Flash Fiction: Things Better Left Unseen

Diandra Dewi Rahmadhani / 180410160020

Today had been a pretty relaxing day for class IX-B. The teachers were unusually busy with meetings so they couldn’t come to teach the class. Half of the students spent their time sleeping while the other half played games among their own circle. Sherry and her friends then decided to play a dare game: whoever got pointed at by the water bottle had to go inside their school’s haunted library for 15 minutes in the evening.

So thus, here Sherry was, standing in front of the library when the sun had set.

Their school’s library was an old, creaky building located separately from the school building. It was never locked because nobody went there anymore. The haunted rumors started when someone claimed to have seen a shadow on the wall inside the library when he was about to take the book he had accidentally left behind. Yet after he went inside, there wasn’t anyone or anything that could explain the thing he saw. He then dramatically stated that chills immediately went through his whole body and he got so terrified because he felt like he was being watched by an unseen force.

“I just need to get this over with quickly.” Sherry said under her breath. She had never believed in those supernatural things anyway.

As she got into the building, she weirdly felt lightheaded and for a moment she thought she was about to throw up. She then looked up and saw a girl standing before her.

Startled, Sherry fell on her bottom. “Who are you?!”

The girl kneeled before her, looking desperate. “I’m Anna. I’ve been trapped here for years. My father killed me and I’m buried under this building. I need your help for me to get out from here and go to the other side peacefully.”

“You’re dead?” Sherry couldn’t feel her whole body. Her hunch told her to get out yet she decided to stay and listen to whatever Anna was about to say.

Anna didn’t answer. “Please. I just need your help. Come with me.”

Curiosity won over Sherry. She got up with wobbly legs and followed her.

“My mother’s spirit once visited me here saying the only way I could get out is by the touch of a human. I need you to touch my hand.” She pleaded.

Sherry couldn’t believe this was happening, that she was encountering a ghost—someone who had been dead. Feeling bad for Anna, Sherry slowly lifted her hand to touch hers. Her vision gradually went black a second after their hands had touched.

Sherry woke up the morning after, still inside the library. She looked around and thought everything was just a dream. She attempted to get out but she was unable to touch the doorknob—or anything at all. She panicked and tried screaming for help, until the door opened only for Sherry to see herself and her friends standing there. She started crying frantically yet no one responded. It seemed like she couldn’t be seen nor heard.

“Told you guys there isn’t anything weird in here!” Sherry saw herself exclaiming.

Realization hit Sherry. The touching wasn’t just for Anna to be able to get out from here. It was also for her soul to get into Sherry’s body.

She was now the one trapped.

Word count: 550

Photo by Maia Habegger on Unsplash https://unsplash.com/photos/Th6p15WAPP0

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