By The Trees: A Memoir

Tiara Kasih


It was a typical evening for me, crawling my motorcycle down the street of Sudirman headed home after a never ending Monday at school. I accompanied by the thunders which were breaking the sky vigorously as it was showing its most crestfallen form that I had ever witnessed trough my way home. Sudirman street however was one of the streets that I went through every single day and I fancied it because of its silence atmosphere in the morning when not many people crowding around with their vehicles to do their activities eventhough in a productive day. There were many humongous houses along the side of the road covered with giganic green planters that were waving anybody who passed whenever the cool air breeze washed them. They surely did taken care of their surroundings in . I was not good at paying attention, but that evening was the most intense moment of my life as I had never ever seen a cruel circumstance. Me being an ignorant person that I was, stood upon a couple fighting on the side of the road of Sudirman. Did not want to get involved, I kept pulling the motorcycle’s throttle slowly as I was expecting the tears of the sky to run down my face. A not so rough sound screamed for my name and I was not ready to be involved badly so I started to hope that the one who called my name would win a lottery and die on the next day. The blue surface stopped showing its melancholy look and started to shine so bright, letting me feel those sparks grasp my body. “Tiara!” that was she said, while she was waving her hand, hoping that I would notice her and stopped my vehicle. Her left hand was firlmly grasped by a hand which seemed to be unexpectedly trained well because the person appeared to fancy sport so that it was a strong grapple. Her puffy red eyes showed that she had been crying for a long certain of time. I did not know whether she cried because of the pain caused by the strong grapple of her boyfriend or the problem that caused them to do a certain fight on the side of the road underneath an eight meter of mango tree that was dancing to the symphony of peace. She told me to take her home and asked for a ride yet her lover stare at me with brows came closer together leaving space between the eyes. His face was dark red, the vein in the side of his forehead started to throb, his eyes were wide open and I could see the dripping of sweats from his hair down to his forehead. Those were the signs that I should not mind their business and told me to keep riding and leave. One thing that bothered me a lot was that how could he dripped sweats in a place where God kindly let the cool breeze of heaven to mortals who could not even deserve hearing the word heaven. Then I realized that me and them were in a different world, a different atmosphere. While they were trying to escape a fallen ruin and chased by molten rock generated by geothermal energy then expelled through surface, I was in heaven where I saw a green futuristic wonderland where angels with glowing metal wings and jetpacks soar in between skyscrapers and the roads adorned with colorful neon signs that were beaming against the dusky sky at night. The place where every location, from the bustling town filled with TV screens hugged by greenery and flowers to the planetariums where angels gather to revel in the blessings of peace. It washed with the beautiful glow of rainbow which was brighten the screnery and added more colors as contrast to the green field where butterflies never ever wanted to fly out of the place.

The generousity of God, who showed me His presence by letting my own bare skin being touched by his glorious breath troubled by a couple arguing selfishly because one of them was trying to prove themselves as the most righteous living creature in this world or maybe their own world as I did not know what kind of world that a couple lived in. Thus of course concerned me the fact that their fiery ambience hassled the miracle that God had given me trough mother nature. I could be upset no more. The girl suddenly sat on the back of my ride’s seat then wrapped her arms around my wrist as a little girl crying because the lollipop she had was taken away from her hand by some random child in the playground. Her body was on heat, the back of my body could feel her main yet the most important part of human body was beating rapidly so that time I could imagine that I was at the scene where Leonardo Dicaprio fought a wild huge brown bear in the bushness of forest covered with sparkling snow which was a contrast to the blood spilled when the fight was occured in The Revenant. With a high temper of anger, the boyfriend told her to get off my ride as he was trying to pulled my ride so it was almost fallen to the ground. The girl was out of my ride and so the boyfriend made his right hand into a rounded fist and punched her brutally right on the cheek. It happened so fast as I was trying rise up my ride in the right position. I could not help her nor stopped the action. A scream could not be denied at the moment so we did it as I was shocked because of his ignorant action driven by the use of physical force to cause harm and damage against two female student at the side of the road. The deafening scream of us attracted people around to come to check up on us and see what the hell was happening in the silence evening. Apparently, two angkot drivers and three stranger came up upon us to see what caused us to attempt such blasting screams in a place where peace exist in the world full of agony.
A young strange guy wearing nice blue shirt kindly helped me to rise up my ride and tapped my knee who were covered in dirt because of the burdensome situation occured in the street of Sudirman. The two angkot drivers were trying to get the guy who caused the cruel moment which involved me in it off our sight and had a chat. I did not know what the drivers told him but it made his temper go down. The girl kept telling me to take her home. Did not want to make her in a more gloomy situation, I took her home and let the gloriousness of God that I had ten minutes ago to dissapeared. She told me then to get her off infront of a classic American style house which was two kilometers apart from the Sudirman st. She thanked me with the tears of joy whilst rubbing her puffed eye and her bruised cheek that she had during the fight.

Photo by Daniel Jeffries

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