrating and both of us have no idea what were they doing. After we made it to enter our own home and found that our little brother was born. He was born with tail like monkey. In that moment me and my brother were happy because it was like god blessed our family by gave us an honor to be her descendant. We felt honored by the villagers who treated us like noble family maybe more than that. But my mom was not that happy she told me that my brother was not A God. She told us that my younger brother was just ordinary baby or even weaker than ordinary baby because of his tail. She told us that the tail was an illness which need to be removed immediately and because of that my older brother have arguments with my mom and said that my mom was an infidel and my older brother tried to take my younger brother but failed because my mother protected my younger brother. I was confused and have no idea what should i do, and then my brother took my hand and said “we are the obedient followers, we love our god, we should serve our god and eliminate those who try to obstruct our way.” And I just followed him and left my mother. We walked through the village while the villagers were hail our family name, in that moment I regretted what i did to my mother.

We finally arrived in the worship place in the southeast of the village, my brother talked to our temple members in their room and my mind was still in my home. After a couple of hours I decided to run to my home and hug my mom because I regretted everything. I ran and tried to ran more faster because I felt bad for left my mom behind and I cried while i ran. After I came home my mom was there beside my younger brother with a knife in her hand cried. I was shock and could not say a word until my mother saw me. I stepped back and my mother said “honey please don’t, don’t run away from me, your younger brother is in pain he just an ordinary baby”, “what are going to do mom ?”, “we should cut the gift” my mother replied. I was panic so i hit my mother with my my own body and pushed her to the wall, then the knife fell from her hand. I took the knife immediately. My mother growled in pain “honey please understand look at your brother” said she while pointed her finger to my brother. “look at him! He is suffering” followed my mother with desperate voice. I walked to my brother slowly while watched my mother, then i saw it. The tail was rotten up and it spread to my brother’s body and my brother cried in a weak voice. I cried for my younger brother and for not believed to my own mother. My mother hugged me then whispered “he is suffering, we should take it off now or we will lose him” i nodded and gave the knife to my mom. My mother held the knife when suddenly my brother break through the door with the members of the temple and yelled “get away from my sister. you are done now, you filthy infidel. Eliminate her!”, “this is my son, not your god!” my mother replied.

In this evening I am praying to the God, asking about what should i do ?. but i am doubting about my own pray because i don’t even know who is my god. Now I am sitting with my brother in the celebrating of our god day which is the day he was saved from crazy infidel. Yes, know I’m seeing my god, my own younger brother which taken by killed his mother. Now the god is in front of us on display, die.
Words count : 1570

Final Writing:The Meet Up (Non-Fiction)

Muhammad Naufal Ibtihal // 180410150050

It was April, the national exam was close and all the students in the high school was preparing for it. They did the exercises all day long, or perhaps they did it on a night too. No home works, no school projects, no club activities, all the third grader do was practicing their personal skill to be ready for the national exam. It seemed like it was not enough for them, and the teachers too. The thing that make it worse was when the teacher announced that Monday until Friday was not enough to prepare, they needed an extra day for the students to go to school. Saturday, it was. On the extra day, students were being prepared to face the national universities enrollment test. For some students who already had a plan to go to certain universities it was not a problem, but for Adji and his gang, it’s a disaster.

Adji and his gang was not happy about that announcement. They really hoped that they need days off, because all this national exam things. They had not even planned about their college yet, which major they wanted to go or which university they would go. For them, high school life was everything, it was perfectly fun. On the morning before the school bell rang, they came to the school together by their motorcycle and wait 500m away from the school gates, and when the gates were being closed by the school guard, they ran together and try not to get hit by the school gates. When the break session, they went to the canteen and did not bring any money, all they had to do is get their tummy fueled by asking for some food to other friends. On the evening when school time ends, they always play basketball together with other friends until the sun sank. It was an everyday fun for them, even the school tasks were really boring, they always find the fun way to get through it.

