The Truth: A Memoir

Ariana Herawati180410160026

Tuesday night, I was alone in my room while studying for my final test, but I got so sleepy in the middle of it. I usually went out with my friends just to grab some coffee, but it was raining hard outside that night so I stay in my room. I decided to call my mom because I was bored and it’s been four days since the last time we had a call, but she didn’t pick up. Then she sent me a message, “Mom and dad is at the hospital visiting your dad’s friend” well I was like ok and also she said “just call your sister, you can talk with her and Ali”. Ali was my nephew, he’s just so cute and never a day goes by without me missing him. So I did call my sister, I was surprised because she wasn’t at home, she was in my grandmother’s home. There wasn’t much conversation because Ali just won’t stay still. I ended the call.

It has been four days since the last time I had a call with my mom, so that night I kept on texting her saying “Mom, why is it taking so long?” I mean my mom said they just visited my dad’s friend, why would it took so much time until 8 p.m.? Until finally she showed up with a video call. When I picked up, it showed that my mom was at the hospital’s hallway. The conversation through the video call went like this.

“Hi mom, where is dad?” I asked.

“Your dad is inside with his friends” my mom said.

“Which friend of dad’s? I mean the one who is sick”

“It’s his highschool friend, what is so important that you wanted to call?”

“I just miss you mom, that’s all” I said, holding up my tears.

“Oh it’s just three more days before you come home right?”

“I know..”

“De, mom needs to go ok? I’ll call you later” my mom said.

“Alright, bye mom”

“Bye sweetheart” and with that the video call ended.

I was crying after the call with my mom, something just didn’t felt right. I still have no idea why I felt that so I just kept myself away from bad thoughts. It was never easy to live alone here in Jatinangor without my parents, I’m an overthinking person so if I didn’t hear about anything from my family in a day, I would feel worried. Even I knew they would be just fine without me, because it’s them who has always took care of me ever since I was a baby. Still, being far away from home was hard.

I was scrolling through my facebook, I still had a facebook account because all of my family members have it and I usually scrolling through it to see what my family members were up to. My dad was the one who always kept his status updated, almost everyday and when I scrolled through it I didn’t find any of his facebook activities. It made me curious even more, “what is happening?” those words were dancing in my head.

Out of nowhere I decided to call the hospital where my mom and dad visited my dad’s friend. I looked for the number on google and I called the hospital from my phone, they picked up.

“Hello this is Sari Asih Hospital. Any emergency?” a nurse asked.

“Hmm, it is not an emergency, but can I get any information about a patient there?” I asked and I felt worried.

“Yes, sure. But we need the details of informations about a patient. Can you tell us what’s the patient’s name, the adress, and the date of birth?”

“Of course, his name is Heri Arianto, date of birth March 10th 1958, address is Tembong Indah Number 12.” After I answered all those questions, I got goosebumps and my heart was beating so fast.

I hope my dad wasn’t one of the patients in that hospital. I was waiting for the nurse to talk, a few minutes after I gave the details she finally talks.

“Yes there is a patient named Heri Arianto with the same date of birth and adress you just told me, anyway who am I speaking with now?”

It was like my heart stopped when she said that. I can’t believe what I just heard,

because nobody told me what was happening. My family kept it from me. In that time tears stream down my cheeks, but I still had the energy to talk.

“I’m his daughter, but I’m studying away from home so that’s why I call”

“If you want I can try to connect your call straight to the room” she said and I was not ready to talk to my parents because I was crying.

“No thank you, I’ll call my parents by myself. Thank you for helping me.” I said.

“You’re welcome, I hope it helps a lot. Good night.” She said, she was very kind.

“Good night.” I said and ended the call.

After the call all I did was cry in my room, alone. Now I had the truth that my dad was at the hospital, but I was scared to find out what was his disease. Anxiety rushed to me, my whole body. I decided to message each one of my family members, my sister, my brother in law, and the last choice was my mom because there were no replies from my sister and brother in law. I asked my mom through the text, because I was crying that I thought I wouldn’t be able to talk.

“Mom, is it true? Is dad sick?”

I was waiting a few minutes for her reply.

“No, dad is fine.” My mom replied.

“I was just calling the hospital, I was curious.” I said.

“Your dad can go home tomorrow”

I was crying on my own, supported with the gloomy atmosphere in my room, and it was still raining outside. Then there was a video call, it was my parents. I was about to ignore the call because I was still crying like a baby, I didn’t want my parents to see it at first but then I picked it up because I felt like I need to talk to my parents.

“What’s wrong? Why are you crying?” that was all my dad said when I picked up.

“Nobody told me that dad is sick” I said.

“Look! Dad is fine, I just need rest at the hospital and eat more healthy food. The doctor already said I can go home tomorrow” My dad said while trying to look healthy by showing that he could stand on his own, moving his feet.

“I know dad.” I wasn’t talking too much, because I was still crying.

“We want you to focus on your final test, now study hard, focus on it. Dad is fine and so is your mom. Don’t worry anymore okay?”

“Alright, I’m trying my best for my final test and not to worry about anything.”

“Okay, call you later. Bye de.” My parents said.

“Bye mom, bye dad.” I said ended the call.

Even I already knew that my dad looked fine and he just needed some rest, I was

still crying on my own and knowing that made me want to just go home as soon as possible. The reason that no one told me about this was because they didn’t want me to feel a burden when I was still having another final test to finish in that semester, I knew it was the best choice for my family to kept it from me. On the other hand I felt like it wasn’t fair, I deserved to know the truth. Then again, it wasn’t anyone’s fault. I thank God that day, because the curiosity was given to me until I decided to call the hospital and finally got the truth.

Photo by: Ariana Herawati

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