Abiyyu Qori Aulia180410160028

When all seemed gray, and dark flows covering like shadow as I looked to the sky. The stars wouldn’t appeared eventually it was around 6 pm something. There, I was walking by the sidewalk with exhausted shoulder, hoping for quick walk to home. Suddenly I realized, I forgot my sword bag with my wooden sword and rapier in it, maybe I left it in the sport hall where I trained for fencing before. How sad, I needed several seconds to decided whether I left it and keep going home or turned back to take it, because I’m on halfway home. Then, I decide to turn back to the sport hall to take my bag, and yeah it’s there leaning on the wall. I took my bag and checked for my stuff to make sure nothing is left anymore. I was checking the rapier in the bag too, and one of my fencing friend comes and asked why did I back to the hall when I opened the bag. We talks a lot before I deciding to back home again, and he offered a ride to my house with her car but I refused it because I ddn’t know why I’m in mood to take a walk back to home. After that I was going back to home, once again.

On the way to home, I saw two people in front of me, they were a girl and a boy. They were actually blocking the sidewalk but I didn’t want to getting trough them, I tried to enjoy the walks. In couple of minutes, around two or three minutes, two highschool students pulled over to the sidewalk where I and the couple were walking at. I’d having a strange feeling about the students, and hell yeah it was true. I grab for my sword bag, half open it, just in case something troublesome would happen. The students started to yell to the couple, asking for their money and their cellphones to be given. The couple looks scared but in the same time they did not wanted to gave their phones and wallets, but finally they still gave it. I’m trying to hide my presence, not paying attention and walks calmly and slowly so I hope they would not realized and I will not involved into this trouble and left the couple there, I also felt sorry about it but I needed to save my life instead of anyone else.

Then unfortunately, one of the students hit me on the back of my head and yelling inappropriate words. I’m trying to calm, trying to not carried away with emotion, but he was yelling and hit me once again around my shoulder. With the maximum of my rage, I turned around, looked at surrounding, took a deep breath, and sharpened my eyes. The students seems confused as the one of them start yelling again and trying to hit me blindly. I grab the tip of my wooden sword in my half opened bag and seathed it quickly. They looked surprised but not scared, one of them launching a strike on me fiercely. Gladly I could handle it because he was too slow, too slow for me. Need no time for me to avoided it, and hit him on the back with the handle of my wooden sword. He shout out and cursing, he started to attack again. With his hand he tried to punch me in the face, I stepped back for one step and launched a slash hit around his throat. He was in pain but at least he stop attacking around.

One down, and another one more to handle. I walked closer to the last one, hoping he would be scared and left because I was tired with this toublesome thing. How idiot, he was yelling and starting to attack me. I tightened my grip to the wooden sword, parried his punch and hit his head and back. He paused fo a moment, I think maybe he would leave soon, but he was just cursing and he put his hand to the pocket. I saw he grab something, but I’m not sure what it was. As he swunging his hand, and I realized it’s a knife. I was shocked, cause I never deal with someone with real weapon. I was a bit scared, of course I didn’t wanna die but I had to deal with him. As I prepared myself, the other one stood up and grab a knife too. What kind of atmosphere was this, maybe I would die tonight. I looked back to make sure the couple were alright, and they looked scared. I thought for a way to handle these two people with knife just with a wooden sword.

They were attacking one by one and I was trying to parry all of the attacks. I was running out of ideas, if I used my rapier maybe I would kill them. I threw away my sword bag, cause it prevented me to move freely. One of them was throwing a rock to me and swunging his knife, gladly the rock didn’t hit me but my hand got sliced a bit. I turned my sword and swung it to his face, maybe I got his eyes because it was bleeding. He was down for now, time to the last one. He seemed angry looking at his friend getting down, he was started to attack with both of his knife and his leg to kick. He kicked my shin and I slipped but fortunately I could quickly get up as he swung his knife to the ground where my hand was . I wiped the blood on my hand from the slice before and he smiled as I will get killed. He charged and swung his knife again and again. I could handle several of his attack but I realized that my hand got scratched. He tried to stab me right in the eye continuously. I moved my head to the side as I grabbed his hand and swung my sword to hit his thigh. He started to scream, maybe I broke his thigh bone because there was a cracked sound. My wooden sword also broken into two parts, maybe I swung it to hard.

