Flash Fiction: To the Dragon’s Cave

Name: Mochammad Rizal AlfaritziNPM: 180410160017

Once upon a time, in the kingdom called Calestia, there live an orphaned boy named Rhaegal. His mother died while she was giving a birth to the boy. Rhaegal lived southern village of Calestia called Althea. There are two kinds of race exist in Althea and had their own special ability. Elves are famous with its crafts such as bows, arrows, and poisons, they used to add deadly poisons to the arrows and able to archery with some acrobatic movements. On the other hand, humans could craft deadly swords that able to cut a body just in one swing and it’s called shield-breaker sword. It is a great sword with heavy weight, so it must be swing with two-handed and it is 180 cm long. Despite they have their own special abilities, they live together in warmth and peace.

Erwin is his uncle, he is the person in charge to take care Rhaegal. His strict rules were made-up Rhaegal to be a young deadly assassin. In his third year of age, he could easily wield a shield-breaker sword and his accuracy of archery was amazed his uncle. He could shoot on the red-dot target without any miss. His skill of archery and swinging a word made his uncle wants to treat him in special way. Rhaegal did everything that his uncle taught for one reason, he wants to know his father that had been lost for years in a place called Death Valley. People were believing that his father has been died and swallowed by a gigantic dragon that lives in there.

The dragon was attacked the kingdom many years ago, it disappeared all the sudden after attacking the kingdom. Calestia was damaged badly and there were hundred people died in that tragedy. His father went to the dragon nest that beliefs located in the Death Valley, after that he disappeared, and no one bravely check his condition to there. All that story he got from Erwin, his uncle also believes that Viserion, Rhaegal’s father had died in that time. As he reaches his twentieth of age, he secretly goes out to find his father. In addition to that he recruited some of his friends and told them it will be a great adventure because we are the first people that exploring the Death Valley.

The adventurers arrived in the Death Valley, in front of the gate they did not found nothing suspicious. They decided to continue exploring the valley, in the middle of the exploration, the army of undead was coming from the ground. They fought with their special ability, Rhaegal was swinging his sword through the head of the undead army, Teresia could burned and froze them with her magic wand, Kane slaughtered them with his double-dagger weapon, and then Dexter could heal injured member and using his wand to electrocute the enemies. The adventurers had done with them without using much power. Then they continued their adventure until they found a big-hole cave. The roar of the dragon was a sign of greetings for them.

Were they able to fight the dragon and find Rhaegal’s father?

Word Count: 519

Illustration credit

althea village: https://goo.gl/images/HEsf3q
the army of undead: https://goo.gl/images/AhyPHq
dragon’s cave: https://goo.gl/images/QdnjHw

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