[Article] Jatinangor Food

Dudu Abdul Halim

If you live in Jatinangor, usually you will confuse of where you are going to eat. Especially when we, students, are facing the end of the month. Here, I will give you a guide or a review about some food in Jatinangor. This article will give you information about the price, the place and the taste of the food. But, I will only included places I have gone to.

First, I will tell about some places in Hegarmanah area. I used to live in Hegarmanah for one year, but there are just two places that I will review in this area. The first one is a fried rice stall inside kost Ria Asri. I know this place because I used to live in Ria Asri, the owner of this fried rice is an old couple who also live in Ria Asri. The taste of this fried rice is based on who cook it, the old woman cooks better than her husband. But sometimes, her husband does the cook when she is not around. You need to pay Rp 12.000,00 to Rp 16.000,00 for one fried rice. Even though the price is more expensive than other fried rice, this fried rice will also give you more rice than the other. The second one is Barokah. Barokah is a Sundanese restaurant, I like this place because I am a Sundanese and it makes me feel at home whenever I eat there. I do not know exactly the price range of this place. But, everytime I eat there I have never paid more than Rp 10.000,00.

The second area I will review is Ciseke area. Ciseke is the most crowded place in Jatinangor. Especially when it comes into dinner time. There are lots of cafes or restaurants in this area. It feels like Ciseke is the central of Jatinangor for me. I will divide Ciseke area into two parts, there are Ciseke Luar and Ciseke Dalam. The first one is Ciseke Luar, most of the restaurant or cafe in Ciseke are in Ciseke Luar. There are Kedai Indra, Ayam Goreng Laos, Talijiwo, Nyamleng, Campernik, Dapua Uda, Bebek Jegeg and Ramen Ranjang. Mostly in Ciseke Luar the restaurant’s speciality are chicken with many variation of seasoning. Except, Kedai Indra offers variation of seafood as their speciality, Bebek Jegeg offers variation of duck and Ramen Ranjang offers variation ramen. The price range in these restaurant and cafe are Rp 15.000,00 to Rp 30.000,00. The second one is Ciseke Dalam, the food stalls in this area are cheaper than the one in Ciseke Luar. I do not know much about the food stall in Cisele Dalam, there are just few places I have gone to in Ciseke Dalam. There are Pujasera Ciseke, Gemboel, Tutug Oncom and Nasi Kari. The price range in there food stall are Rp 10.000,00 to Rp 20.000,00.

The third area is Sayang, in this area there is just a few food stall I will review. There will be Warung Super Sambal (SS) and Ayam Merapi that I will review from Sayang. Warung SS is also one of the most popular place to eat in Jatinangor. Even though the place is far from Jatinangor main road, many people would love to go to this place. This restaurant offers many kind of sambal and Indonesian food. The price range is Rp 15.000,00 – Rp 30.000,00. Ayam Merapi offers a spicy fried chicken, in this place people mostly order a package of Ayam Merapi at the price of Rp 15.000,00 for each package.

While those are some food stall in some area in Jatinangor, there is also some famous restaurant or cafe in Jatinangor. The most popular cafe in Jatinangor for me is Checo Cafe. In this cafe there are serving many kinds of dishes, such as Indonesian, Western and Asian dish. There is also some kind of live music here to accompany you every night. The price range in this cafe is starts from Rp 13.000,00 to Rp 40.000,00. The other popular cafe in Jatinangor that I have gone to is Ngopi Doeloe. Similar to Checo Cafe, Ngopi Doeloe also serving Indonesian, Western and Asian dishes. Although it is not as popular as Checo Cafe, the price range in this cafe is more expensive than Checo Cafe. Starts from Rp 19.000,00 to Rp 77.000,00.

In Jatinangor many kind of foods are serving from Indonesian food to Western food. Those are some food that I could describe in this article. Although many kind of food is not included in this article it does not mean that it is not good enough. There are also some good places that serve good food which is not written in this article. After all I hope this article could useful for the reader.


– My own experience in Jatinangor.



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[Article] A type of people called Weaboo

Muhammad Rizky Mulia

A type of people called Weaboo

What is weaboo? Maybe some people already know or recognize the meaning of weaboo in general. but do you know weaboo overall? So, in this article i will explain you all about weaboo.

Weaboo is a negative term directed to anyone overly obsessed with Japanese culture to the point where they become annoying. Used frequently on the image boards of 4chan.
Most weaboos are uneducated about their obsession of choice and are often noobs who are overly zealous, trying to impress others with their otaku knowledge. Another trait of a weaboo is their desire to “be Japanese”.

