Achtung: Submission Schedule

As we have discussed in class (and as I have posted here), you have three main individual and one group assignments to be completed in order to make my life easier  meet the requirement for this class. The following are important dates to note for assignment deadlines:

  1. First assignment (writing with a prompt): April 17, 2016. Submission instruction is here. And if you share your work somewhere else, please provide the link here
  2. Second assignment (non-fiction): May 22, 2016. Instruction is available here. If you need some references on the example of the writing, you may check this link.
  3. Third assignment (fiction or non-fiction with the general theme “My Generation”): June 10, 2016.
  4. Group assignment (mock-zine): June 19, 2016

#ScribereUnpad 2015 Creative Project

Update (27 July 2015).

Thank you for those who have shown interest in supporting this Creative Project. So far we have submission for most positions, but we are still waiting for you! We’re still in search for more stories about Jatinangor (in any kind of genre), more music/lyrics/poems about Jatinangor, more people to collaborate, and of course, more fun.

The form will stay open till next week.

However, we also need to get started. Here’s our schedule:

Can we meet most of you on 30th of July? Or if you’re still not in Jatinangor, be sure to keep an eye on this blog/our tweet timeline/LINE pimp post.

Creative Development Team will need to start first, preferably on the first week of August. We are hoping to arrange meetings (in campus or virtual through social media platforms) that enable the team to compose, arrange, and write stories. Those who have sign up for creative team will be contacted by us.

– Meanwhile, a week after Creative Development Team begins, we are going to have plot and create shooting plan. The Technical Production Team is expected to be ready by then. In the mean time, the team is going to plan the production and make sure everything will run smooth during shooting days.

You can also tag another anak Inggris to come to the meeting(s); we welcome any active students of Prodi Inggris. Stay in touch, we’ll keep you updated. Thank you, and let’s do this!



You. Yes, you. You are all invited to participate in #ScribereUnpad 2015 Creative Project.

This project is  a collaborative work involving active students of Prodi Sastra Inggris Universitas Padjadjaran who have taken Creative Writing class at least once in their life (or those who will be). Our theme this year is Everything Jatinangor.

The outcome of this project will be in form of a short collaborative film, to be screened at Gates 2015, as a warm welcome (and warning, haha) for the new members of our Prodi.


For practival purposes, we decided to divide the work flow into two teams. Interested individual should pick his/her part in either team–and since this is a collaborative project, we want to make sure everyone has his/her own designated role.

Creative Development Team: This team will be responsible for writing, compiling, and sorting stories about Jatinangor submitted by fellow team members during their Creative Writing classes. This team will also involved in drafting elaborate plans for dramatization of the stories. Any interested individual is encouraged to use his/her old Creative Writing assignments, or his/her new ideas/dramatization. (For example: content and story writer, story compiler, proof-reader, story editor, content editor, grammar nazi, and many other possibilities).


Technical Production Team: This team will be responsible for producing stories and performance support. Due to the complexities of this team’s work, we encourage interested individual to specify their interest. (For example: filming crew, communicator, film camera work, photographer, location shoot logistic, audio recording person, device(s)/instrument(s) supplier, film talent and musicians for dramatization, performing artist, studio mixing engineer, film editor, photo editor, graphic designer, graphic animator, and many other possibilities).


Please fill in the form below before 27 July 2015, or you can fill it online. You can comment on this page if there’s any lingering question or contact us (Rima and/or Erika). Even a small part of your contribution is appreciated bangets. Happy Holiday! We’ll see you soon. Thank you.

Midterm submission is here

As for schedule, we have talked about it in class and here’s your early general reminder. Deadline for blog-posting your complete final assignment (both your story and dramatization) is 24 April 2015, 23.59. Final writing guideline and assignment submission are available on the Guidelines page. Also, you may also want to consult the Grade Rubric page on how your work will be graded. Comments on your classmates’ works should be submitted on 25 April-1 May 2015.

If you have question about  grading, you can comment on this post. We’ll get to it as soon as possible.

It’s Raining Cats and Dogs and Ideas

Welcome to another semester of creative flow.

We’re pleased to have you all this semester and equally excited to be surprised by your ideas. This year is also the first time your works will be selected and published on this new outlet, for the world to see. If Taylor Swift can get rich and famous by going public, so can you. There will be some updates and additions from the previous year because a donkey needs to learn to not fall into the same pit twice.

To #FutureWriters, write away.

Comment Week

Ahead schedule, tagging and housekeeping is done. Still, there’s a possibility that we mis-linked your dramatization, or mis-tagged your post. So check your post first, make sure it’s all properly linked and tagged; inform us here in this post if there’s something wrong with your post so we can fix it asap.


To complete your final assignment, we are holding a Comment Week again.

(copy pasta-ed from midterm comment week post, because same rules). Here’s some important pointers for comment week.

Starting from Sunday, 22 June all the way to to Friday, 27 June 2014, you are required to drop comments on your friends’ works. Each of you should drop 3 (three) comments on 3 (three) works under the tag #finals. (You are allowed to post more than 3 comments, but we will only grade 3 of your comments; so make sure every comment is within rules. We have the rights to decide which ones we will grade.)

You can comment on the work of your classmate, of your friend from another class, or of other classmate you’ve never met before. You can read several other works before choosing the ones that tickle your fancy. You can even comment here on the blog and on where their dramatization links are located.

You can use these tags as your starting point.

#kelas A | #kelas B | #kelas C | #kelas D | #kelas E | #kelas F | #kelas G
#short prose | #poem | #radio drama | #film script | #song lyrics

As usual, just like our weekly post, your comment should be within range of 100-150 words. Don’t forget to include your NPM/Class; your comments count as additional points for your finals score.

Please include your thoughts/arguments/praises/critiques on how the story works or how the story appeals to you. We also encourage discussions in the comments’ thread. The writer could certainly respond to the commenter’s opinion and vice versa.

Just keep your wording polite and language clear to avoid misunderstanding. Also, keep the discussion about the work presented–avoid small talks and empty praises, please. We’re all here to read your story and discuss how story works in creative writing framework.


Grading will begin on Monday. We’re going to slowly go through your stories while waiting for the comment period to end. :)

Also. We plan to have a kind of celebration to end our epic journey of writing creatively with a bang. The details are still in the work, but don’t be a stranger and check back this blog at the end of the month. :)


For now, go enjoy your friends’ stories. Drop those comments. Have a nice week and we’ll see you later. Thank you.