First Experience in Putri Mountain: A Memoir

Alayya Aulia Rahmi


I thought maybe this could be a memory that I could remember forever, because this was the first time I and six of my friends had done it for 19 years our friendship was established, and until now we still have a very close relationship together, and also our home too indeed in a row.

One day, we planned this for a long time and finally it could be done. So this is a place that maybe in my opinion one of the most memorable. At that times me and my friends got ready to go to Putri mountain in Lembang for camping before we gather to pack whatever luggage must be prepared, starting from renting a tent, carrier, and other camping equipments. When the sky started to turn orange and the sun began to sink with mixed feelings between pleasure and a little fear for me because this is the first time, we are all ready to go to Putri mountain. We went on a motorbike, at first we were hesitant, but because we had planned it so we decided to go anyway and when on the trip we really enjoyed the scenery and I also carried the carrier, it didn’t feel heavy because I felt healed by the views we saw during the trip.

After spending about 3 more hours, we finally arrived. When we got there we bought a ticket for camping because not only we could camp, if we wanted to just climb once, then go home again, and we didn’t forget to buy firewood to make a campfire because the weather was very cold at that time. Even the sky was getting darker. We had to peak at the top because the more night it would be more difficult to find empty land for us to roll out the tent. We climbed hill by hill, clearly visible from the look on the faces of my friends who began to frown because of exhaustion, but they remained enthusiastic and kept remembering our goals and plans to get to the top. After taking a long time, finally we arrived at the top of Putri mountain at that time. The sky was very dark and we did not see anything. We immediately sprang up to roll out the tent, when we were putting up iron tents the unpleasant events happened: the lock for the tent iron was missing. The iron is broken because we have to deploy 2 tents at once, and my friends are all women, no men. We also looked panic and couldn’t think what to do, then there were 3 men who saw us confused, they immediately asked us what had happened and they were willing to help us also give us an empty space next to their tent.

After everything is finished, we immediately took care of our things and prepare to make a bonfire while cooking instant noodles when the weather is very cold. We also took pictures and sang together. At that times we were very happy for a moment, forgetting things that impelled the mind. Then my friend, Ririn invited two of his friends to come to our camp, fortunately his friend was male, so we could ask for their help if needed. At that time the atmosphere at Putri mountain was indeed very crowded because we chose to camp on Saturday. After we ate and sang together, we took a break while enjoying the scenery of the city lights and also the lights of the tall building, also not forget to see the star-studded sky.

I think maybe this is what we wanted the most. And in Mount Putri there is still grass on the edges of the path. Was on the grass that we used to laid down and enjoyed the cold weather. At 1 o’clock we also rushed to wore sleeping bags to sleep, even though only a few of my friends would sleep and the others still want to chat, enjoy the scenery and more. I also chose not to sleep first, because I wanted to enjoy things that might not be done every day. Previously we had planned to get up early at 5 o’clock in the morning not to pass the sunrise and we also agreed.

The next day we all got up on time, and then when we came out of the weather tent that we felt when it was colder than the night before, everything looked shivering, as for my friend who was grumbling because he was annoyed with the cold air at dawn. We watched the sun begin to appear with a mix of orange and yellow colors that looked very beautiful, the fog began to cover the views of houses and buildings, on the other hand we looked around the people had already set up their cellphones and cameras to capture the highly anticipated moments, I do not forget to captured it. After that, my friend and I got ready to cook for breakfast we also chose to cook rice “liwet”, the typical rice of Sundanese people and did not forget to use chili, we ate together while feeling spiciness.

And then, we put up a hammock by tying it on two trees while relaxing with the sunny weather and also a very beautiful view, and also we did not forget to take pictures together again, chat, and share with each other whatever we wanted to tell and we also make a games where we have to be honest with each other. Then, we walked out of the tent to see a higher peak, seeing the scenery around while chatting, lots of plants and flowers that were quite unique. Before we returned to the tent, we rested for a while, we singing again as if our activities could not be separated from chatting and singing at that time. A few moments later we went back down to the tent again when it was getting late, and then we decided to take care of the tents and other items because we were afraid of rain and it would be more difficult to clean up. After one hour passed we were ready to go down to the checkpoint and we not forgot to check the item so that no one was left behind. Although with a look that looked tired we still had to continue the way down to the post and go to the parking lot where we kept the motorbike and we also went to go home feeling tired but happy. After that we stopped briefly to my friend’s boarding house not far from Putri mountain to buy food and also send photos to each other that we had captured before, and do not forget we also rested and slept so as not to feel sleepy and feeling sore while on the way to House.

Started from togetherness, doing various activities that made us closer and more aware of each other, eliminated a little bit of selfishness and we also do not feel ashamed to say to each other if there are things you wanted to help. I will remember this memory for a long time and I will never forget it.

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