Flash Fiction: We Were Best Friends

Gebryka Aneuk Meulia


My name is Keira, a humble and caring girl. I had a best friend named Luna, she was a child of a wealthy family. However, she was not arrogant with the wealth of her parents. We have been friends since elementary school, continued to junior high school. We were often mistaken for sisters because we were always together everywhere. Apparently our togetherness made one of our classmates jealous. She was Sandra, the daughter of the principal in our school. She was very spoiled, whatever her will must always be fulfilled.

Until one day she had a plan to separate both of us. She asked her brother Randy for help to approach us both. Then, Randy approached us one by one. As time went on, I began to feel comfortable near him. But, because of I knew Luna also liked him I gave in to Luna and let her along with him.

Lately, because of her busy life with Randy, Luna had no time with me. It was Sandra’s opportunity to incite both of us. First, she instigated me by saying that Luna no longer cared about our friendship. Likewise with Luna who was incited by Sandra’s words who said that I thought Luna was a prostitute. Luna and I met and we disputed each other.

Sandra was happy with the breakdown of our friendship. Until one day, Luna, who intended to meet Randy in her class, overheard the conversation between Randy and Sandra about us. It turned out that they had intentionally destroyed our friendship by pitting us. Luna, who did not expect it, immediately slapped both of them and ended her relationship with Randy. She felt guilty for me but she was embarrassed to see me again.

I had not seen Luna in school for days. Until one night, her father came to my house and gave the news that Luna had a car accident and she was in a coma. My body was limp and almost fainted. A week later, I visited Luna at the hospital when her condition had improved enough. When I saw her, she looked unusual, her gaze was empty. I approached her and said "Forgive me for the incident that day, Luna" I whispered while hugging Luna, but there was no response from her.

I came out of the room and talked to Luna’s mother. She told me that Luna had a concussion. Besides, before the accident happened, Luna told her about our dispute but actually it did not make Luna hate me at all because we were friends. There, I was very sad and regretted why we had to fight.

A month later, Luna had recovered, and we passed in school. But now everything has changed since the accident, she was not like the person I knew. She only saw me at a glance. There was no more laughter between us after that day.

8 years later, Luna suddenly contacted me and asked me how I was, and vice versa. But, I did not know why our friendship could not return. In my heart I said “Even though we were not like before, but memories with you will always be in my heart. Thank you for being my best friend at that time, Luna."

Photo Credit: Picture was taken from http://coffeeclutterandchaos.com/tag/when-you-have-to-walk-away-from-a-toxic-friendship/

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