Robbed: A Memoir

Ray Buana Subandi180410160008

Experience, place, and memory when talking about it I remember one event in the past, I could never forget and it is left sadness, tears, fear and revenge. The event happened in Jatinangor, specifically at Sayang sub district. Robbery is one event I experienced and I hate the most but of course who likes robbery? Everyone obviously hates and does not want to experience that. I never knew, expect that I would experience that, but well, who knows? Life is mysterious and the God only knows our life. For me life is like a film, drama because our activity such as what we do, say and anything else has been written and become a scenario, we are actors and actresses who play our own role.

Talking about robbery, I remember and cannot forget impression of the place where I was robbed, that is Sayang. Sayang is part of Jatinangor and my first view to the place is crowd, many street foods, narrow street and so-so, I didn’t know about the place further. But after I was robbed there and asked local people more about it, now I know how Sayang is. The local people said this place is called Sayang, this is a dangerous area and not just me who were robbed here, many people were robbed here, and especially student/comer who first comes here and of course the robber is local people here. You should be careful next time. My uncle also said that place is called daerah beling, the police sector said every year especially when admission of new students, this case often and always happen to new students. I changed my view about Sayang since I know how the place actually is, I don’t want to experience that again and I also want others don’t experience like me.

It started when I came to UNPAD Jatinangor on September 2016 for my first orientation in University. But I already came to UNPAD Jatinangor before when Padjadjaran Educational Festival held. When I arrived there, first I passed by Cileunyi looked around, felt and asked about what is this place? It is so crowded, dirty and bad environment. At that time I presume that Cileunyi is really not recommend for you to live there, I hate that place. Then I arrived in Jatinangor and it is still like Cileunyi, those places are for cross way only, I complained to myself why should I study here? Why not at Dipatiukur? Come on. I thought I will not find and feel comfort here but I am lucky because I did not live there, I live with my uncle in Bandung I thank God.

I arrived at my uncle’s house, talked with my uncle about Bandung and the place I study. He told me everything he knows about Jatinangor and he mentioned one of the places that is Sayang. He didn’t tell me much about it because he did not know about it specifically. Next day was my first day at university, I woke up early, went early then I attended orientation for few weeks. During orientation days I go through my life happily, peace, I found new friends. My first orientation was the university’s orientation there I met new people from various regions, languages, accents, culture and so on, I hadn’t met English Literature student there.

After few days attending university’s orientation, I attended my second orientation which was called Prabu. But before Prabu I must attended Open House at Faculty Of Culture studies (Prabu is part of Faculty’s orientation) there I met English Literature peoples but we still did not know each other, we only gathered together because when Open House was held we sat with our each course. I preferred with my friends at first orientation because they were humble, easy going, especially I spoke with my friend from Lampung, from him I knew about Lampung more such as language, accent, culture and others. It did not mean I do not like my English Literature friends, no, but when I first saw them I felt awkward because they were just silent when Open House held, then I thought I should do more effort to be friends with them.

My third orientation was GATES, it is Course’s orientation. This orientation is different from two previous orientations; I should not come early at dawn, easy and relax orientation. First step I should followed was Pregates there I met with my English Literature friends again and other senior of English Literature, I felt different atmosphere in GATES because previous Orientations were formal but this one was fun, informal, didn’t feel like orientation. Next step I followed GATES 1, here I got grouped with my senior to guide and other friends of English Literature and they’re not I thought before they were nice, fun, easy going.

And this is second step which called GATES 2 where my bad event started. It started when I was at home, I got notification on my phone about information of GATES 2, the information was about we should hang out together to talk about cabaret because our group got cabaret to perform. Then I went from home to campus in the afternoon, I arrived, talk about it and practice at that time but I went home first at 8 pm because my home is far, I went out campus and in front of a restaurant my motorcycle suddenly collided from back, I shocked then I looked back and the driver and his friends got angry to me and said I should pull away my vehicle, at that time my mental was down, so I followed their instruction, I knew I did no wrong but I was scared, so I obeyed what they wanted. They asked me “can you drive? Look at my hand, it’s bleeding” then one of them got on to my motorcycle, I was taken to place that I didn’t know and I pulled away in front of Gajah Public Graveyard, I was interrogated then one of them punched my right temple after that they took my motorcycle, bag, cellphone, wallet, and books.

I ran looking for help, I saw a mini gas station and there was the owner of it, I borrowed his phone to call my parent because I was just robbed, he gave me his phone and I called my parent, the only number of my parent I remember was my mother’s number, they were shocked and informed my uncle to pick me up then few more days I came back to him to thank to him and talk a lot about the place where I robbed.

Since that happened I go through my life with unstable emotion, I pulled myself from social life, I spent my time alone thinking about the event that happened to me. I am asking many questions such as why should I experienced that? God why did you do this to me? Is this a warning or punishment for things I did? Or what? Tell me.

I am desperate for the answer and try to find it out by asking some friends, religionist , but their answers did not make me feel better, know the truth. Then I asked myself and result nothing because I could not find the answer till now. The only thing I want is just my stuffs back and the robbers are punished and die.

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