Unforgettable Music Event: A Memoir

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My name is Armelita Amanda. I am just an ordinary girl who has a lot of dreams in my life. Some of my dreams are after I graduated from University, I really want to be an entrepreneur, travel all around the world, and meet my favorite artist. I feel happy when I have a kind of dreams like that because those dreams are a way which can motivate me every day to become a better person in the future. Sometimes, when I struggle in reaching my dreams, I feel stress and desperate because first, I have to face a lot of challenges in front of me that can make me want to stop doing that. Second, I am afraid how if those dreams cannot be reached? Then, what will I become in the future? When I want to bring back my motivation in life and throw all the negative vibes inside my mind, I choose to go shopping, watch my favorite artist concert, watching movies, and hangout with my friends. My favorite place that I always visit is a mall. I choose mall because there are lots of interesting places and events that I can visit like restaurant, clothes shop, make up shop, cafe, music event, etcetera.

I have unforgettable moment that rarely happened in my life. Before I tell about it, I want you to know that I have a hobby same as the other girls outside there, that is called fangirling towards an idol. I have already fangirling since I was at Elementary School and I cannot stop doing that thing until now. I have a lot of idols. All of them are having the same profession that is a singer. The reason why I like a singer is because I love listening to the music, listening to the music can relieve my problems, most of the singers have a good charisma when they perform on stage, and singers can give me new spirits in my life through the songs that have been composed by them. From all singers that I have already idolized, Ardhito Pramono is my favorite. Ardhito Pramono is a jazz singer. Most of his songs are composed by himself. I knew Ardhito Pramono from Bittersweet, a mini beauty drama series on Abel Cantika’s YouTube channel. The first time I saw Ardhito on that mini beauty drama, I directly fell in love with him because I love everything about him, like his style, his acting, and one of his songs called Bitterlove the soundtrack of that drama. After I knew Ardhito, I have a dream that I want to meet him in real life and it happened.

Like we all have already known, February is a month of love for every couple in the world. All couples in the world are celebrating Valentine’s Day every February 14. To celebrate Valentine’s Day and to promote their special Valentine Menu to their customers, Yoforia Yogurt Studio held an intimate Valentine Celebration Event at Paris Van Java Bandung on February 17, 2017 and were enlivened by several artists, one of them was Ardhito Pramono. Yoforia Yogurt Studio chose Ardhito to perform at their Valentine Celebration Event because all of Ardhito’s songs are told about love story and they are suitable to be play and listen at that event. Besides that, his music genre is jazz, so the melody of his songs are slow and could make everyone, especially a couple who listen to it feel relax also happy. Another reason because at that time, Ardhito was a rising jazz singer, who has a lot of fans because of his talents in created a good jazz music and his charming appearance, it was a bonus for Yoforia to attract the attention of customers, especially women, to attend the event and tried the Yoforia Valentine’s Menu style. Yoforia Yogurt Studio is a cafe that is used to promote their products named Yogurt to their customers. The yogurt is different from the other yogurt we have already known because it contains coffee, milk, and fresh fruit like peach, blueberry, strawberry, etcetera in it. The place of that cafe is at Paris Van Java Bandung. The building of that cafe is good because it is surrounded by glass. The inside of that cafe is very aesthetic and cozy because the wall color is white also the stuff which surround that cafe are very instagrammable. The size of that cafe is not big and not small it is very suitable to be used as a hangout, doing assignments, and meeting place.

I knew the information that Ardhito would perform at Yoforia from Ardhito Pramono’s Instagram on February 14, 2017. On that day, I was sitting at my dorm when I opened my Instagram, suddenly Ardhito updated something on his Instagram’s story, then I saw if Ardhito would perform at Yoforia Bandung for the first time on February 17, 2017. I was so happy when I saw it because finally I could meet him in real life. When I knew that information, I directly called my two nieces to accompany me to come to that event and they said yes. Ardhito performed at 6 p.m. so I decided to make a plan, I had to go to that place as soon as possible because I did not want to miss Ardhito’s performance. The long-awaited day was over. On February 17, 2017 I was so excited because I wanted to meet my favorite artist. When I was on my way to Yoforia at that time, I played all Ardhito’s songs again and again to boost my mood.

When I arrived at Yoforia, the place was crowded because the event has already started. Not long after that, Ardhito came and he stood inside the cafe. I was so happy when I saw him, then I ran into that cafe and took a photo with him before he performed. My body was shaking when I stood beside him because he was so handsome and cute. Something that I never imagine in my life happened on that day. Before I took a photo with Ardhito, he told me that my clothes were cute, then when I took a photo with him, his left hand was holding my left waist, and after we finished taking a photo together he said be careful on your way home while he smiled to me. I was confused at first when he said be careful on your way home because he did not even perform yet at that time, then said those things to me, but I could understand that, maybe after the event finished he wanted me to go home safety. I was speechless when Ardhito did that to me because that was so adorable. It was 6 p.m. on that day that means it was the time for Ardhito to perform. The location of the stage was outside the cafe. The stage was surrounded by black fences, all Yoforia quiz winners who wore white clothes, and there were shining rope lights that decorated with heart-shaped paper to lighten up the stage.

The event became more intimate when Ardhito sang because he sang more than three songs at that time and he sang only with a keyboard. The audiences who came to the event enjoyed the stunning performance of Ardhito and sang along with him included me. The situation became different when I knew that Ardhito’s girlfriend stood beside me when Ardhito performed. I introduce myself to her, then we took a wefie after that. After the event finished, most of Ardhito’s fans were entering the café again and waiting in line to take a photo with Ardhito, different with me, who directly decided to have a dinner with my nieces and went home after that. I wanted to say thank you to Yoforia Yogurt Studio, even it is not at Paris Van Java anymore because from that event, one of my dreams came true that I could meet my favorite idol that I have been dreaming from a long time ago. I still could not believe it that I could talk to him face to face in real life. The precious moment that will never be forgotten for the rest of my life.


Photo by:
1. Yoforia (2017). Retrieved December 15, 2018, from https://www.instagram.com/p/BUJpkyhly9c/?utm_source=ig_share_sheet&igshid=nt5dl4mbf25k (@yoforiaid)
2. Armelita Amanda

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