Flash Fiction: A Day in the Life

Muhammad Aulia Rachman

A Day in the Life

Muhammad Aulia Rachman – 180410160007

Entry 1

It is been five years since I first worked and lived here as a street cleaner. Sure the place had its changes over the years and I cannot believe that what I am seeing today remains indifferent than when I saw it five years ago. An old man like me should stay at home and taking care of my grandchildren, says the students I have met, but here I am, keeping the streets clean no matter how much trash those students threw in front of me or to the “nearest” trash bin available. I am known as Babeh to them, probably because my long beard. With old earphone and a very outdated phone on my hands, I carry on cleaning the streets as those students threw their trash either in front of me or on the nearest trash bin, although saying “nearest” is way too far beyond reality. Being old not so bad, some of the students fed me with a simple lunch or dinner and I have not to worry about anything else besides me and my portion of the street that I needed to clean.

I feel, as the years gone by, my strength left my body without any warning and it is getting hard for me to write or find the urge to write, as for someone who suffered muteness quite a while ago. I found that by writing, is the only way I could ever speak my thoughts about anything in this world, anything that irritates, annoys, or even triggers me. I might be old, but the news, be it fake or not, is something that I found… exhilarating to read, as people are misled by lies and persuasive way of thinking to think that one side is right and one side is wrong – fanatically.

Well, I always think that people would overlook me and think that I am a weird old man because I speak with writing. Maybe they spend too much time reading a Japanese comic with a female protagonist named Komi-san. It has been a mental conflict for me to write or not to write, as if this activity is weird and considered as one of the unusual happenings around post-modern communities and millennials. Although diary is beyond outdated, I find peace in writing it – in a place where technology is far more superior and far more convenient.

In times when men stalk their brethren like beasts and societal problem have become a personal matter, and people who watch a lot of news considered themselves as “politically” correct, I am still here wondering if this could get any worse, if this even lead us back to the way when common sense is still lacking, and when people comment on a matter you know best, it counts as an attack to you and the followers of your belief. Ah, I might talk too much about societal problems here, but what can a mute man do besides writing while others conveniently use their voices and mouths to blatantly spread lies?

Maybe, that is why things were indifferent. Different year, same old habits. And people have the urge to keep it that way. Somehow.

Word count: 546 words

Flash Fiction: The Limp

Yoshimi Yamada180410160023

Marcus walked by dragging his right leg. Every time he moves his left leg, at the next second the sound of the friction of his right leg’s shoe will make anyone’s ears become deaf. Many people don’t like him because of his condition. Once, a pedestrian spat in front of him while cursed him out "What the fuck is this?! Get the fuck out of here!" But he ignored it. Hearing verbal abuse neither does make his heart sad nor does make him angry.

Since he was childhood, he has been reminded by her mother to always bring pleasure to others. "Please remember that wherever you go, you always have to try to make other people happy". But it had different story after he was losing his right leg because of his motorcycle accident when he rides it from Jakarta to Bogor. But he don’t blame the accident. “I think, my leg should be like this. " he said.

I felt sorry for him for the first time I met. "Sometimes life with complete legs can be so hard moreover life with one leg like that" I thought to myself.

But he was neither typical of men who like to whine nor typical of men who need pity. You could say, he was quite skilled in terms of accepting anything gratefully. Until one day everything changed, when another diffable man came and called out to him "Hey, limp! Can you lift your legs so that my ears aren’t deaf?" He was stunned and angry. "The fuck! Even I’ve been cursed by a man who is same with me. Damn". Since that incident, he was no longer feels guilty if his right foot made a noise when he was walking. In fact, he often walked back and forth consciously just to make other people restless because of the noise of his friction. Without realizing it, he more enjoys of his behavior. "It’s fun!" He laughed to himself". If you can’t make other people happy, I suggest that you better make them feel annoyed" he said to me.

A few months ago, a miracle happened to his leg. Suddenly when he woke up from his sleep, his right leg was back to its original. He was surprised and very happy. "Oh, God! How great is your power, you have listened to my prayer".

He jumped here and there, he was very happy with his legs. "How nice to be normal again" he said repeatedly to me. He often forgot to rest his legs. "No! I don’t wanna sit! Life is too short if I just sitting around. You have to entrust your life to your legs, not to your bottom". He was very happy and he didn’t want to shut up. He always want to move here and there, without stopping, without feeling tired.