There I saw two students lying down in pain, but one of them still screaming and cursing inappropriate words. I walked to him and asked him to return the phones and wallets, but he just yelling and spitting to me. So I punched him in the face and he fainted, then I took the phones and the wallets and returned those to the couple. When I returned the items, they seemed so thankful to me to save their life and stuffs, even though I didn’t meant to. After that they gave me some money before they left, and I guessed I would take it in addition to bought a new wooden sword. Then I looked for my sword bag, it needed several minutes for me to find it because I randomly threw it away. I also brougt my broken wooden sword with me and continued my walks to home. When I arrived my father asked me why my hand got scratched and my wooden sword broken, I answered “battle scars”.

Photo by: simplemost

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Down The Cave: A Memoir

Najla Firdaus180410160055

It was in the fourth year of my elementary school, and just like any other 4th graders, I was extremely excited about going on a field trip—or study tour, or field tour, or study trip. Call it whatever you want to call it because, basically, it’s when school kids go out to study (play) outside of their overfully sickening study hours in their classrooms—especially when I was recently being bullied and I socializing with the other kids was everything but fun. Actually, I wasn’t really being bullied. Maybe it was a regular fight between girl-friends. That one friend of mine was so arrogant my other friends won’t hang out with her and I was suspected to be the traitor because I was the one left who still befriended her. Well, anyway, that was the past. The arrogant friend was transfered to another school, I was free from the traitor-traitory thing, everyone’s happy. Also, there must be another story that’s more interesting than traitors and bullies. I was really excited when the teacher said that we were going on a field trip to Dago highland in Bandung, so I expected green scenery, tall trees and fresh air, birds’ songs, perfect for a change of mood after studies and bullies.
I sat beside Hana on the tour bus. She was a friend that has never been a part of the bullies nor the bullied. I still don’t quite understand about why a person can be as perfect as Hana. She’s always neutral, and she still socializes well. Moreover, she is the school owner’s daughter. I felt strangely comfortable as soon as the bus started to depart. The bus was large, there are children from 3 different classes inside, although 3 classes weren’t too many because my school is a private school and there weren’t that many students like a public elementary school, but it was still a lot, enough to make the air inside the bus warm and dense. The kids’ sweat and odor in mid day didn’t bother me at all. Instead, I felt like I was about to fall asleep. Hana didn’t start a conversation. She was silent as grave. My eyes were getting heavier and heavier until I couldn’t feel like opening it up anymore.
I spent most of the time in the bus sleeping and I think Hana did too. I was awaken by the teacher’s loud voice giving instruction in a hurry. It was Bu Dining, she’s always strict in class. She spoke loudly so everyone, every single kids—which are louder—could hear her instruction properly. She told us to get off because the huge bus could not go any further. We got off the bus, and the moment I was outside, I noticed that we were arriving at the destination. There were trees everywhere my eyes have seen. Tall, triangular pine trees touching the sky, stand steadily in a tight, neat order. I was looking at several signs near where the bus was parked, but Bu Dining continued her instruction. We were told to get into a military truck with half-open roof. I thought, it was so cool. The air breeze slapped my face and I said to myself, this is gonna be a really fun trip.
Actually I noticed something when we arrived at the destinantion; the teachers never handed out worksheets or anything like that. I thought they were just goin to let us have real fun, how nice. And then I saw the sign: GUA BELANDA.