Weaboo is also called Wapanese. Wapanese is someone who tends to behave as if they live in Japan, even though they are not citizens of Japan and did not live in Japan; they wish they were born and live in Japan. The phrase weaboo or wapanese have something in common which expression is addressed to those who are obsessed with Japanese culture, not just limited to anime, manga or game; but more to the culture or what they consider ‘very Japanese’ or something that makes them as if they were in Japan, despite the fact they are not in Japan. Weaboo or wapanese considered ‘retarded’ or underdeveloped because they have scant regard for the culture of the nation and his own country (for the already severe level).

This is an example of a weaboo which is has so many Anime things such as action figures, Costumes, Posters, a Hug pillow with a picture of anime character (Called dakimakura), and many more.

Here are the characteristics of weaboo or wapanese that will be explained by me according to my experience and knowledges:

1. Change their name

Tends to change their name (either a nickname or name on social networking sites, forums, and so on) with the names of the nuances of Japan (usually the name of his favorite character), or if necessary complete with kanji / hiragana / katakananya; This name change was not only partially but overall. For example, suppose that the original name as ID is Mentari Indah, commonly called Ai, She was obsessed with anime / manga, then she changed her name to Ai Sora. Unless the name Aoi Sora, or Mentari ‘Sora’ Indah, at least she still include the name given by her parents. This name change they tend to be quite disturbing (especially in social networking sites like facebook) because it tends to make it difficult for other people to look for it but friends of the interest that was often with her, especially if her name is often fickle. The use of particle-chan, -kun, san, and so can be tolerated.

2. Japanese Profile Photo


Profile Photo, especially in social networking sites like facebook typically uses characters anime / manga, actor / actress Japanese, or Japanese who again cosplay, almost no original photos. If using the original photo, edited usually let me feel the nuances of the Japanese. For example, The profile photo is decorated with Japanese writing or part of the acne covered with cherry blossoms.

3. Frequently attend to Japanese culture event

Frequently attend to Japanese culture event and do cosplay (costume playing), and the costumes worn are usually associated with Japanese culture, for example the Ladies use yukata, kimono, gothic lolita, seifuku (school uniforms for Ladies), and so forth; for the Guys usually cosplay wear clothing like that worn by the personel of Japanese bands. Generally, they also participate colored hair; but also many anime characters, manga, game, or an actress / actor Japanese black hair that doesn’t need to be repainted.

4. Very obsessed to learn japanese language

Very obsessed to learn Japanese language, wished they could have stayed in Japan and is fluent in Japanese with people there. Please be aware that learning Japanese is not as easy as imagined. Even the Japanese themselves still ambiguous (because there are some Japanese vocabulary the same pronunciation but different kanji and meaning), and many Japanese people are less able to read kanji.

5. The different between Otaku And Weaboo

Weaboo or wapanese often identified with anime, manga or game; but less so in fact that statement is true, given the intensity of watching anime, reading manga, and gaming (games of Japan as Final Fantasy series or Persona series) they are more synonymous with Japanese culture, both traditional and contemporary culture. They are synonymous with anime, manga or games tend to be more appropriately called otaku, hikikomori (for who rarely leave the house), even nijikon (obsessed with anime / manga / game characters). While weaboo / wapanese generally more synonymous with J-music, drama, tokusatsu, Japanese action movies, and Japanese culture in general as Bunkasai, bon odori, matsuri, etc.

6. Hoping to be paired with Japanese male/female

Last of all, They hoping to be paired with Japanese male/female (or the appearance typical oriental, should not be limited to Japan alone but Korea, China, and also Taiwan) they think are handsome, cool, and stylish.

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This is a video that will give you more explanation about weaboo : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OFQQALduhzA

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[Article] My Confession

Rayhan Ali Muhammad

At one moment, I am tired being at home all day seeing news and not educative TV shows – doesn’t mean I always do educative things. I am tired of seeing bright screens and what is shown on it. My phone seems to be compromising with my surrounding, this cheap phone keeps lagging that I need to waste my precious ten seconds to open a single chat excluding the time that I will need to type on this unresponsive screen. Everything is wrong. I see a good news about a student who just finished her thesis at her very young age and about a man who become success in selling his fried rice, meanwhile I am sitting at home resting my unproductive legs which has not been used to run since two weeks ago. I feel guilty being at home. I need a fresh air, a fresh view. At least I need to get my arse off this house and go outside.