But in the afternoon, suddenly he complained. I don’t know what the God’s plan. He told me that he would prefer if his leg were limping like it used to. Now, after his leg was back to normal, his life became very boring. People no longer cursed him, he felt ignored and didn’t exist. So he decided to be limp again. He hit his right leg with a hammer until he was paralyzed and returned to be limp.

Word count: 550

Credit: https://www.islampos.com/kaki-pincang-semangat-berjuang-37932/

Flash Fiction: Damned If You Do, Damned If You Don’t

Alya Harefa Rezki


Damned If I Do, Damned If I Don’t

Alya Harefa Rezki


I am Quinlynn, my hobby is to complain about my life that always does not seems right because it is always against my will. Whatever I do, in the end things will turn out to be a bad outcome. So, I assume life just really hates me. I always have the thought I should stop thinking about all these useless things and just focus on my study, because appearently I just entered high school and I am a freshman. And I already have made a promise to myself I will not expect anything fun that is going to happen in my high school years. I will just study diligently and maybe my hobby will be changed to Quinlynn who likes to study. Anyway, It has been a week since the school started and it already sucks. It is because I still got no friends and people are already teamed up with each other, I guess I am going to be a loser throughout this semester. But then, as I am thinking about being a loser and will never have friends, I bump into someone that looked familiar in the Hallway. I really think that I am just hallucinating and it is because I have been stressing a lot about life, it feels like it is my daily routine to think negatively about my life.

“Quinlynn?”, said the latter, I get confused because this face really looks very familiar to me but I can not really remember him. “It’s me, Brandon, your childhood friend who used to piggyback you!”, he said again because I stayed silent ,but then something clicked in my head, “Brandon? A guy who used to smell and lick his own toes? I can’t believe my own eyes you’re right infront of me!”. He looked at me like I grew a pair of head, but I do not really care. “I’m pretty sure all of the students in this school can hear your voice pretty well.” “Well, thank you”. Ever since that, I am constantly hanging out with Brandon whether in the school or casually just eating together with him. Then I tell him about all my problems because I am comfortable enough to talk about my concerns. He suddenly grab my hands and said something cringey like ‘I’m going to replace all of those bad things with me besides you as your boyfriend, trust me you will get happier if there is me around you’. That is something a seven year-old would tell but regardless I still said yes. As time goes by, I do feel happy with him and start to forget my concerns and problems but on one of our dates, he accidentally dropped his wallet and I grabbed it and looked into his wallet. Something actually makes me want to throw up, “You’re Mr. Johnson’s son?” “Yes?” “Then it’s over for us. You’re one my relatives. Oh my God”

She thought, she will be happy with Brandon as her boyfriend, but then she found out that Brandon is her blood-related relative which is why they can not date. In the end, when Quinlynn thinks she will get her own happy ending and get out of the curse of ‘Damned If I Do, Damned If I Don’t”. It is actually happen over and over again.

Word count: 550 words

Sumber Ilustrasi: https://medium.com/rta902/damned-if-you-do-damned-if-you-dont-1bba2531eb2c

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Flash Fiction: Mikan

Nurul Putri Mariah


There is a quite cute orange tabby cat in my neighborhood. With its mom and two other kittens. Sometimes the mom stops by at my house and begging for food to us. Our helper, Sofia, often give her foods. At a particular time, the mom brings all of her babies to my house. As usual, she meowing begging for food in front of my terrace door. I can see the 3 kittens. The mom doesn’t really care about her kids. In that day, after she eats, she just left her babies in my house. Very irresponsible act, even for cat. Before my mom trained the kittens, they poop and pee everywhere! What a mess. Such a duty to take care of them together.

The white kittens are so shy and always avoiding my family. The grey one acts so defensive and sometimes attacking Sofia when she feeds them. But the orange one was different. He has beautiful blue eyes. He’s the louder one. He’s the clingy one. He meows so loud every time he sees us, whether it’s asking for food, asking to go inside our house or even just to pet him. We started to like him and named him Mikan because his fur color are just like an orange.

