3 Days in Yogyakarta: A Memoir

Gagan Harpiawan180410160047

One night, my friends and I were spending time, as usual, at my friend’s place. After having a long and random conversation, something popped up in my head. I wanted to ask my friends to take a little trip. We were having days off for 4 days, and I thought it would be better if we go somewhere than staying here in Jatinangor and doing nothing. After a while, we came to a conclusion that we chose Jogja as the destination. We booked the tickets, and did a little research for the places we wanted to visit there and made a list out of it. We also called someone we found on the internet to rent a house. It was all settled. We were ready to go.

The day came. We all went to the Kiaracondong station by 2 cars. We were almost late. But then we immediately checked in.While we were on the train, we were expected to spend 12 hours there. With that long time, clearly I couldn’t just sit still on the seat with a very straight back, I couldn’t even sleep on it. A couple of my friends and I decided to go to the canteen. But we were not allowed to stay there for too long if the food was finished because it would prevent other passengers from eating there. Then I thought as long as there was still food on the table, I may still sit in the canteen. I ordered a bowl of noodle and ate it slowly, I didn’t care if the noodle would be cold later and it wouldn’t be tasty to eat, because I wanted to stay in the canteen longer, it felt more comfortable because there weren’t too many people. Until finally there was a security officer pacing back and forth and saw that I stayed in the canteen for too long and realized that the food on my table was only the same food. Then, we were asked to immediately go back to our seat. But the last station was already close and I already brought my bags to the canteen so I didn’t have to go back to my seat to get my things.

Shortly after arriving in Jogja at 3 am, we immediately looked for a vehicle rental place and what we were looking for was motorbike rental. Either we were lucky or indeed the rental place had long been located near the station, we didn’t have to go far to find a motorbike rental place. After getting the motorbikes, we went directly to the Villa that we had booked before going to Jogja. Then, we went to the address listed and arrived at the destination address. But when we arrived at the destination address, we were confused to find the Villa that we had booked before, because there was a similar house and the owner of the villa was not there but asked us to go straight to the Villa because he had kept the key where he directed. We were really confused because the house that we considered was right turned out wrong. We tried several times to open the fence but it was locked, until some of us were scared to be considered a bunch of thieves because we tried to open the fence of a house at 3 o’clock in the morning. Then, one of us tried to open Google Street View by entering the existing address and the villa that we rented appears on Google Street View. Then we tried to match the house with the house that was on Google Street View and directions from the villa owner via WhatsApp messages. Finally, the villa we were looking for was found not too far from the house that we considered the villa we booked. We were so excited at that time because we would feel embarrassed if the owner of the house we tried to open the fence came out to us. Once we were inside the house, all of us rushed to pick the most comfortable room, All immediately run up to the 2nd floor, which was finally won by men. But the most valuable treasure turned out to be in the room on the 1st floor, because there was air conditioner, and we, the men were a little sad to know that.

At that time we decided to take a break. However, we were awake not because we got enough sleep but because we remembered the TGIT class deadline at 12 o’clock, while on that day we decided to go to Indrayanti beach, so that our sleep was cut off to complete the task. We intended to complete the task quickly but there was only one person that brought a laptop. So that we had to take turns to do the task. Because of that, one of my friends was late sending it. Not only that, we were also late to leave the house to the beach according to our plan. The Indrayanti beach was about 65 kilometers from the villa and it was estimated that we would spend 3 hours, whereas at 1 o’clock we just left the house. It was all because we didn’t finish it first before we went to Jogja. Even on the way to the beach, we were a little hampered because I parted with the group because I took the wrong route when I crossed the intersection and made our trip 30 minutes late.

After we all had so much fun on the beach, we decided to go home at 18.30. Unfortunately, I was parted with the group because I decided to stop at the toilet. I assumed that my other friends saw me stopped and waited for me in the front, but sadly, they didn’t. I was left far enough and I didn’t know the direction. I tried to call my friend and maybe they tried to contact me too but the signal was so bad that we couldn’t make phone calls. Then I tried asking people. When I finally was on the area that had signals, I tried to call my friends again, but they didn’t pick up, maybe because they might be continuing the journey. Because humans are well-versed, I decided to use Google Maps and finally I arrived in Jogja. However, it seemed that I entered the wrong address so I just rotated the complex to look for the villa that I occupied earlier and didn’t found it at first. Then, there was a call from my friend asking me and Rifa why we hadn’t arrived yet and I told him where I was and I was told that I took the wrong turn. In the end I managed to find the villa. When I arrived at the villa, some of them were a little angry with me because they thought I stopped without telling them, but I thought they saw me because I was in the second position from the back of the group, so the last motorbike should’ve told the others that I stopped.

"Gan, where were you? If you wanted to stop, tell us first"

“But you knew I stopped then why did you keep going?

Then one of my friends said, "enough! The only thing that matters is we all have arrived here safely”

By saying that, I thought the trip to going to the beach and going back home were the most memorable than being on the beach itself.

After we spent 3 days in Jogja, it was time for us to go home. We left the house at 17.00 because the train left at 6:00 p.m. While we were in the train to home there was no such interesting story because finally I could rest on the seat, maybe because I was too tired too. That was my experience that turned into a memoir. The event that I consider memorable is not something good, they are the bitter events that I experienced there.

Photo by: Gagan Harpiawan

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