But at another moment, being outside is no better anyway. I am tired of breathing carbon dioxide from every car that line up in front of my motorcycle. The writing and drawing on trucks’ back is not even funny. Everyone is rushing. The weather is not friendly and so are the people. I wish I was not born and live in this dull country, maybe somewhere in Europe where people seem to be having perfect lives. Or maybe this is simply my fault for being a complainer.

One day on the way back home from campus, I stopped by a supermarket to buy some flour that my mother asked me to. My mother is a good cook and the food that she made can’t be compared to any other food out there – I would say there are many other foods out there which are tastier but the one that is mom-made is usually just different. I had to queue to get to the cashier. Then, out of the cruel world outside, there came two children around 9 to 10 years old with a sweat running down from their temples. There was something weird on their faces. They were smiling. How on earth did they produce those nerves on their face to make their cheek lifted up and produce that smile? I mean in a situation like this? They went on to the refrigerator and arguing on what ice cream should they buy.

Then I realized something. I keep complaining on everything I see. I got annoyed by everything happened and somehow those children can manage themselves to pretend not to see all this disturbance, or are those problems even exist? A child might not understand the struggle that older people have to face. Children destiny are only to have fun and accept what is happening until 5 or 6 years until they start to realize that pouring milk before cereal is a problem. People complain basically because something happened the way they do not want it to happen, in other words it is out of their expectation.

I can complain on the car designer for producing so many cars. I can complain on the people who is doing a road construction for prolonging their job. But I realized ignorance is not always bad. There are times when I need to be critical. But being critical all the time does not make me a better person, at least for myself – both mental and physical. Sometime people might get annoyed by my behavior on being critical and complaining about everything. I did not say that being critical and whining is the same thing. But I need to know when to be critical and not to be.

It is human nature that people always want more than what we already have. Even the richest person on earth would still want something despite the fact that they can buy anything he wants. The key to be thankful on what we have is to put ourselves in a grateful situation. There is always a person below us. By thinking ‘I could have wished that I had a motorcycle so I don’t have to take the bus and rush every morning, but in reality I have it’ makes me grateful for what I have. We could have wished for something we already have if we do not own it but we seldom thankful for what we already have and imagine if we do not own it.

The last person in the queue had left. The cashier smiled and asked me if I need anything else. I said no and gave another smile to her. It felt good.

Personal experience

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[Article] Star Wars: An Influence on Modern Popular Culture

Alfian Adhytia Haliim

Even though it took place in the galaxy far far away, it doesn’t stop them to make an impact on modern pop culture. Star Wars proved how could something so small make such changes on our culture. The Star Wars universe is now part of our popular culture, the reference that attached so firmly on every culture, from English-speaking countries to the non English-speaking countries. Phrases like “I sense a disturbance in the force”, “May the force be with you”, and even Yoda’s grammar have become part of our culture.

Started as a pretty low budget movie, leave alone trilogy, the studio couldn’t even afford the actors for A New Hope, instead they were promised to be paid after the movie released or get certain percentage from the money they get from the movie. That was how small Star Wars at the time it was first shown to the world. And now we get the expanded universe, from the Trilogies (original, prequel, and the planned sequel), series, novels, short stories, spin offs, and games; although not all of them considered as canon now (thanks Disney!, now I will just let the Old Republic rest in peace). Some took notice and made several parodies and *cough* porn parodies *cough*, some of them are the Spaceballs and Family Guy’s “Blue Harvest Special”. Even the fans started to make their own fan films.

This science-fiction saga has a pivotal role on making an impact on filmmaking. Star Wars stories provided us with vast numbers of beloved characters and storylines. Shifted the Hollywood itself to create characters and long-running story (even though it was not the first big trilogy) that was dramatic and filled with irony. Trilogy movies such as Indiana Jones, Back to the Future, and The matrix was inspired by Star Wars. It pushed Hollywood to make a setting that somehow feels alive, that was real and felt like it has been there for years. Also promoted the use of various technologies on film. The special effect using computer initiated imagery in films, go motion animation, the dykstraflex camera, 3D wireframe animation, and Reyes 3D rendering algorithm are some of them. On the characters part, it turned the use of female character as “damsel in distress” into badass female lead who can defend herself and achieve her own goals, like Leia, and inspired some iconic characters in the future like Ellen Ripley (Alien franchise) and Sarah Connor (Terminator Franchise). Other characters are also made with unique personality, look at R2-D2, it stole the show by beeping and clicking. The beeping shows deep emotion for Luke, as his owner, and its droid counterpart C3PO. And before there was “I Am Groot”, they have Chewbacca. The beloved walking-carpet only speak through his inaudible grunts and growls. It inspired some movies with a part of the movies with no dialogue but very touching as you can see on Wall-E and the first 5 minutes of UP. These are some of the impacts Star Wars had made on film making.

