Flash Fiction: The Tears Of Lucifer

Tiara Kasih180410160012

I met her at the club, while I was sitting in the middle of the table me and my friends ordered, watching pole dancers doing their job with seductive eyes, hoping that there were men who were kind enough to make it rain on them. I was tipsy at that time, drinking four glasses of Pineapple Upside Down Cake served in a saucer champagne glass would not make me go all out easily. I did not know whether it was because of the smell of pineaple-cake based cocktail or the position of me and my friend which was in the middle of the club that attracted the nightclub hostesses wearing the least outfit as possible. Five steps away from our table, I saw a girl who was wearing edgy style of clothing with black leathered biker jacket, holding a higball glass of Bloody Mary in her hand. Her wearing red lips which was contrast to her medium skin tone attracted me. Her quiet, peaceful mental and condition indicated me that she was not drunk, or I thought she was having The Virgin Mary. I pursued myself to talk to her as I was tipsy. The music played was loud, she wrote me on my phone her number, then we started to talk without knowing each other’s names.
In another day, we became closer with each other not knowing our real identity. Me being a desperate man that I am to know her, came up knowing her identity to a group of people she usually hang out with. These people were apparently one of those rich people’s group with rebellious members who committed with drugs, law breaking, and had a concept that money does everything. They were lack of remorse, shame, and guilt of their actions. The group was hated by our society for their careless behaviours as they are untouchable by laws. Each member had an alias which was the other name for satan. I did not know what wicked act she did but she was Lucifer. My friend said that it suit her a lot. Female version of Lucifer he said. I hit him with my left hand. I could not stand any bad things people say about her. I found out that she was not by her own, she was not an empty shell. The air around me felt like a cage, knowing that I would never ever be in a little space in her mind. Who knows that I was just her unappealing peasant of god-knows-what.
One night I came back to the club I met her for the first time. I ordered the same exact spot I sat, same drinks with more consistency, hoping I would passed out. Could not stand by my own, I called her to come pick me up at the club and then she came. I could not handle myself, that I started babbling. Her being a generous woman helped me to walk but I said “Welcome back, Lucifer. What is the next game you will play me on? What a devil in disguise”. She loosen her locked hands around me, started to shed tears. She left without a single word. Well, it was another story of the bitter pills of fate.

Word Count: 550

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