[Review] Drama The Producers: Wish to be a Producer?

Nahari Nurul Fitriani

English Title: The Producers

Korean Title: 프로듀사(Peurodyusa)

Episodes: 12

Network: KBS 2

Writer: Park Ji Eun

Director: Seo Soo Min and Pyo Min Soo

Language: Korean

Country: South Korean

The Producers is one of the Korean dramas which have a romantic-comedy genre. The main story of the drama is about a newbie producer director (PD) of KBS Television channel named, Baek Seung Chan. He who is just graduated from faculty of law of Seoul National University, the first-ranked University in Korea, has no experience in conducting a Korean variety show, but is challenged to be placed in the low-rating variety show, called 1 Night 2 Days. Hence he entered the television variety show world, the things going is not as easy as he expected. Because at first he just want to follow his senior that he liked, Shin Hye Joo, who worked at the same television channel, in the same department, but different program. Baek Seung Chan is a genius guy with high level of observing, he then studied a lot about the Korean Variety world and one of his idea for the program is unexpectedly used as the format of the new “1 Night 2 Days”.

Then other story which is shot in the drama, is the life of Cindy. A bright female soloist singer, who has a promising fame and successful achievements. Cindy has a cold image, and very strict about cleanliness. However, in her inside life Cindy has no happy life and envious of the normal people life, because she has been trained since she was a child. She is accompanied everywhere by her manager. And there is a secret kept by her manager, until Cindy found that he is one of her antis. One day, he met Baek Seung Chan through an umbrella incident, and guess what happened between them?

Famous scene of the Producers

The Producers also told a life between senior PDs, Ra Joon Mo PD and Tak Ye Jin PD who are actually a childhood friend. Then since they have to become partner in their workplace, both of them are PD in KBS Broadcasting Company. They have to overcome any problems happened in their private life professionally.

Acting of promising lead actors like Kim Soo-hyun, Cha Tae Hyun, and actress Gong Hyo Jin is very influence the emotion of this drama. And also the rising singer actress, IU. However, some of the Korean Netizens speculated on IU’s acting on the drama is very bad because she doesn’t suit the sexy images at all. As she already being known for her innocent-babyish looks. But, somehow when I watch the drama I do feel irritating at Cindy, as she is sometimes annoying and looks arrogant. But as the story goes, I know why Cindy behaved like that. And it can be concluded that her acting is successfully portray the selfish Cindy. Kim Soo-hyun who played a role as Baek Seung Chan is offer a marvelous acting of the genius but fool man, the guy who looks innocent but can become unexpectedly mischievous when he dislikes someone. Not surprised, through his acting of this drama he gained six awards as excellent actor and Netizen Award.

The smart, has a i-am-busy-and-tired looks, clumsy, but is kind hearted is also successfully illustrated by Cha Tae Hyun. He is portraying a PD who is responsible for the existence of the program “1 Night 2 Days”. Because of the low-rating, the program needs to be reformatted and decided to cast new members.


You cannot underestimate Gong Hyo Jin’s acting here because she is also played her role well as senior PD who has independent woman image, hard worker, and have lack of trustworthiness in men. As a well-known music program PD, “Music Bank” she is talented in coordinating and directing the singers and idols, and also has a wide-acquaintances of celebrities. She decided to live as single woman, but deep in heart she has a feel for her childhood friend.

Lots of Korean celebrities and idols appear on the drama as cameo from veteran actress, Youn Yuh Jung until rookie actress, Kim Ji Soo. The idols like SNSD’s Taetiseo,2NE1’s Sandara Park, Winner’s Seung Yoon, and Boyfriend’s Minwoo also enlivened the drama. Because of the background is the television station so it is very necessary to guested some of the celebrities in this drama.

Broadcasted by only 12 episodes this drama is well-packed. Because it is not that short, or is too long. With one episode which lasting for one hour twenty minutes without ad. The Original Sound Track (OST) of the drama is also suitable and make the drama more alive. For instance, on the opening of the drama, on episode 1 we can hear The OST titled ‘Sweet Lovet’ sung by EXID’s Solji. And I have three favorite OSTs of this drama, there are Ben’s Palpitations , Lee Seung Chul’s Darling and Zitten’s TV Show.

