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When all seemed gray, and dark flows covering like shadow as I looked to the sky. The stars wouldn’t appeared eventually it was around 6 pm something. There, I was walking by the sidewalk with exhausted shoulder, hoping for quick walk to home. Suddenly I realized, I forgot my sword bag with my wooden sword and rapier in it, maybe I left it in the sport hall where I trained for fencing before. How sad, I needed several seconds to decided whether I left it and keep going home or turned back to take it, because I’m on halfway home. Then, I decide to turn back to the sport hall to take my bag, and yeah it’s there leaning on the wall. I took my bag and checked for my stuff to make sure nothing is left anymore. I was checking the rapier in the bag too, and one of my fencing friend comes and asked why did I back to the hall when I opened the bag. We talks a lot before I deciding to back home again, and he offered a ride to my house with her car but I refused it because I ddn’t know why I’m in mood to take a walk back to home. After that I was going back to home, once again.

On the way to home, I saw two people in front of me, they were a girl and a boy. They were actually blocking the sidewalk but I didn’t want to getting trough them, I tried to enjoy the walks. In couple of minutes, around two or three minutes, two highschool students pulled over to the sidewalk where I and the couple were walking at. I’d having a strange feeling about the students, and hell yeah it was true. I grab for my sword bag, half open it, just in case something troublesome would happen. The students started to yell to the couple, asking for their money and their cellphones to be given. The couple looks scared but in the same time they did not wanted to gave their phones and wallets, but finally they still gave it. I’m trying to hide my presence, not paying attention and walks calmly and slowly so I hope they would not realized and I will not involved into this trouble and left the couple there, I also felt sorry about it but I needed to save my life instead of anyone else.

Then unfortunately, one of the students hit me on the back of my head and yelling inappropriate words. I’m trying to calm, trying to not carried away with emotion, but he was yelling and hit me once again around my shoulder. With the maximum of my rage, I turned around, looked at surrounding, took a deep breath, and sharpened my eyes. The students seems confused as the one of them start yelling again and trying to hit me blindly. I grab the tip of my wooden sword in my half opened bag and seathed it quickly. They looked surprised but not scared, one of them launching a strike on me fiercely. Gladly I could handle it because he was too slow, too slow for me. Need no time for me to avoided it, and hit him on the back with the handle of my wooden sword. He shout out and cursing, he started to attack again. With his hand he tried to punch me in the face, I stepped back for one step and launched a slash hit around his throat. He was in pain but at least he stop attacking around.

One down, and another one more to handle. I walked closer to the last one, hoping he would be scared and left because I was tired with this toublesome thing. How idiot, he was yelling and starting to attack me. I tightened my grip to the wooden sword, parried his punch and hit his head and back. He paused fo a moment, I think maybe he would leave soon, but he was just cursing and he put his hand to the pocket. I saw he grab something, but I’m not sure what it was. As he swunging his hand, and I realized it’s a knife. I was shocked, cause I never deal with someone with real weapon. I was a bit scared, of course I didn’t wanna die but I had to deal with him. As I prepared myself, the other one stood up and grab a knife too. What kind of atmosphere was this, maybe I would die tonight. I looked back to make sure the couple were alright, and they looked scared. I thought for a way to handle these two people with knife just with a wooden sword.

They were attacking one by one and I was trying to parry all of the attacks. I was running out of ideas, if I used my rapier maybe I would kill them. I threw away my sword bag, cause it prevented me to move freely. One of them was throwing a rock to me and swunging his knife, gladly the rock didn’t hit me but my hand got sliced a bit. I turned my sword and swung it to his face, maybe I got his eyes because it was bleeding. He was down for now, time to the last one. He seemed angry looking at his friend getting down, he was started to attack with both of his knife and his leg to kick. He kicked my shin and I slipped but fortunately I could quickly get up as he swung his knife to the ground where my hand was . I wiped the blood on my hand from the slice before and he smiled as I will get killed. He charged and swung his knife again and again. I could handle several of his attack but I realized that my hand got scratched. He tried to stab me right in the eye continuously. I moved my head to the side as I grabbed his hand and swung my sword to hit his thigh. He started to scream, maybe I broke his thigh bone because there was a cracked sound. My wooden sword also broken into two parts, maybe I swung it to hard.

There I saw two students lying down in pain, but one of them still screaming and cursing inappropriate words. I walked to him and asked him to return the phones and wallets, but he just yelling and spitting to me. So I punched him in the face and he fainted, then I took the phones and the wallets and returned those to the couple. When I returned the items, they seemed so thankful to me to save their life and stuffs, even though I didn’t meant to. After that they gave me some money before they left, and I guessed I would take it in addition to bought a new wooden sword. Then I looked for my sword bag, it needed several minutes for me to find it because I randomly threw it away. I also brougt my broken wooden sword with me and continued my walks to home. When I arrived my father asked me why my hand got scratched and my wooden sword broken, I answered “battle scars”.

Photo by: simplemost

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