It was a cave. Its mouth was not really small, but not big either, but for me it looked so large and and it felt like it was sucking me like a thick dark black hole. They painted its outer rock wall with white, and everything outside the cave didn’t seem too important, well, except the greenies. I imagined the inside of the cave must be so huge, because it was really really dark. Then my teacher started to put us in small groups because apparently the cave has narrow parts where we could only walk one by one in a line. Also, the small group is to minimize the chance of someone getting lost, because we would remember those few people behind and in front of us. I was separated with Hana. I recall one of my friends—I forgot who was it—talked to me, saying that she was scared, terrified even. Well, I was still, at that ime, very excited, so curious. My blood boiled with adrenaline even though it indeed looked so dark and creepy like it was ready to swallow me whole. I’ve seen many haunted empty houses as a kid, I just know that this cave was not any different, maybe worse. So the instructor, a slender middle aged man, gave each groups two flashlights with the same size and color. He also warned us to make sure the batteries were still working, because we wouldn’t like it if the batteries die inside the cave.
The next thing I knew I was already inside the throat of the cave. I didn’t remember who were the kids in my group. The one in the front were holding one of the flashlights, the other one was held by the last person in the back, and I was in the middle. The limited lights weren’t really reaching me well. I can only see the back of the person in front of me and the walls on my right and left side poorly. The walls looked like it was made with rocks and covered with cement, with water stains that looked like random faces, old but steady. The instructor was talking about something—probably warning us not to trip, fall over, or get separated and get lost, or about some history behind the cave.—while I was occupied with something else. I knew that this place must have a long unpleasant history behind it. It was the place where so many people got killed, starved, tortured, or left to death. He probably told us to hold hands and never let go of it so we would always stick together. It’s easy to lost someone in the dark, or get an extra person instead—We turned to a corner. There was a small cell, with rusty bars. A man, more of just a skeleton, was sitting behind those bars, staring with his empty eye sockets right through me in a silent air. I was visualizing.
Suddenly I got so scared to look anywhere else than the back of the next person. But then that back dissapeared. Suddenly the cave was crowded, so many people behind and in front of me. It was getting hot and hard to breathe because of the people breathing in the same narrow space, then it got so noisy with I didn’t know what kind of voices. Like grey ants on a TV screen. Like women chattering in a market. Like impatient car horns in a traffic jam. Noisy. Then it stopped. Everything stopped. But I was alone. In the dark. I lost my friends and my teachers and the instructor and my flashlight and alone. I was seeing things. I continued to drag my legs to move forward and my friends were there again. It got silent again, just the sound of our feet touching the dirt echoing in the dark. Then my feet were stuck. I stepped on something softer than dirt. It felt damp and tender. It also kinda felt like mud, but thicker and denser, and squishy. I have felt a similiar feeling when stepping on my brother’s arm because he was laying on th ground when I was practicing scout marching at home. My hands slipped. The holding hands broke. And then the person behind me grabbed my hand back in a hurry. I continued walking, frantically. I wanted to see what I stepped on to so bad. But somehing told me I really shouldn’t. So I didn’t. And I’m glad I didn’t. No I wasn’t hallucinating.
I don’t quite remember what happened after that. I went to Gua Jepang, but nothing really interesting happened there. It was so weird. And I’m sure I wasn’t hallucinating. Or I was, but not the squishy thing I stepped on. I just know it from the pit of my stomach. I came home after that, didn’t really remember how I got home. But I do remember I never have checked the bottom of my shoes, ever. I never know, don’t want to know. I was seeing things for the next days, everyday, like faces on the walls, things in the dark, things I might have made them myself. I asked my mother what was the purpose in going to that place. She said it was to learn about history.

Illustration retrieved from : The Evil Wiki

A Story about Us

Synthiati Daniati

That morning, as the sun shone brightly behind beautiful clouds and cold winds blew as if it could make me forgot my problems in an instant. The atmosphere made me remember the story a few years ago, about a story my friend had. The story of someone who turned out to be her best friend she missed the most. A simple stories that she remembers.