Here are the links for the OSTs =>

EXID’s Solji- Sweet Love : https://youtu.be/0p2fbC6Axsg

Ben – Palpitations : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OH7cIlrRhlQ

Lee Seung Chul – Darling : https://youtu.be/n3ucioSmwzU

Zitten – TV Show : https://youtu.be/ENAQ7-FD05g

When the drama reaches its half of the full story the story is not focusing on how to be ‘a good producer’ anymore but more into the love line between Tak Ye Jin PD and Ra Joon Mo PD. How they try to hide and lie about their genuine feelings are kinda boring. The love chemistry between Tak Ye Jin and Ra Joon Mo is not as bold as Cindy’s feeling for Baek Seung Chan. But since it is a Korean drama moreover the genre is romantic-comedy, it will give the scent of slightly romance-that-you-want feeling. Because the love line that is grow from Cindy’s to Baek Seung Chan is kind of hardly to find in real life. Otherwise, in the same time Baek Seung Chan will make the viewer quite fed-up because he is somehow fool to realize what love is.

This drama brings you the life behind the sparkling entertainment industries especially the production of a television program. How working in broadcasting company has a competitive rivalry, mainly in South Korea where the seniority is very clearly visible.

Overall I give this drama 7.8 out of 10 points. Since when I re-watch the drama for again and again, I never get bored and keep this drama as one of my favorites K-Drama.

Checkout the trailer of the Producers => https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lkuEmm21S1g


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[Biography] Life Journey of Habibie

Mega Puspita Pandiangan

In this non-fiction essay I choose to write about B.J Habibie biography. B.J.Habibie is a popular man in Indonesia and almost the entire world because of the history of his life, so I am very excited telling about him. According to some researches that I’ve read, B.J Habibie in full name Bacharuddin Jusuf Habibie was born in Pare-Pare, South Sulawesi, on June 25, 1936. He was the fourth child of eight siblings, spouse Alwi Abdul Jalil Habibie and RA. Tuti Marini Puspowardojo. Habibie passed his childhood with his brothers in Pare-Pare, South Sulawesi. As a child, Habibie liked swimming, reading, singing, riding his father’s racehorses, and building model airplanes.

The nature firmly adhered to the principle has been demonstrated Habibie since childhood. On 3 September 1950, when Habibie was 13 years old, his father suffered a heart attack and died. Shortly, after his father died, his mother sold their house and moved to Bandung. As a single parent, her mother worked hard to afford their life. Until he was in senior high school, Habibie showed his great achievement, especially in science subjects. In his school, he became a favorite student for teacher and his friends.

After he graduated from high school, he continued his study in Bandung Institute of Technology (now ITB). During his study in ITB, he looking for scholarship and finally he got a scholarship from the government to study abroad. Then, he continued his study in Germany. At the Technische Hochschule of Aachen, Habibie studied aircraft construction engineering. When he arrived in Germany, he determined to be successful because he remembered the struggle of his parents to afford his course cost and his daily life.

Several years later, in 1955, almost all of the Indonesian students got full scholarship. He was the only one who held green passport among his friends. For Habibie, holiday season is not holiday because he used the time for work and study. That was a gold chance to make money for buying books and having examination. After holiday, all activities were suspended, except studying. So we know that he didn’t have time relax or playing with his friends. After with the struggle in his study, finally he received his Diploma from the Technische Hochschule, Germany in 1960 with cumlaude predicate with average score 9.5 and then getting Doctorate from the same place in 1965. Habibie was also the first Asian person who had high position in plane industry of Germany.

On May 12, 1962 on a visit home to Indonesia, he was married to a doctor, Hasri Ainun Besari. After the wedding ceremony, he brought Ainun to Germany and was blessed with two sons namely Akbar and Thareq Kemal and was both born in Germany.

After graduating with a doctoral degree from the Aachen Institute in 1965, Habibie joined the aircraft manufacturing firm Messerschmitt-Boelkow-Bluhm, rising to the rank of vice-president. As a research scientist and aeronautical engineer, he helped design several planes, including the DO-31, an innovative vertical takeoff and landing craft. He specialized in solutions for aircraft cracking, gaining the nickname “Mr. Crack” as one of the first scientists to calculate the dynamics of random crack propagation. He also became involved in international aircraft marketing activities and NATO’s defense and economic development.

In 1974, Suharto recruited Habibie to return to Indonesia as a part of Suharto’s drive to industrialize and develop the country. Habibie jump-started an aircraft construction industry and a state airline company. Soon he became Suharto’s chief advisor for high-technology development. Habibie exploited the relationships he had developed in Germany and NATO to engineer a myriad of controversial deals involving aircraft, ships, heavy industry, and economic development.