There’s a time when all the loud noise suddenly missing. It’s gone, just like that, flew by the wind. I start to search for the kittens, we found the grey and the white while they were feed by our neighbor in her terrace. But we cannot find the loud orange cat. I searched for him for days. Day and night. I search for him everywhere I could think of. Me and my brother walking and walking till we sweat so much. We walk to the other block. We search in the tunnel near our house. But we get nothing.

In one afternoon, I see a car pass by in front of my house but the car shaking as it passes through a big obstacle. I’m curious, then I go outside checking the road to see what’s happening. OH MY GOD! It’s an orange kitten just like Mikan. Hit by that goddamn car! I’m so mad and broken. I can see blood coming through his mouth, ear and eyes and the blood covering most part of his body. Its break my heart so much. He such a cute little creature and he don’t deserve this. Tears won’t stop falling from my cheeks. I wish I could meet him one more time.

It’s a sunny day when I walk home from school. I’m hearing a kitten voice from the tunnel near my house, I’m following the sound and see a kitten, its just as black as a coal and full of dirt, but I think I recognize the sound, even though its a bit raspy, seems like its been used to meowing so loud asking for help but nobody noticed. He looks really awful. Fall to the tunnel, haven’t eaten, haven’t drink and struggling alone. Without further thinking I brought him to my house to clean him from the dirt. Turns out what I was thinking is true. It is Mikan with his loud voice and blue eyes! Lucky him, still have 8 other chances.

Word count: 547

Photo Credit. https://www.restedface.com/1459-orange-tabby-cat-with-blue-eyes/ . Accessed on 28 November 2018

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Flash Fiction: To the Dragon’s Cave

Name: Mochammad Rizal AlfaritziNPM: 180410160017

Once upon a time, in the kingdom called Calestia, there live an orphaned boy named Rhaegal. His mother died while she was giving a birth to the boy. Rhaegal lived southern village of Calestia called Althea. There are two kinds of race exist in Althea and had their own special ability. Elves are famous with its crafts such as bows, arrows, and poisons, they used to add deadly poisons to the arrows and able to archery with some acrobatic movements. On the other hand, humans could craft deadly swords that able to cut a body just in one swing and it’s called shield-breaker sword. It is a great sword with heavy weight, so it must be swing with two-handed and it is 180 cm long. Despite they have their own special abilities, they live together in warmth and peace.

Erwin is his uncle, he is the person in charge to take care Rhaegal. His strict rules were made-up Rhaegal to be a young deadly assassin. In his third year of age, he could easily wield a shield-breaker sword and his accuracy of archery was amazed his uncle. He could shoot on the red-dot target without any miss. His skill of archery and swinging a word made his uncle wants to treat him in special way. Rhaegal did everything that his uncle taught for one reason, he wants to know his father that had been lost for years in a place called Death Valley. People were believing that his father has been died and swallowed by a gigantic dragon that lives in there.

The dragon was attacked the kingdom many years ago, it disappeared all the sudden after attacking the kingdom. Calestia was damaged badly and there were hundred people died in that tragedy. His father went to the dragon nest that beliefs located in the Death Valley, after that he disappeared, and no one bravely check his condition to there. All that story he got from Erwin, his uncle also believes that Viserion, Rhaegal’s father had died in that time. As he reaches his twentieth of age, he secretly goes out to find his father. In addition to that he recruited some of his friends and told them it will be a great adventure because we are the first people that exploring the Death Valley.

The adventurers arrived in the Death Valley, in front of the gate they did not found nothing suspicious. They decided to continue exploring the valley, in the middle of the exploration, the army of undead was coming from the ground. They fought with their special ability, Rhaegal was swinging his sword through the head of the undead army, Teresia could burned and froze them with her magic wand, Kane slaughtered them with his double-dagger weapon, and then Dexter could heal injured member and using his wand to electrocute the enemies. The adventurers had done with them without using much power. Then they continued their adventure until they found a big-hole cave. The roar of the dragon was a sign of greetings for them.

Were they able to fight the dragon and find Rhaegal’s father?

Word Count: 519

Illustration credit

althea village: https://goo.gl/images/HEsf3q
the army of undead: https://goo.gl/images/AhyPHq
dragon’s cave: https://goo.gl/images/QdnjHw