Morning Disaster: A Memoir

Almira Abiyya


I woke up with a jolt on a morning in the middle of March 2017. It was the day for the midterm of Dasar-Dasar Filsafat, and according to the schedule, the test was supposed to begin at 8. When I woke up, I felt weird because usually I only wake up after my alarm rings, and somehow that day I didn’t remember hearing it. I looked for my phone and when I found it, I read a big 08.17 on my lock screen and after processing it, I realized that I’m late for my midterm. I panicked and got ready as fast as I could. I knew that there’s not enough time for me to take a shower, so I just washed my face and brushed my teeth. After I put on the nearest clothes that I could find and, I ran to findojek to go to campus. On my way to campus, I couldn’t help but panicking because that was the first time for me to wake up late for an important test.

When I arrived at PSBJ, it was quiet because as expected, the test had already begun. I was half-running to the hall in which the midterm took place when I spotted two girls from my batch sitting and talking outside of the hall. I asked them in a quiet voice “Are you two done with the test?”, and one of them said “No, we came late and Pak Fadly told us to see him after the test is finished.” Hearing that, I felt so relieved and glad because I wasn’t the only one who came late for the midterm. I didn’t know the two of them that well, but I sat beside them because it would be weird if I sat far from them since there was only the three of us. When I saw the two of them studying for the test, I realized that I actually hadn’t studied at all. Thankfully, I brought my notebook in my bag and then I started studying and occasionally joined them in their talks about what they had been studying for the test. While waiting for the test to be finished, I kind of worried because what if Pak Fadly wouldn’t let us do our test? And what if he wouldn’t tolerate our lateness? But I tried to calm myself and continued to look over my notes.

After waiting for awhile, some students left the hall but I and my friends didn’t try to meet Pak Fadly yet because it seemed like the time for the test wasn’t up yet. But not too long after that, I finally heard Pak Fadly announcing that the time is up and the rest of the students who took the test came out of the room. I met some of my friends who had finished their tests and they asked where I was because they didn’t see me earlier, to which I just laughed in return and explained shortly that I woke up late. Some of them laughed at me, and the others were worried about my midterm, so I just told them that I’m working on it. They asked if I want them to wait for me, but I said no and told them to go home first.

I approached Pak Fadly with my two friends who were late to ask whether we can still do our test, but he told us to wait for him at the library in the PSBJ building for a few minutes because he had to take care of the test papers first. At that moment, I was thankful because there was still a chance for me to do the midterm test and save my grade.

We waited for him in the library, but he didn’t come even after 20 minutes of waiting. We began to have doubts whether Pak Fadly really said PSBJ’s library instead of the faculty’s library. Because he still didn’t come, we decided to go look for him in the faculty’s library. We still saw no sign of him, therefore we asked the librarian whether he had seen Pak Fadly there. The librarian’s answer didn’t help because he said that he didn’t know who Pak Fadly was. We started to panic and worry because what if Pak Fadly was waiting for us in this library? What if he decided to leave because we didn’t come to him immediately? Thankfully, one of my friends assured us that Pak Fadly really did say that we should wait for him in PSBJ’s library and we went back there to check in case Pak Fadly was already there.

He was still nowhere to be found, so the three of us just stood outside the library. Since we were only in our second semester, we didn’t really know what to do if we missed a midterm test. We were just scared because what if missing this one test will resulted in bigger consequences later? In the middle of our small talks, a senior of mine approached us and asked about Pak Fadly. It turned out that she was also taking the same Dasar-Dasar Filsafatclass as me, and she also woke up late and missed the test. We told her that we were supposed to meet him there, but we couldn’t find him so we just waited there in case Pak Fadly suddenly shows up. She asked whether we had tried to text him or not, and we realized that we hadn’t. Thus, we asked the group chat of our batch for Pak Fadly’s number and luckily someone replied with his number. We texted him to ask where he was because we had been waiting for him in the library, but he didn’t answer for a long time.

Because we were left with uncertainty, we didn’t dare to leave the area near PSBJ’s library in case something would happen. We sat on the floor outside the library and continued to have small talks. We never talked with each other prior to this, and the interaction that we had was just calling each other’s name and saying small greetings out of courtesy when we passed each other in the halls. Thus it was nice to be able to get to know them through that experience.

Since we just sat there doing nothing, we talked about a lot of things. I found out that my two friends come from Jakarta and Bandung, and now both of them are staying in the same indekost in Sukawening. That’s why both of them are late for the test, one of them woke up late and the other spent all morning knocking her door to wake her up. We also talked about upcoming movies in the cinema, and what were the things that currently trending at that time.

After talking for awhile, our topic changed into the subjects of our studies. We talked about the one with hard assignments, the one with the nice lecturer, the one that always got cancelled because the lecturer never came into class, and so on. The senior that was with us joined our conversation and told us about her classes that the rest of us hadn’t taken yet. She also told us that her friend missed the midterm test for Pak Fadly’s class and she got a D for the final grade. We grew bored because there was still no answer from Pak Fadly. I was okay with waiting because I had no other things to do, but my senior had other class that she had to attend. Before she go, she assured the rest of us that it’s okay to get a D and we will still be allowed to work on our thesis with only one D.

Not too long after she left, Pak Fadly answered with a text message which said that he had to go to DipatiUkur because of something related to work. He told us to meet him next week for our test. With that, I parted with my two friends because there was no reason for us to keep staying in PSBJ.

Photo by: Almira Abiyya

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