Adji’s gang consisted of four people, Adji, he looked like he was the leader of the gang, the teacher always called him when one of his friend got into trouble. He was a big guy with a dark skin, he was about 183cm tall. Therefore, he was the captain of the basketball team, his basketball skill was no doubt, he brought his school basketball team to the top three among the school in Depok. Although he was really successful on the basketball team, he was not the one of several popular guys on the school because the basketball team was not as popular as the football team. So Adji was not that popular. Adji’s best friend since they were in elementary school, Jakir, his actual name was Zakaria, but he always called Jakir since they were in elementary. Jakir was a dark-skinned guy who told a joke every time, he was a laugh maker. He could make any situation as warm as possible with his jokes. One day, they had been called out to counseling room, and they had been grounded because of they had tricked their teacher in the class, and once again Jakir tricked their teacher in the counseling room. He had been called Joker because of his attitude. The next one is Danu, he was short with a Harajuku hair. He was the one who know everything about what was going on in the school including gossips, rumors, issues. Anything that came up from any student’s mouth, he could know. When there was a private party held by the popular kids, he knew it, and how in the world he could knew anything that he was not supposed to know. The last one is, Anto, he was the youngest one, he has dark wavy hair, but he was pretty anyway, seriously, I admit it. He was one of the school’s popular guys but he could ruin his impression by his silly mind-blowing question. One moment when he was going on his date, he asks his girl a silly question which is I forget what it is. From that moment, his girl lost her impression to Anto, she lost the feeling, and she insisted to not to meet Anto again. Anto was that terrible.

But now, it is two years from that time, college life seems unpredictable for him. He cannot find any friends like he used to. Jakir, the one who made his day as bright as the sun, who made the laughter, he lost one of the laugh that Jakir made. He lost every issues and gossips about what is going on in his surroundings. He lost Danu, and he really miss the silly dumb thing about Anto. In other words, he really missed his old friends. He cannot find what he can find in high school. Adji goes to University of Padjajaran in Jatinangor. He finally decided the college he wanted to and unfortunately, he accepted even though he was not prepared well for the test. He accepted at the English Major. His friend accepted separately, in the different universities, cities, or even countries. Jakir accepted in Bandung Institute of Technology at the Astronomy Major. It’s like a miracle that Jakir accepted there, it is the choice that his father wanted him to be. Before that moment, in high school day, Jakir always deny his father demand for him like when his father wanted him to take science class instead of social science class, but this time he had already fulfilled his father’s demand. Danu accepted far from Bandung city, but he goes to college which was their home town, Depok. Danu accepted in University of Indonesia, at the Law Major. Danu always wanted to be a lawyer since they got together into high school, but did not planned which university he would go. And now Danu is in Australia for his summer project. It’s surprising. A group of unprepared people going to the marvelous place on college, it must be something that God put in the middle of this group. Except Anto, Anto didn’t seem to continue his education because his father asked him to take care of his father’s business.

The one that Adji concern the most is they will forget about how beautiful high school life is. Adji is at the point where he is really miss his friends. He cannot find anyone like them in the college. All he supposed to do is going to the campus, attend class, complete assignment and do some basketball practice. He misses all the thing that he can do with his gang, and have been wondering if his gang would feel the same as him. The other day, Adji decided to call his friend one by one, to invite them to gather in Bandung. First, he calls Jakir, he does not answer the phone and Adji try to reach him by sending a message, and it says that he invited Jakir to A café in Bandung, to gather around with the old gang. He still doesn’t answer it. Adji call Danu the other day, he thinks Danu is still in Depok so he directly calls him and invite Danu. Danu didn’t answer. The next day, he finds out that Danu was not in Depok so he calls the other one who still in Depok, Anto. Anto answer it directly and asks, “why Bandung?” Adji answers with a mysterious answer. “it’s because i get bored of Depok, so many years we spend time in this town”, and Anto agree to come.

Until the day before the appointment day, no one answer or text Adji. Adji starts to show his despair. He feels a disappointment flows from his mind to his heart, but Adji will not lose hope, he goes to A Café and wait for his friend. The text message says 5 PM and he have been waiting for almost 5 hours. He put on an earphone, burn his last cigarette, and wait longer. Thirty minutes from that time, Anto comes, shake his hand and gives a hug, to show how much Adji misses his friend. They start to talk about what is going on in life or something, because Adji know that he doesn’t go to college. Two hours from that time, Jakir come, the situation is becoming warmer because of Jakir’s presence. He doesn’t change, his jokes are still tasty. They begin their conversation about Danu, they still hoping that Danu will come, out of nowhere, they know that Danu is still in Australia. To maintain the topics, they start to talk about some high school memories. When they were together doing stupid things, making fool of their teacher, making fun of our canteen seller, and the other things. It is 12 AM and they all get tired and decide to go to Adji’s dorm room. And when they ask for the bill, someone come, and it is Danu. It is very touching, they started to losing hope for Danu to come. Actually, why Danu is late is he take the nearest flight to attend the appointment with his friends. Since that moment, every starting day of long holiday, they always gather around and spend the holiday together in their hometown, Depok.

Word Count: 1541