The stories

It all started when he and I were in a house and I listened to all the problems he was going through. I still remember when he first invited me to go to a place he kept secret, the place that said could bring me peaceful and happiness. At that time he had a problem that I did not know clearly and I also had a problem too, but my problems mostly was only with my homework. He took me to an area like a hill, towards the tree house he said. At that time I was thinking of a house in a tree, just like the one in the ‘Heart’ series that I often watched when I was kid, but the reality turned out to be different from my expectations. What I saw was a wooden house that looked like a house on stilts, complete with a wooden stairs. It turns out he called it a tree house because of the height and its location around the trees. We just sat in the wooden stairs’ house. He said that if we wanted to enter the house, we had to have told the area guards there and had to pay. Because at that time our pocket money not much and was used up on snacks during the school breaks, so we just sat on the stairs.

At that time, we just kept quiet for a long time. I remember when I was in silent, my mind was thinking about why this tree house was so different from my mind and I still did not want to accept that fact. But the longer I thought about it, the more I looked at the scenery in front of me and realized that the scenery there was beautiful. The trees blown by the wind seemed to dance beautifully, the chirping of birds that made me felt peaceful, and the cool blue sky was seen. It could be seen also a group of people who made hammocks among the trees on the other end, they were seen enjoying the gathering time, was joking with each other, was humming with the strains of the guitar, and some were sleeping. In another corner, I saw a clear river, and it looked even more beautiful when the sunlight penetrated the leaves and produced light in the water.

My gaze returned to my friend that was beside me and then he left to sit by the window of the house. At that time we were pretty familiar in class, because he often borrowed my stationeries. In that moment what I remember he was suddenly telling me his problems. Problems about homework that never ended -because he did not do it-, problems with his friends, and problems about himself. One of them was about his friendship; and that time I just found out that he was not happy to be in the environment of his friends. He said that he felt exilated, he felt unappreciated, especially when he was bullied by his friend. Apparently he felt depressed when was together with his environment, even though it was a new environment, and that was why he invited me to this place.

At that time I never thought it had ever been in experienced by him. During this time I saw him as someone who was in a happy environment because he was seen always with his friends and gathering as if there was nothing wrong he was experiencing. After he told the problems, he immediately suggested me to leave the tree house because it was getting dark. Since then, we become a close friend. Every time he invited me back to the tree house, he told me again about his problem the time I only listened to him without giving a solution because at that time I did not really understand all the problems he was going through. Since then too, it seemed that my views on people had begun to differ. The problems he told me often made me paid attention to other people, about how they behaved, their expressions while talking, and the behaviour they pointed out. My views on my friends were different, because I began to realize that there were some of them who acted like they seemed to care but the truth was not like that.

The tree house seemed to be our place to tell about problems, not frequently I also shared my little problems, most of which were about my pets. Although the story that I have just looked like a joke that I made to cheer him up, but I also became happy because I could entertain him. I did not knew what will happen if I was in his position with all problems that happened to him. The told stories’ routine also seemed to be a weekly activities that I was always waiting for. Telling stories on the stairs’ house -until then I was no longer curious about inside of the house because I had peeked through a wooden hole, and there was nothing- after school and came home when the sky was getting dark. At that time I also often waited for the sky to turn orange, and the sunlight penetrated through the leaves that began to fall out, and the wind that was always cool without pollution. From then on, not frequently we at school became more often in telling stories together, and became often doing homework together in the tree house.

But a few months after that closeness, I became unfamiliar with him. Due to our class now was different, and because my best friend liked him. I did not knew when exactly my best friend started to like him, which clearly I knew because I started to pay attention to my closest friends more often. From that moment on I began to keep distance from him. At that time what I was thinking that I did not want my friendship to disappear because my best friend liked the boy who was my new best friend. But that made me realize that I did not pay attention to him because I thought he could get past everything just fine by himself.