When he came back to Indonesia, he applied his knowledge and experiences that he got during his life in Germany to build plane industry in Indonesia. After three years he lived in Indonesia, he got Professor Title from ITB. Then, he became the minister of research and technology for 20 years. On March 11, 1998, Habibie was elected as the 7th vice president of Indonesia by the decision of parliamentary session.

In 1993 he unveiled the first Indonesian-developed plane, which he helped design, and in the following year he launched a plan to refurbish more than three dozen vessels bought from the former East German navy at his initiative. Meanwhile, in 1990 Habibie was appointed head of the Indonesian Muslim Intellectuals Association, and during the 1993 central-board elections of the country’s ruling party, Golkar. Habibie helped the children and allies of President Suharto rise to top positions, easing out long-standing military-backed power brokers. By the late 1990s Habibie was viewed as one of several possible successors to the aging Suharto.

In March 1998 Suharto appointed Habibie to the vice presidency, and two months later, in the wake of large-scale violence in Jakarta, Suharto announced his resignation. Thrust unexpectedly into the country’s top position, Habibie immediately began to implement major reforms. He appointed a new cabinet; fired Suharto’s eldest daughter as social affairs minister as well as his longtime friend as trade and industry minister; named a committee to draft less-restrictive political laws; allowed a free press; arranged for free parliamentary and presidential elections the following year; and agreed to presidential term limits (two five-year terms). He also granted amnesty to more than 100 political prisoners.

In 1999 Habibie announced that East Timor, a former Portuguese colony that had been invaded by Indonesia in 1975, could choose between special autonomy and independence; the territory chose independence. Indonesia held free general elections (the first since 1955) in June, as promised. Later that year Habibie ran for president, but he withdrew his candidacy shortly before the October election, which was won by Abdurahman Wahid. After Wahid took office, Habibie essentially stepped out of politics, although in 2000 he
established the Habibie center, a political research institute.


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[Biography] Jokowi in Biography

Alfiansisca A.E.H

Ir. H. Joko Widodo who is more commonly known as Jokowi. Born in Surakarta, Central Java, on June 21, 1961. Jokowi is the eldest son of his father Noto Mihardjo and his mother Sujiatmi Notomihardjo. He is the oldest son from four children, and the rest are his younger sisters. Jokowi came from a family that is unpretentious. However, with his own hard-work, Jokowi can achieve his success until now he serves as the seventh President. Joko Widodo attended primary school to intermediate educational institution in the city of Solo, Central Java. When he started school in the elementary school he had worked as kuli panggul, ojek payung and while trading to help with the cost of his education and for daily needs. When he’s 12 years old, Jokowi has been working as a tukang gergaji, a skilled job taught by his father Noto Mihardjo. And then, his thoughts of leadership and the toughness of life formed.

Graduated from primary school, he continued at SMPN 1 Surakarta, SMAN 6 Surakarta. And later on continue studying at one of the leading universities in Yogyakarta, Department of Forestry and Gajah Mada University. In there, he was very keen to learn about the wood, processing methods and the benefits. Jokowi completed his studies in 1985. After finishing from college, he continued to work at one of the companies named PT. Kraft Aceh. But he didn’t last long and he chose to continue the furniture business owned by his family which is located in the town of Sragen, Solo, Central Java. Not long, Jokowi has been working in his furniture business, he has already received a lot of benefits.

In 1986 he was married to Mrs. Hj. Iriana Joko Widodo on December 24 and they have three children from his marriage Gibran Rakabuming, Kaesang Pangarep and Kahiyang Ayu. He started the furniture business in Solo, Central Java. He came to work in a furniture company belonging to his uncle. He has got a lot of experience from his job, Jokowi brave his selves to open his own furniture business in 1988, which was given the name CV. Rakabu. Inspirate by his child name. 2-year in a new business, Jokowi already felt wobbly and nearly bankrupt. But he ventured to borrow money from his mother and he rose again to lead a CV furniture business Rakabu. Jokowi started many timber orders from domestic to overseas, because he’s diligent, honest, and hardworking.

Jokowi was appointed as mayor of Solo in 2005 until 2012. He’s nominated by PDI-P and PKB. But he has not a lot of experience in politics, yet he own a lot of achievements during his activities that he did as mayor of Solo. And Solo becomes more comfortable and look tidier in the structuring of the city. From there, Jokowi is known to the society, especially in the city of Solo, that he’s a humble figure with all his achievements.

