Memento: A Memoir

Muhammad Rizky Mulia180410140049

Whenever I think of the past, it brings back so many memories. I am a dreamer. I know a little of real life that I just can’t help re-living such moments as these in my dreams, for such moments are something I have very rarely experienced. A friendship that will always live as a memoir, will bring happiness, encourage, and unforgettable moment in my life, because this story is all about my first time I had felt a true friendship. Computer is still being a part of my life yet I’m still using it for almost every day. My first software is paint, a default painting software created by Windows. My interest and curiousity in computer grew bigger every time I learn about it from my friends. Yudistiro (Usually called Iyo) and Bimo, they introduced me to my first online game called Gunbound. That was the first time I play online games, the game is just a simple shooting game, not much detail about it except its avatar who gives more status attributes to increase your power. 3 years later, Iyo and Bimo bring me to a place, or specifically an internet café called Day net. that place is the best internet café in my neighborhood, it has 3 floors and 100 computer sets, including chairs, tables, monitors, keyboards, and mouses, that was the biggest internet café I have ever played since the first time I came to an internet café. I went to that place almost every day, playing at least 4 hours a day just to having fun, even my family labeled me as the bad seed because they never saw me studied and thought all I concerned was playing games. As an elementary student, I didn’t take it as a burden for my mentality, playing games is so much fun, and all elementary students mind is having fun, no one cares about study. Months and Days passed, Me and the players in Day net accidentally creating bonds, creating a family with computer games as our media. Our “little family” was consists of 9 people, it was Ical, Febby, Bisma, Iyo, Bimo, Sesar, Cecep, Yudis, and Me. All of us are not in the same age, our gap of age is quite far. Cecep and Yudis were in college, Iyo, Bimo, Ical, and Bisma were in 3rd year at junior high school, Febby was in his elementary school, and Sesar and me were both in our 1st year at junior high school. In that place, we talked about everything, like our romantic problems, family problems, gaming consulations, and even our deepest secrets could also be a topic when we were together. My first friend in Day net was Cecep, and Yudis. Because that was the first time I saw a college student, he was adult, bulky, but childish that’s why we blend so much when playing games. He also introduced me to Warcraft 3, and Dota. The most popular real time strategy game that ever made by Blizzard, it has a good graphic even though the game was released since 1996. There was my special place in Day net, it was PC number 21. I love that place because it placed directly under the air conditioner, and the view was good, because it placed in front of the mirror, so I can see the road outside the building directly. The most memorable moment in Day net is when I first time playing online games competitively. It was T-Bot, a robot fighting game that was already discontinued. The tournament was being held when I was in my 3rd year of Junior High school, it was a promotion cup, the aim is to attract more players to play that game. The tournament was easy, because the overall player was elementary students. I lose to Adam and Iyo, and got the third place. The old boys like Yudis and Cecep has no interested to participate in the tournament, because the prizepool is only IDR 300,000.00. Because of that moment, I became so obsessive in played computer games competitively. After that tournament, we create a Dota and Point blank team called -=SATPAM=-, the name was given by Cecep, and Ical based from their hilarious point that we are the defenders of Day net. The team has 10 members, it was Me, Cecep, Yudis, Sesar, Bimo, Bisma, Ical, Febby, Iyo, and Maulana. The team has been split into 2 main teams and 2 2nd teams for teach games. Bisma, Sesar, Cecep, Maulana, and me was the main team of Dota. Bimo, Ical, Yudis, Febby, and Iyo taking care of Point Blank team. Our aim is taking all prize from the local internet café tournament. We dominate almost the entire tournament around Sub-district Pulo Gadung. We did this without the bound from any sponsors, because that time, especially in Indonesia, eSports was not so popular and there’s still no organization or product who wanted to sponsoring an eSport team. With the money we earn, all we did was spending money for in-game avatars, paying internet café bills, and eat everything we want. Every moment in Day net, was the greatest moment in my life. Everything was fine until our personal problem and the café’s financial problem forced us to be separated. After 7 years, Day net finally has a financial problem. The café was robbed and it forced to close the 3rd floor to reduce the monthly cost and cover their financial problem, and gradually the Day net was forced to be closed permanently and changed their purpose to become a laundry and printing store. On the other hand, Ical and Febby was forced to move to another city by their family, Ical went to Bandung, and Febby went to Bogor, and Cecep and Yudis also getting dropped out from their university because of attendance problem, causing us to lost 4 members of our crew, the condition forced us to disband our team and forced us to going back to play normally again. I have played in countless internet café around Jakarta and Bandung, but the remembrance of Day net still appearing every time I went to the Internet café. The excitement when playing with -=SATPAM=- still come out and sometimes makes me sad. We never had a reunion, and I hope our friendship doesn’t end like this. The sense, the feeling, and the friendship felt the same every time I play with other teammates, the computer and its games is just like a memento and lead me to the memoir of Day net, I hope, someday we will meet again at Day net, playing Dota and Point Blank again. I want to see Cecep again, because he is the only one who never gave us news about his life, and I hope he is fine. If I had a chance to win a world tournament, my first commendation is going to our ‘little’ family, because of them, I think I won’t play a single competitive game, obsessively put myself on the scene, and doesn’t have concerned about it. Day net has a place in my heart, and everytime I create a bond with people at Internet Cafés, I will always remember the moment at Day net.

Photo by : Google Street View / Muhammad Adam

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