The Night at Barubereum

Faishal Wira Abdurrahmaan


It was my first year in college life. I was being curious about everything i wanted to do in this new life. When I was in my first year, i always wondered how it feels to go camping on a mountain, or atleast a hill. There was no chance for me to go to a mountain camp or even hike in my senior high school years, because every weekend, i always have to help my parents to do their work. But in college life, my father once told me “try everything, this is a new life for you, a college life, an adulthood phase.” So the first thing that came into my mind was i wanted to go camping on a mountain. In this college life, i was told that there is an open field or mountain – like a place near to my college, it is called Barubereum. The place was not at the top of Manglayang mountain, but still, it was flattering me, and i will tell the story how my first night camping at Barubereum was.

I remembered how the day was before i went into Barubereum. To be honest, my expectation was very high at that moment. As I said before, that this was my first time go camping there. I could imagine every possible things that i could get from my first camping trip there. Everything that came into my mind was thick woods and trees making a perfect line like a soldier marching north with a thick mist came from the woods. I also imagined that i found stray dogs or even tiger there, who knows? There is a wild place, and i could not overthink about that. In the other hand, i also hyped for the first camping trip, because i knew i would safe there. I knew that i would be saved because i did not go alone on this trip, i went to Barubereum with my friends. There were 5 people that went to accompany me to go there. I also expected something gorgeous that i could get there. I always been told the story by my high school friends school how i could see a sea of cloud on top of a mountain. I could imagine how it felt to saw a sea of cloud with my own eyes. I could imagine seeing the sea of cloud on top of a mountain, and having an urge to jump to that cloud and bounching on it would be flattering me. So those things were my expectations before i went to Barubereum.

I was preparing every equipment needed, including instant food and also energy bars. I brought two pairs of pants, two extra clothes, four extra underwear, and two pair of socks before i went there. I also rent a sleeping bag, nesting, tent, matress for the sleeping bag, and any needed stuff like tramontina, pocket knive, and also a dried tinder. When i packed it all in my bag, i was expecting that the bag would be heavy, because i tried my well – prepared carrier for a real mountain camp on a huge mountain. It happened when was in my high school. Back then, I was sure that it could be fourty kilograms could be held in that backpack. I knew how it felt to carry that much of load in one bag. It was so heavy that i almost fell on the floor at the first try. I also expected the same thing to my own – prepared backpack. I expected that my backpack would be heave, but it was not. It was so light. I remembered that lifting that backpack is only like carrying two big laptop added with some clothes like when i wanted to sleep over in my friends house.

The day after that, I woke up a little bit early. With every expectation that i could get back then, i started hyping for my trip. I was so excited in my trip, i almost could not feel any kind of tiring stuff, even back then, i was covered in a lot of sweat that absorbed by my clothes. My friends were asking to take some rest for awhile. And in our first rest, we rested at a wide open field with a view of jatinangor. It was not even on the top of the mountain yet, but i could saw clearly how jatinangor looked like from my rest spot. It was a sunny day when we rested. I sat down below a tree. I don’t know what kind of tree that, but i could shade below the tree. After we took some rest for awhile, we walked through a bamboo forest. I could hear some bamboo tree leaves scrached by wind blown and also cicadas sound loudly as annoying my ears as well. After a long trip, finally we arrived at the place we went, Barubereum. When we arrived at that place, i saw around the place and found what i expected. Lines of pine trees stood steadily as far as i could saw. I also felt the fresh air came into my back after putting down my backpack. The first time i did up there was smile. Every expectation that i could get in a sunny day was there. I was running around the camp ground with a smile in my face, and also yelling out loud for no reason at all. While my friends were resting in the camp ground, i was searched something interesting for me, and i found a long stick. For my friends, it was a usual tree branch, but i saw it as a stick like a movie using a commando stick to order their forces to attack the enemies. After my friends rested for awhile, we searched some woods for making a bonfire in front of our tent, while the other building the tent itself. The day has passed and the night came. In the nght, we built a bofire for our warmth source at that night. It was so cold that even if i wore a thick jacket and also thick pants, i could felt how the wind came to my back. I also got goosebumps by the cold of the wind. being night, i could saw the stars cleary with my bare eyes. All those stars were seen without blocked by any cloud. I also could saw the view of jatinangor clearly, like a glared stars poured in a land. The things that blocked my sight from stars and the view of jatinangor was only the pine woods, and bamboo forest. I could smell a pine tree sap burned. The smell was so good, because i thought that it was a smell of nature. Yes, we were burned a pine tree branches and any other tree branches. We also sang some songs because we brought our cellphone up there and there were some songs sing that night. We also talked many things from a simple question to the hard one, just like explaining the purpose of going camping. After we talked a lot of stuff, finally i went to sleep, in a warm, soft, and comfortable sleeping bag. From that day until now, it is my hobby to go hike or even camping to a “nature” place just like Barubereum.

Photo by: Faishal Wira Abdurrahmaan

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