From his success, Vice President Jusuf Kalla asked Jokowi to run as Governor of Jakarta. To become a governor is not very easy. There are many rivalries that will be faced. One of which is the competition between political parties become more aggressive. From the hard-work that he did, eventually Jokowi won the election in the second around having served as Governor of Jakarta in 2012-2014. Jokowi has many visions that he will follow up during the first campaign. After being elected Governor he began one by one to work on his projects, such as improving irrigation, arrangement of street vendors, as well as improving transportation problem in capital city of Jakarta. He also made a policy such as, making a health-insurance card for healthier Jakarta, Jakarta Smart cards for education, improving the transportation system, and the reduction of bureaucracy nepotism in Jakarta with the auction system office.

After he served as Governor, he gets busier with positive activities that he does, until the society is proud to have the Governor of Jakarta like Jokowi. Jokowi’s popularity is high that everyone is sure he will rose to the top as the President. Because of that, the Ex-President Megawati who was in the PDI-P asked Jokowi to run as President with his partner, Jusuf Kalla. Advancement of Jokowi as President was supported by four parties, PDI-P, Nasdem, Hanura and Kebangkitan Bangsa. Finally, in July 2014 Jokowi officially becomes the 7th President.

Jokowi was inaugurated as President on October 20, 2014 in the DPR/MPR RI. After he was inaugurated, Jokowi started moving what he had planned previously. Starting from the card Indonesia sehat, Indonesia pintar. In the territorial waters of Indonesia, especially in the field of maritime Jokowi gives instructions to the fish thieves. In addition, Jokowi cares for the development projects by dividing more than 1,000 tractors in order to improve agricultural production. However, there is a policy in protest by many people, caused by the rising price of fuel (fuel oil). Regardless of many people who don’t agree with it, Jokowi is rated as a leading figure who brings a lot of progress, both when he served as mayor of Solo and Jakarta Governor.




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[Review] Madame Tussauds Bangkok

Widy Nur Ahliyah

I remember tweeting how much I really wanted to meet Steven Gerrard’s wax figure in October 2012. A month later, I was at school, and all of a sudden my dad texted me asking if I would love a trip to Thailand later in December. It was pretty much one of my favorite texts. I began to browse tourist attractions in Thailand, and was so thrilled to find out that the only Madame Tussauds Museum in Southeast Asia was located in Bangkok (now it has spread its branch to Singapore too.) Madame Tussauds Bangkok also had Steven Gerrard’s wax figure on display too!

I finally had a trip to Thailand and bought a ticket to Madame Tussauds Museum which cost around IDR 400,000. Madame Tussauds Bangkok is located in Siam Discovery, a shopping center in Bangkok. I didn’t forget to bring my camera to take some photos with the wax figures. Once I entered the museum, everything felt surreal. They looked like real humans or beautiful preserved corpses if I may say, since they couldn’t speak. The details were just indescribable, it felt like I had met them famous people in person already.

There were some sections of the wax figures – A-list celebrities, music artists, sports figures, historical figures, leaders, and so on.


I finally figured that Tom Cruise was as short as people would describe him although he was slightly taller than me back then when I was 16, I got to sit on a sofa with Will Smith, I posed next to Brangelina, I snapped a photo with Nicole Kidman who was standing across her ex-husband’s wax figure, I took a look at how beautiful Kate Winslet was in a red dress, and I greeted Jim Carrey and Johnny Depp. I was really in awe.


There were only Madonna, Michael Jackson, Justin Bieber, Lady Gaga, and Britney Spears. I expected to see more singers. There were 3 wax figures of Michael Jackson—little Michael, teenage Michael, and Michael who had transformed himself into a Caucasian-looking man. While the rest was extremely great, Justin Bieber’s wax figure didn’t look realistic to me. It didn’t really resemble him, but overall it was a great job. A few weeks ago, Justin Bieber stated that he wouldn’t want to take a photo with anyone that bumps into him anywhere and it also applies to his fans. I think Madame Tussauds is a great option for people who are dying to take a photo with him.

Sports Figures

I met Serena Williams, Tiger Woods, Cristiano Ronaldo, David Beckham, Steven Gerrard, Muhammad Ali and Yao Ming. Yao Ming was so tall I had to tiptoe to touch his face. The museum provided a Liverpool jersey for anyone who wanted to pose next to Steven Gerrard. The jersey stank and had surely been worn by many, but to share the same top as Gerrard in a picture, I would wear it.