Several times he invited me to told stories at the tree house, but often I refused with reasons that were not reasonable -like I was suddenly sleepy-. At the same time, when he began to accept about my attitude that kept distance from him, I began to feel that I was missing one of the routines that I always waited for. When I began to feel bored, started to feel tired of the activities, I returned to remember the tree house which is now beautiful in my memory. It felt like I miss hearing the birds chirping that feels nice there, even though there was the sound of birds chirping near the school, but it felt very different. Maybe one of them, I missed the stories he had. My relationship with him was no longer close although that was my desire. But I felt a little sorry, I, who at that time could not came to the tree house again because the distance was quite far on the hill and there were no public vehicles that passed that place, especially I was too afraid to come alone. If I met him, we just say hello or even asked about teacher. It felt difficult to get back to be close again as once it was, and now those memories were just the simple memories that felt beautiful for me, and I felt like I can still felt the atmosphere when I was in the tree house like the first time I came. The atmosphere that felt difficult to be repeated again, especially the atmosphere of the stories that I still missed sometimes.

Photo by: Synthiati Daniati

Haunted by Myth : A Memoir

Rahmawati Lotayu Khasana180410150017

When I was in the second grade of high school a teacher of history subjects named Mr. Dwi requires every student to visit a historical site to get to know some of the historical sites in Cirebon city. The purpose of visited the site was to fulfill the final assignment of history subjects. The historical place chosen by him was Goa Sunyaragi. Previously, I actually went to the place with my close friends, but only briefly because at that time we went there in the late afternoon so we could only take pictures in some caves and at that time we did not use tour guide services so we did not know about the history of these place.

When in the class Mr. Dwi gave information that we would go to Goa Sunyaragi on Wednesday afternoon and for the next classes he asked for permission, so we were allowed or not to take classes because we would visited Goa Sunyaragi which is located quite far from our school. When on wednesday afternoon, the teachers, my friends, and I visited Sunyaragi Cave. When we arrived at the location, we had to pay an entrance ticket of IDR 10,000.00. Then the teacher gave instructions that we immediately gathered in the hall because our tour guide was waiting there. The teacher who was accompanied by two tour guides who were very knowledgeable about Goa Sunyaragi explained in detail about how Goa Sunyaragi was built, at what time it was built, and explained the functions of each building, and we had to note the information provided by the tour guide. The tour guide informed us that the hall where we gathered was a place used to practice mask dance, and until now the place is still used. The dancers who were dancing in the hall were possessed by the spirits of dancers from the magical world. The dancer’s spirit named Nyi Mas Gandasari came from Cirebon who was a beautiful dancer in her time.

The tour guide explained that Goa Sunyaragi was one of the sites of the sultans from the city of Cirebon. The site of Goa Sunyaragi area is very wide and inside there are several caves made of coral, the coral were imported from the South coast. There were not only caves, but inside there are several rooms and bale, each of which has a function in the Cirebon sultanate era. One myth that I remember when the teacher explained was that there were two doors that could connect to Mecca (west door) and China (east door). At that time, through the door, someone who passed it would immediately be at their destination, but of course they had to do some rituals first.

After the tour guide finished giving information about Goa sunyaragi, we were allowed by Mr. Dwi to tour the location of the Goa Sunyaragi. I decided to join with Rizky, Iyan, Amel, Tyas, and Ayu to looked around Goa Sunyaragi with them until we arrived in front of one cave called a Goa Peteng which was quite large , it is said that in that era this cave was used for meditation and above the cave there was a building that was fenced off, the building named a Cungkup Kunci that has a function as a place to watch Goa Sunyaragi in that era. Before reaching the door of the cave, we had to pass through a box-shaped path that could only passed by one person. On the right side of Goa Peteng there was a bale and next to the left was a large elephant stone statue. After I looked at the Goa Peteng, I asked Putri to take a picture of me standing in front of the cave while holding a stone statue whose height was not more than one meter, but after Putri took a photo Amel shouted “Ra..! you should not holdi that stone statue because there was a myth that if someone who is still single hold it, you will difficult to get a mate.” After heard her words, I felt shocked and worried but I also did not believe her words because when she talked about it she laughed and made me doubt the information she conveyed was incorrect. But at the same time, I also felt annoyed with her because she did not tell me about that prohibition before I touched the stone statue if indeed the myth was true.

