Sibling Bond: A Memoir

Indra Wijaya Kusuma


It was a typical midnight in Jakarta, very quiet, not even a single cricket noise. The weather is hot even at night, you can still be sweating inside your room if you don’t have any AC or fan installed. It smelled like sweat, because I just finished exercising inside my room. My sister barged inside my room, “Hey Ndra, I’m hungry, let’s order some food together!” she said. “Perfect timing Fit, I’m hungry too, let’s do that, what about Luthfi?” I replied, “He wants to order something too, you know, he’s a bat!” My neighbors may not believe it that my relationship is not like this with my siblings before. Usually I will get annoyed by my sister for bothering me every time I played games or not caring at all about my brother. But, now it’s getting better, at least I’m doing something to make our relationship better. I have always wanted to have a good relationship with my siblings, because I’m jealous of my friends who have a very good relationship with their siblings. This is all because our trip to Singapore on 31 January 2018 to 4 February 2018. A trip to Singapore, just the three of us, Fitri (my older sister), me, and Luthfi (my younger-yet-much-bigger-than-me-brother).

I got so cranky when my mother told me that the three of us are going to Singapore on 31 January 2018. I hated my siblings so much that I didn’t want to go somewhere with them without my parents. So I got cranky. My crankiness added up because the three of us had to create our passports by ourselves, I didn’t ask to go to Singapore with my siblings. I had to go through a lot, like we had to set out from our home early in the morning to queue up in the Immigration Office, then I had to bear with my sister’s talkativeness, then I have to wait for more than 4 hours to get my name called to create my passport. Not only that, by the time we got out passports, in the night my sister told me to look up for cool destinations in Singapore, “Hey, I didn’t ask to go there with you guys, so why bother asking me?” I thought. I’m a quiet guy in my own house, I only talk when I need something, yup that’s how horrible of a person I was. So I didn’t do what she asked me before, so my sister had to do all the paper works by herself, I didn’t feel bad though, I mean she’s the oldest of the three.

The day of our departure came, it was a typical day in Jakarta, hot, and pollution everywhere. We said goodbye to our parents then we took online taxi to Soekarno-Hatta International Airport. I kept quiet in the car, not saying a single word, in the backseat, Fitri and Luthfi talked a lot, so I slept to get over my crankiness. Then we arrived at the airport, I was still keeping my quiet image, yet my sister kept bothering me to say something, baiting me with interesting topics, then I took the bait when she said “Ndra, which country do you want to go after Singapore?” she asked. “Japan” I replied briefly. “I see, that’s going to be difficult, none of us can talk Japanese, so we have to learn Japanese first, huh?” she replied. Then the topic ended, because I choose not to talk any further. We explored the airport. That was my first visit to an airport, so I got excited yet annoyed by the presence of my siblings. Then our flight came, I got excited again, that was my first flight. The flight is filling my mind, taking over my hatred towards my siblings.

By the time we arrived at Singapore sky, the weather changed drastically, it was sunny in Indonesia, yet Stormy in Singapore. My first flight is quiet horrible because our plane got turbulences, but that what made my first flight exciting at the same time. And by the time we left our plane, my crankiness came back, I hated my siblings again. We took a rest before continuing our journey to our apartment. We took another online taxi, because it was still raining. By the time we entered the city, I was very amazed by how they manage their city, by how their rules worked. We took a rest in our apartment rooms. We share the same room, there was three beds though. So my crankiness raised up even further, “So, I have to share a room with them?” I thought. Because I’m an English Literature student, my siblings relied on me too much to talk to people here. I hated it. Because of that, it caused a lot of fights between us.

On the first day, we just strolling around our apartment, looking for unique food we can’t find in Indonesia, so we went to Haji Lane. It was middle eastern food, I ordered curry rice, it tasted different to Japanese curry rice, well duh. So it’s not to my liking, yet I forced myself to eat because we paid for it. Then we went back to our room to sleep early, because we have to wake up early to go the Universal Studio. We woke up early in the next morning, then we took a MRT! I love MRT! I wish Indonesian MRT is just like Singapore’s! We arrived 4 hours earlier, so the amusement park is still closed, we explored the area, took a picture in front of the famous globe. By the time the park was almost open, people started to queue up, so did us. Then the gate opened, we ran along the other visitors to get our hands first to the new attraction, it was Transformers-themed-attraction. We didn’t queue up long, so it was fun. We spent the afternoon here, trying a lot of attractions as much as we could. “But, no rollercoaster!” I said to my other siblings, my brother agreed. But the The Mummy-themed-attraction caught our interest, we thought it wa all about jumpscare, we were wrong, it was an indoor rollercoaster, I hated it!

We wrap up the day by visiting S.E.A. Aquariums and we took a lot of photos there. Then we went back to our room to sleep early again. We were already tired at the second day, our backs hurt, like old people. So the next day we woke up lazily, trying to gather up our spirit to go the Garden by the Bay. We were very tired that we didn’t get excited at all, but by the time we got there, we got very amazed by the scenery, I liked the indoor waterfall! After that we were trying to go to shop for merchandise, but I didn’t like the idea of shopping, so we had another fight, “My back hurts so bad! I’d rather to go to the apartment alone!” I said, so my sister gave me the key to our room. I had to go to my apartment alone, alone in other people’s country. Just when I was about to arrive at the terminal near our apartment, my sister called, “Hey, I’m sorry about before. We are about to go to Merlion Park, do you want to go with us?” she asked. “Sure” I replied angrily while trying to calm myself. We arrived at the Merlion Park. Then we looked at each other then laughed as loud as we can. Who knows there were two Merlion Statue! Then we continue to the other one, which is the right statue. On the way there we took another rest on a bench in a park in front of One Fullerton shopping center. Turned out, it was not only me whose back was hurt, the three of us, because the three of like to play games a lot, so standing a long time hurts our back. We vented, vented, and vented, turned out the three of us just want to go home, we had enough of Singapore. So we called our mother to advance the date of our return. Then she said “No, no you can’t. We’ve paid for everything, you just have to bear for another two days there. Just… enjoy the moment. Okay?”. Then we just kept quiet, looking at each other, then laughed as much as we can again. My thought on them began to change at that day, because of our backs that was really hurt and our mutual feeling of wanting to go home. So we continue with what we planned for until the day of the three of us returning home. These days, our relationship is getting much better, and my mother’s word that day, I still remembered it clearly, “Enjoy the moment”. And it has become my life motto! Thanks to the park in front of One Fullerton shopping center which name I don’t know to this days.

Word count: 1498

Photo credit: Indra Wijaya Kusuma

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