Flash Fiction: Was It Worth It?

Judith Aura Tiara Dwi Trisaka

It was a cold night at December 13th when Kiara sat on her apartment floor, staring blankly at the blank white wall. Kiara was a 20-year-old young adult, who had lived her whole life being told that she was worthless. Being told that you were worthless equaled having no one to love you.

But to her own disbelief, she found a man. One man who meant so much to her. She met Gio. Kiara was head over heels. Gio was the one, indeed.

Indeed, until he decided to show his true colors to her, months later.

Inhaling deeply, Kiara remembered the first time Gio saw her crying because of his own stinging words.
Kiara remembered how Gio called her weak.
“You weak-ass woman,” he spat.

Kiara remembered the first time Gio called her with profanities.

Kiara was only talking to her guy friends, talking about assignments and such.

“You’re a slut. I saw the way you look at him! Bet you want him gettin’ you laid,” he cursed.

Those were just tiny bits of abuse he attacked her with. A year full of pain and nonsense, and she couldn’t run. He grasped her way too hard; Kiara had no chance to slip out.

She didn’t even care; even chose not to care about anything else anymore. She was tired and desperate. She spent days, weeks, months, thinking of the only way out. Glancing on the silver blade on her right hand, she had known how everything would end. How she would end.

The last thing she knew was blood, and darkness afterwards.

She didn’t even realize that someone was barging through her door.


Bayu had waited for this day. He would finally meet Kiara again, his childhood friend who saved him from eternal sleep months ago. He had promised, ten months ago, that he would visit her on her birthday. That was today, December 13th.

Arriving at her front door, he heard nothing but suppressed sobs from inside her room. Feeling the panic arising inside his guts, he knocked the door so hard, calling her name as loud as he could.

The crying stopped.

Yet the silence was followed by a painful cry, so painful that Bayu could almost feel the pain.

Bayu didn’t remember how he finally managed to barge in through her front door. He ran inside, only to find Kiara lying on the floor, blood soaking through her limp, lifeless body.

Her face was as white as the blank wall she was staring at.


She opened her eyes only to find out that she was still breathing. It took her a moment to realize that she was in a hospital room, and it took a lot more moment to realize that her hand was locked in someone’s hand.

It was Bayu’s.

Bayu, her childhood friend, the man she saved from suicide months ago. Bayu, the man with black-framed eyeglasses and big, loving brown eyes.

How could she even forget his existence?

Bayu, her Bayu.

He remembered her.

She burst in tears, realizing that she actually had a saving grace, yet buried by her demons.

“Was everything worth it, Bayu? Was the pain worth the death?”

Sshh, Kiara. Everything will be fine. I’m here. You saved me once, now allow me to save you.”

Word count: 548 words

Photo credit:

Ragnar, S. (Photographer). (2011, November 5). Alone [digital image]. Retrieved from https://500px.com/photo/3046981/alone-by-siggi-ragnar

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