However, at that time to calm myself I tried to think positively because if the stone statue was touched it could cause a someone who still single would have difficulty getting a mate, then why the stone statue was displayed and not given a warning not to be touched by someone who was single. But it is undeniable that I am still a little worried for fear that the myth will come true. After finished to explore Goa Sunyaragi, we decided to go back home. During on the way, I still thought of my friend’s words about the myth of the stone statue.

Until I arrived home I immediately sought information about the stone statue on the internet with various sources explained that the name of the stone statue was Perawan Sunti which had a meaning virgin for lifetime, and it is true that the myth of holding a stone statue would have difficulty getting a mate if anyone who still single and has held Perawan Sunti stone statue must immediately go to one of the caves called the Goa Kelanggengan in order to broke the myth for someone who already holds the Perawan Sunti stone statue. To be honest, I did not fully believe in the myth, so I did not visit the Goa Kelanggengan.

The next day, with a feeling that was still uncertain and curious, I told and asked to Mr. Dwi about what I had done yesterday in the Goa Sunyaragi. Then, he told me that the stone statue I had held yesterday was only a replica, a stone statue that was actually in a storage area or meseum. After knowing that, I felt more calmer because most likely the myth about someone holding a stone statue would be difficult to get a mate is not going to happen on me, because it does not hold the real stone statue.

However, there are several things that I can take as a lesson for this incident, it is better that before I visit this site with a glance, first I should look for information about the place and if there are things that I do not understand, I will ask to my friend or teacher to share information, regarding the history or myth that exists. Sometimes, someone makes a mistake does not because of negligence but because of lack of knowledge and insight. Based on that experience, it makes me interested to visit other historical locations in Cirebon. But, before I visited the historical location I have to find information about the story and myth, both information originating from the internet and friends who had known the historical place to avoid the same mistakes. But actually until now I still thinking about it. Will I have trouble to get a mate? Does that myth turn out to be true? I hope not!

photo by: Rahmawati Lotayu K.

Tegal is The Place Where I Want To Be: A Memoir

Muhammad Iqbal Nuruzzaman180410160033

Tegal was a location that most people don’t know about. But for me, Tegal was a place with a lot of sweet memories. The reason for the way I love it so much goes back to when I was just 9 years old in 2006 when the first time I was hunting in my hometown one day when I was just 9 years old. It was Monday morning and I was just eating my breakfast with a traditional food, that is Bubur Sumsum. The taste was great, the sweetness of the food being combine with other ingredients like coconut milk and rice flour. Overall it was great but a minute later my uncle asked me to go hunting with him, the location was at “Bojong”, it is around Tegal but it was pretty far.

Before hunting, my uncle asked me to invite other members because he thought more people made hunting much more enjoyable. Well after his suggestion without a second thought I invited my cousin and my siblings. There are roughly around 8 people including my uncle. At 6.pm we left our house. The reason why we were hunting at 6.Pm because my uncle told us that animals or even predators like tigers, eagles, owls and even snakes are nocturnal animals. Most of them come out at night because they want to avoid predators that come out at daytime or for a predator who came out at night, because at night because these animals have much better chance to hunt their prey.

We traveled for around 8 hours around the mountain such as Gunung Jati, Slamet. While we chatted with each other, for some reason my uncle told us a horror story about many things, because of it we were a little bit scared to continue our journey to the hunting area. After 3 hours of driving and when most of my friends are sleeping my mind had many questions and without a second thought, I asked my uncle about animals or creatures that were most likely found in the forest. Because of I kinda worried about our safety then after I asked him about it, his answer was ”don’t worry about it the location is divided into 3 zones and the place where we will use is a location where there are fewer predators than the other zones”. After saying that I was a little bit relieved.