The impacts it made on the communities was the fans themselves. The Star Wars fans keep growing larger and now they targeted younger generation to know about it (like The Force Awakens not obvious enough). separated to various communities and some become popular, the 501st legion: Vader’s Fist, the Manda’galaar, and from Indonesia there is Order 66, these communities are some of the popular one.

The 501st legion established in 1997 as an organization that create a screen-accurate costumes. On the early years they started only with the white stormtrooper costumes, as they grew larger, the costumes now vary from the canon-wise troopers variation, bounty hunters, and the saber-users, Jedi and Sith alike. January 1st 2007 was a memorable day for the legion, 200s members marched on The Tournament of Roses Parade in Pasadena, California. What made it so special was that George Lucas himself joined the march as the Grand Marshall which led to unofficial partnership between the legion and Lucasfilm. The Manda’galaar is smaller because they only focus on mandalorian bounty hunters costume. Most of the members use their own self-designed costumes and there are some who use the costume from the movies and series. The unique thing about them is, upon joining, the member will be given a mandalorian name. Order 66 S.I.T.H (StarWars Indonesian Troopers Homebase), on the other hand, is not a costume-making-based-organization, its more like if you like Star Wars we have a community to discuss some Star Wars stuff with you. But the organization have more activity from the others, while some (same as the others) make some costumes, some make properties (from droids to blaster pistols), and there are some who trains on saber-fighting skill.

Outside the communities, people can still meet-up with other Star Wars fans. The annual event, almost everywhere, is held on May 4th, or the Star Wars Day, with tagline “May the fourth be with you”. All the fans, the communities, and fan-base organization, gather together on this day of celebration to show how much the galaxy far far away means to them. This event usually took place somewhere crowded, so that people in general could also see and enjoy it. The event provides lots of things to do or look at. There will always be attraction, from a simple march, a dramatic play, intense saber-fight, and usually there will be music at the end at the show with a DJ stormtrooper and people, with their costumes on, dancing to the music. There are also games to play from cards to next-gen console using VR (Virtual Reality) device. The fan-base will use the event as a media to show off their new costumes, to sell merchandise, and to look for new members. There is also some toys stores that open their booth there to sell all kinds of toys and merchandise, ranging from t-shirt to really big action figures. The saber-fighter will look for new members and sell some of their self-made lightsabers to ones that are premium quality replica lightsabers.

And from all this cultural impact, there is also this. The movies was so inspiring that some people started an actual religion with the same concept as the Jedi Order and its Jedi characters. On 2001, the United Kingdom census, showed that there are around 390.000 people stated that they entered their religion as Jedi, making it the 4th biggest religion. The religion itself called Jediism, with the followers follow the moral and spiritual codes as the Jedi demonstrated in the movie. Their teachings based on the Jedi Code consisting of 21 maxims, which follows the “16 teachings” of the fictional Jedi.

Aside from all that Star Wars has inspired the advance of technology. Some of them are a bionic hands that can be used by the amputees, a “Death Star” a bug-zapper that use laser to shoot down mosquitoes in a flight to prevent malaria, and some weapons and robots from Star Wars are on their way to be seen and used in real life, a powerful handheld laser that looks like a lightsaber made by a Hong Kong company, a walking robot that resembles the AT-AT, and USA made a draft plans of armor that looks like stormtroopers’.

The Star Wars saga is more than a movie. It helped the advances of technology, entertainment, and culture. A cultural phenomenon, a legacy that other franchise could not even match. In its 30s years existence has made it into a cultural entity unlike any other. If all the things, that was made or inspired by it, get us to the future as we saw on the galaxy far far away, may the force be with it.











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[Article] Marvel’s Hawkeye Seen from The Perspective of a Comic Noob

Kintan Siera Anggita Putri

I’m not that much of a comic geek. I mean, there is even a point of my life where I can’t distinguish the differences between Marvel and DC, which superheroes belong to Marvel and which ones belong to DC. However, as time goes by, I meet many interesting fictional characters from various comics that become my favorite. One of them is Marvel’s Hawkeye.

