Flash Fiction: Worst First Love

Ziyan Az Zahra


I signed in to my Yahoo Messenger and replied to Kimmy, my only best friend story about her movie-date with Jim, her new famous boyfriend. Strange notification appeared, “It’s Sam.” I cannot remember what I’ve done until one guy, found my YM account and messaged me. “Can you give me the details of Math assignments that we should do tomorrow?” felt awkward, but I sent the files anyway.

Two days later, a weird notification came, “Mr. John said that only you who got the perfect score” “Oh well, Mr. John must be kidding, he said that because I helped him to give you the assignments file” I tried to enjoy it, “You have to believe in me!” “I only believe in God” “Hahaha” I just didn’t know what to answer again. Unexpectedly, “Aysha?” he said. “Ya?” “What if I message you again tomorrow?” I smiled, “Just try it tomorrow”.

“How was your day?” pretty short question in the next day that made our chat last for three weeks which bring us to the more than friendship, “Would you like to be my first and I hope… last girlfriend?” he said, I smiled then nodded and felt like the happiest girl in the world. I told everything to Sam, as Kimmy was busy with Jim, he always excited to hear my story. I finally found someone who is willing to come to see me when I cry, who can make me laugh every day.

Five months of relationship, mom told me that we have to move to Bandung the next month. I shocked. How can I leave him walks to home and having his afternoon tea alone?

When we walked home in the next day, for the first and maybe last time, I hugged him. I told the truth that I have to leave him. He whispered, “I am not going to leave you, I will visit you every three months. Promise.” I cannot hold my tears, is it the right time to believe you, Sam?

A month after I moved, Kimmy broke up with Jim.

It’s 14th December, I drive my car to the place where the brightest smile of me will appear. Sam is sitting with his favourite green tea. “How was life?” I start the conversation. He smiled, “Tell yours first.” I talk about everything that happened in my life, also how I have my afternoon tea every weekend, “And.. how’s yours?” I stop talking, waiting for the long story from him. He started to talk what happened at school, “Hmm, I still go for the afternoon tea everyday, but sorry…” He holds my hand, “One week after you left, I asked Kimmy to accompany me to have the afternoon tea, because I miss you. After that first day, Kimmy asked me first to have that afternoon tea, she told me about her broken heart, it happened for a month, until she broke up. And…” “And???” I pulled my hand. “Kimmy and I feel that maybe we belong to each other” “So…” “We, You and I, better end this relationship from now on.” That’s the last thing I heard from him.

I walked away, driving to home, and locked myself in my room. Being happy is not about having a boyfriend.

Word Count: 550

Photo Credits: Jen Palmer / https://unsplash.com/photos/2D2K9tNDYDw

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