One Bad Day: A Memoir

Redho Aditya

Since I was a child, I have always been a careless person who would accidently hurt himself, either it is getting hit by a bike or trip myself into a gutter, but usually It is because of my own carelessness. But when I was still in primary school, I had one bad day which could threaten my life. I was still in a primary school named SDN 05 Kalisari. My school life started in the morning with my parent driving me to the school, the class started at seven o’clock with the ring of the ball which signified the start of the class. After a while the bell would ring for a lunch break, I usually spent my lunch break time at the school yard playing tag with my friends after having my meal at the canteen. It was going normally like any other day. Until Farhan, one of my friends took out a piece of cloth, rolled it into a whip and chased the other kid to scare them for the fun of it.

Initially I did not take it seriously and just sit back and watching them from afar, because I did not want to get involved with that kind of thing. But my friend had a mischievous idea to prank me by scaring me with the whip while the others were holding me. While he was whipping around, one of them accidently hit my right eye. As my friend who were shock by it released me, I started to roll on the ground crying while covering my eye. One of my friends started to run to search for the school staff, while the other tried to calm me down. After my friend came back with the school janitor, he asked me if I could open my eyes to see anything. As I opened my eye, I told the janitor that I only could see nothing but white. It felt like a thick fog was covering my whole vision.

After hearing what I said, the janitor told the other kid to go back to the class. After my friend went back to the class, the janitor brought me to the clinic so that if he could patch me up before it got worst. My eye started leaking with tears without stopping, so the janitor gave a pack of tissue to soak up the liquid. I spent just about fifteen minutes laying on the school clinic bed. The janitor asked me if any my parents were at home. I told the janitor that my mother was currently at home, so he escorted me back home using his bike.

In the next day I went back to the school while wearing a bandage over my eye after I got treated at the hospital. As I got to the class everyone asked me on how was the state of my eye and what did happen yesterday. With one question being answered, another question appeared. At that point the whole room felt like an interview instead of a classroom. After a while, the bell which signify the start of the class rang as the teacher who is also our homeroom teacher named Mr. Abidin came to the class. While we were studying, I had a hard time following my study because I am not used to having one of my eyes covered. After the class ended for lunch break, my homeroom teacher called me because he wanted to know about my condition right now and how is my eye right now. I answered it with full conviction to convince him that I will be fine, and I just had to wear the bandage at least for a month so that my eye would not be exposed to open air while it healed itself.

After I talked to the teacher, I went to the canteen. while I was walking to the canteen, I noticed that people were looking at me. Even though I did not think of it as something troublesome, I just do not like to be the center of unnecessary attention. But before I had the chance to reach the canteen, I saw a familiar face named Raihan who was my fellow classmate walking with my other classmate. He was also the one who went along with the prank which ended badly on my end. Even though I did not hate him for that, it still does leave a bad taste in my mouth. But he asked me if I wanted to go to the canteen together with the others. Even after what happened yesterday, I really could not refuse it, so I went to the canteen with them.

While we were eating at the canteen, I felt that the atmosphere was a little bit awkward. With me just eating the food I just bought next to my friends, I just sat there talking to my other friends but not to Raihan because of the previous incident. Unexpectedly, he started to talk to me, and asked me about how I currently holding out. To answer his worry, I pat his back and said that it was all fine. For me, the fact that he was feeling genuinely bad made me could not refuse his apology. Even though I do forgive him, I do not think that I will forget it anytime soon. After the unsettling apology of my friend happen, we play around at the canteen until the lunch break finished.

While we were walking back to the class, Raihan asked me if Farhan has already apologized about what happen yesterday, in which I responded with no. Before we were able to reach the class, I saw Farhan just went inside the class. As we were studying for the rest of the day, I realized that he was avoiding me throughout the whole class. While I did not expect him to apologize to me for what happen yesterday, I was at least expecting that he would talk normally to me. I did not even know either he was feeling guilty or not.

After the class ended, I went to the gate of the school to be surprised by my mother who was waiting for me. She went up to me and asked me to follow her to the teacher room, which I nod in an agreement. I followed her to the room only to be surprised with Farhan being in the room with an old woman which I considered to be his mother. As my mother sit across the table with my homeroom teacher in the middle of it. Even if I was not told about this, I was able to understand on what was going to be talked about in a matter of seconds. Before my mother was about to start talking, Farhan’s mother cut her off by saying sorry while bowing down in front of my mother and me. She was saying that she would pay back all the medical bills for me in the future after she has enough money. But before she speaks any more sentence, my mother told her that she does not mind about the money, and she should not apologize to her but to me. After what my mother said, Farhan’s mother told him to apologize to me, which I accepted. After all of those things happened, everything went back to normal with me still befriending all of my friend and having my right eye almost healed back to normal. Me and my friend also never tried any kind of prank to prevent that from happening ever again.

Illustration by: Arsenixc

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