My discovery of Hawkeye is quite cheesy, though. No, I’m not a special snowflake who noticed him long long before millions of people in this planet watch The Avengers movie back in 2012. Actually, I began to notice him because of my fondness to the actor who portrayed him in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Jeremy Renner, who, by the way, is an amazing actor. His portrayal of Hawkeye is convincing enough to pique my interest, urging me to dig deeper on who Hawkeye really is as a fictional character.

So, who the hell is Hawkeye? Considering not everyone know, care, or obliged to care about the Marvel Universe, let alone Hawkeye, please allow me to introduce him from the very basic in order to, hopefully, enlighten the readers of this piece of writings. Basically, he is a fictional superhero created by one of the biggest comic publishers, Marvel. His real name is Clint Barton. He uses Hawkeye as his pseudonym, persona, code name, stage name, or whatever in the world of crime-fighting superheroes. He is also a former agent and one of the members of the renowned fictional superhero club called the Avengers. His first appearance is in Stan Lee’s Tales of Suspense #57 back in September 1964. He then joined the Avengers in 1965. According to Marvel, he is the earth’s mightiest marksman, often utilizing his tactical, hand-to-hand combat, and outstanding archery skill in order to defeat his enemies.


Sadly, he is a very underrated character. Honestly, Hawkeye is not the kind of name that crosses people’s minds whenever you mention the word superhero. People are more familiar with household names such as Superman, Iron Man, Batman, Wonder Woman, Spider-Man, and Hulk. You barely see Hawkeye in the Avenger movies. In the comic world, he’s only ranked at #44 on IGN’s Top 100 Comic Book Heroes list. In Indonesia especially, it is very hard to find a Hawkeye action figure, which is a shame. Compared to others, Hawkeye doesn’t have the most outstanding presence in the Marvel universe. However, actually there are aspects of Hawkeye or Clint Barton that makes him such a compelling, non-two-dimensional character that people should love more.

The first one is his sense of humor. It’s always a pleasure watching his scenes or reading his comic series, because he is hilarious and highly sarcastic. In the cinematic universe, Hawkeye often produces witty one-liners and dialogues. In the comic universe, he’s even funnier. Even in grave situations, Hawkeye never forget to crack some jokes while still being highly focused. He also frequently pulls pranks on his friends, team members, and even his enemies. Such character traits are what distinguish him from other superheroes.


Hawkeye doesn’t become a hero for nothing, albeit a reluctant one. He cares a lot about people and other living creatures around him. He does not think twice in saving his neighbors or even mere strangers. In the movie The Avengers, his first and main concern after being hypnotized was the amount of people he has killed under Loki’s spell. That guilt dwelled on him for a long time. He’s also an animal lover, dogs, particularly. He basically wants to pet every single dog he encounters, which adds some extra points for his adorableness. He is even willing to beat anyone who ever hurt dogs just like in Hawkeye Vol. 4 #1.

Beneath his hotheaded, arrogant, devil-may-care attitude, Barton also often displays his insecurity. He often refers himself as “the normal guy” in The Avengers team. Hawkeye, along with Black Widow, is the most “human” avengers on the club. He’s not a god like fellow team member, Thor, for example. He doesn’t own a superpower acquired from some space rocks, gamma radiations or special serums. He’s not rich enough to build an iron suit or other fancy technologies. He’s just a normal human, acquiring his superpower “only” by rigorous training and years of experience.


On top of that, due to an injury, Clint Barton lost 80 percent of his hearing and has to rely on hearing aids and his ability to read people’s lips, making him one of the very few characters with disabilities portrayed in comics. In the comic, word balloons which indicate dialogues are often left empty to depict the world from Hawkeye’s perspective, the silence that he experienced. The comic artists also often incorporate the use of American Sign Language in the Hawkeye comics, which is very interesting to me.


Amidst all of those, the superhero title belongs to him. He belongs to the Avengers. This is my favorite thing about him. His limitations do not hold him back from being a hero. It is the ordinary, humane qualities of him that make him special. It inspires a lot of people, including me. Sometimes, you don’t have to be born as a superhero in order to be one. Sometimes all you need is a huge amount of tenacity. Sometimes all you need is a set of bow and arrow. Clint Barton has proved that.


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