But then I asked him another question and that was what kind of animal we will find at that zone “well there are many of them such as deer , snakes, rabbits, boars and also tigers”. I was surprised after he mentioned tigers in thoat sentence, he said it like it was nothing. But then he just laughed saying that he will protect us with his life if such a thing happened because in his 20 years of experience meeting such beasts are very rare. Because tigers are endangered animals and it was protected by the government. Because of that we will have a small chance to meet them, the chance of meeting them is almost zero but it doesn’t mean we will not see them. Even though my uncle and I had a long conversation my body is pretty tired after having such a long journey, without my conscious I fell asleep.

But all of a sudden the car stopped and my uncle told us to rise up from our sleep. It took quite a while for us to wake up but my cousin named Rendy and my uncle are preparing my uncle’s equipment and that was his sniper and ammunition. The gun he was using was a gift from his father when he was just 18 years old. The gun itself was made by Japan in world war 2, it was pretty old for me but my uncle took good care of it. If I remembered it correctly it was an Arisaka rifle. After preparation is complete, my uncle took us to camp where he can register for hunting. It took 15 minutes for him to finish registering after giving the payment then we are off to the forest. But without our awareness our number has increased because my uncle also invited 2 of his friends to protect us, the reason was that my uncle doesn’t want to risk us getting injured.

30 minutes later we had arrived at our destination, it was really dark and there were only 3 flashlights that we could rely on. Then my uncle and his friend prepared by loading their weapon. Now the gun had been loaded and they were ready to hunt, but first, they needed to find their prey. “There is an owl over there” after my uncle said those words he then took a stance and tried to lock his target. His friend gave us a chance to shoot the target. My uncle also gave us a chance to shoot his prey. Before we shot the target my uncle told us about the recoil of the weapon. Not all of my cousins and siblings had the chance to use it because some of them are too young to use it. Then with my uncle’s command, the three of us pulled the trigger. The recoil of the gun was hurting our shoulder, even my older cousin was crying because of it.

But my uncle asked us to quiet down because he doesn’t want us to attract any other predators. After the situation had become quiet he and his friend took the prey. I got an owl, my big cousin got a lizard or some people might call it a “Biawak” and my other cousin had a “hare”, the sensation was amazing. Capturing my first ever prey was great that I can’t even put it into words. Then my uncle asked us to take our prey and go camping because my uncle and his friend had some business to take care of. We arrived at our camp with the help of the security there.

It was 3 pm then when my uncle arrived at our camp with a huge boar on his back. “Well guys it is time to enjoy our prey, let’s cook it”. My cousin and I started to remove the bullet from the animal. My uncle and the rest of his friends took the rest of it, he told us to take a rest at the camp. Next time I knew, it was already morning and my uncle woke us up. “Hey, breakfast is ready”. We jumped in excitement because we were already hungry. But I was surprised after seeing the food. There is owl soup, Sate “Biawak” and other is fried hare. Of course, the main menu was a roast boar with peanut seasoning. Well, I asked him if it was ok to eat it, the reason was in Islam there are strict rules about eating pig or in this case boar. But my uncle just told us as long it was not giving you any type of sickness than just eat it, also he told us we don’t bring enough food from our home because most of our food was already eaten when we were at our journey to Bojong. All of my cousins were afraid to eat it but for me, it was something I found curious so without a second thought I ate it. For me it was tasty, it tasted just like a regular meat you found in cow or buffalo but it was much juicier. Well after a long adventure it was time for us to go home. for me, it was a pleasurable experience more than I could hope for. Before we went home my uncle told us to keep a secret about our experience with our parents. Especially me who he knew what type of parents I have, he knew how religious my parents were. After accepting his request, we started our way home. that was one of the best experiences I had in my entire life the thrill, sensation, fear and many more. It was something other places can’t offer that’s why Tegal holds a special place for me that I will treasure in my heart forever.

Photo By: Tegal By Warta Bahari/Bojong Tegal by Kamal Fuadi