I took a seat on Elizabeth II’s throne, I got to meet Soekarno which was surprising, and he looked different from what I’d always seen on books and TV, I met Barack and Michelle Obama. I think Barack Obama’s wax figure looked nothing like him at all. I met the stunning Lady Diana, her wax figure looked very charismatic let alone the person.

Artists and Scientists

Beethoven, Picasso, and Einstein were on display too and they’re hands down the same as what I’d known.

I think Madame Tussauds Bangkok lacked wax figures of famous people, but that was understandable because they also showed many Thai figures with whom I wasn’t familiar. I spent around an hour in the museum, and I enjoyed being there—it didn’t get stuffy even when it’s so crowded. I was so amazed by their sculptures. On a scale of 1 to 10, I would rate the museum 8.

This museum is a really great place to visit, especially for those who dream of holding hands with or hugging their idols but find it almost impossible to happen. And if you really want to have a photo where you pose next to your idol, you don’t have to bother using photoshop anymore, unless there isn’t a wax figure of your idol yet. I definitely would love to go back, and my next stop is Madame Tussauds London.


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[Article] How to Survive as Mahasiswa PP Jatinangor-Bandung

Alma Fitri Steviana

Actually, Jatinangor-Bandung is not that far. The distance between Jatinangor and Bandung depends on where Bandung your house is, whether you drive your own vehicles and other things. Jatinangor and Bandung can be very close if your house were next to McDonald’s Cibiru or Cimol Gede Bage meanwhile somebody whose house in Kopo need to struggles more. Being mahasiswa PP Jatinangor-Bandunghas both advantages and disadvantages. If you decided to travel every day from Bandung to Jatinangor to come to class, you don’t have to adapting in a new place, unlike if you rent your own place in Jatinangor, you have to think every details you need from lunch to laundry. But you have to be on time to catch the public transportation, you won’t have that five-minutes-more after wake up in the morning, even sometimes you need rush right after Damri because they mysteriously don’t have specific schedule. You also need to pay attention to your stuffs, homework or courses material, you have to be sure that everything you need is in your backpack, because it is not easy to travel from Jatinangor to Bandung if you forget your things. But it doesn’t mean you can’t survive Jatinangor-Bandung.

The first way to survive as mahasiswa PP Jatinangor-Bandung is having your own vehicles to campus. By driving your own cars or motorbikes, you don’t have to worry about limited public transportation from Jatinangor to Bandung or the other way around, which usually the very last bus is at five o’clock. Your own vehicles allow you to join every kind of campus organizations and activities without any worries of being late at home. But, driving your own vehicles to campus also has negative sides, like, you can easily get tired as you arrive at campus because some of your energy has already used in driving, moreover if there is a traffic jam.

If you don’t have your own cars or motorbikes and feel the luxury of freely heading in and out Jatinangor by yourself, don’t be worry, because you can still safely going home by various public transportation such as bus, travel and other public transportations around Jatinangor. There are so many advantages that you can get by using public transportation besides you also help to make the world a better place as you are not contributing indirectly to increase the pollution. One of the advantages that you can get by using public transportation is you don’t have to drive yourself two hours away to and from Bandung which means you can rest along the way and you can still have energy to forced yourself not to sleep at class, you can also read at the bus, listen to music, watch videos, or even do your homework on the way to campus. There are so many things you can do if you are using public transportations.

Besides transportations, you have to pay attention on your activities at campus. If you don’t want to easily get tired because it takes longer for you to go home but you also need to be active student at campus, you have to manage your campus activities. Join and attend only necessary events at campus, like seminars, workshops or trainings that supporting your education. It doesn’t mean you cannot hang out by simply go to a café or having dinner together with your friends in Jatinangor, you can do those stuffs twice or once a week since the public transportation is limited and you also have to be careful to drive or go home late. Moreover, by managing your activities at campus, you can learn how to prioritize things and decide whether something is important or not.

Last but not least, all you need to survive Jatinangor-Bandung is spirit. Because there will be a lot of barriers and problems that will thirst you emotionally. For example, sometimes the classes are canceled just exactly when you arrived at Jatinangor or you need to drive two hours away just to submit assignments and sign the presence list then come back to Bandung. But, after all, the problems and barriers that you need to face will make you smarter in organize things and manage yourself, far away from being comfort, and become a better person.


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– Friends experiences

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