Flash Fiction: The Princess and Her King

Marselina Viase180410160098

She always wished to be treated like a princess by other as her father does. But surely, no one got the time to do so in real life.

Since the time he was gone and with her mother missing, probably dead by now, she had become more clueless every day. Just like a princess lost in the woods, she didn’t know what to do, who to ask, what to ask or what to expect.

She was sweet. Too sweet and soft for real life. Too fragile and way too naïve for the world, for all this time, she has only lived with her father, she had only known his love and protection. Never has she met other people. But, today will become her first step to the outside world. Because after her father’s death, and only when everyone had stopped coming, had she realized that she’s alone now.

Her house was a small yet comfortable house in the suburbs. She never really went to school, her father taught her everything. She never went shopping either, everything she needs was always there and she thought she had it all.

When she went out of the house, she had only known that fall is almost ending because it’s getting cold outside. She never really track the time and season, she only knew what they are and when they’re supposed to come during the year.

She stepped out of her front porch and felt the cold air hitting her face. It’s the end of November and next week, winter will come.

Then, there he was. Across the house, a man with face so bright, smiling at her and greeted her. He said good evening, she said the same thing to him. One thing she realized, he looked exactly like her father when he was young. And she can’t help but to think about him, because she misses her father, and maybe, just maybe, if she can get close to that man, with someone that looks like her father, she don’t have to play the strong orphan girl facing the world alone.

She then walk across the street, ask for his name, and to her surprise, he has the same name with him. Jonathan, a beautiful name that reminds her of her everything, her father – the only thing she has.

He smiled, widely. A little bit to friendly maybe. But for her, his name and his looks are the only important things. She didn’t take hesitation and fear, so she told everything about her life to him. The man whom she forgot was not her father.

They sit in front of the stairs of the house across the street. His house? Maybe, she didn’t really care about that anyways. She needed comfort and someone to be with her, soon. And she provided him with it.

The small talk, the little smiles, led to many greater things. She liked him, maybe a bit more than her father, and surely not as a father. He’s older, obviously, but she likes the things he taught her. Some are better than what her father taught her. It’s not always the good thing, she learnt many other things too. Including all sorts of comfort and love she could never get from her father, at least not in this certain way. He sure treated her like a princess and she thinks she liked it. But in real life, nothing has happy ending, really. So there she went, to a rabbit hole she created herself, which she willingly jumped into. She became the headline of this week’s newspaper. “A Young Orphan Girl Dead, Raped by Her Neighbor”

So she’s gone just like that; in the hand of a man with her father’s name and looks. Desdemona life just ended like her name. Fate doesn’t really think she’s a princess worth to keep, so they let her go, in the hands of a man who’s supposed to be her king.

Illustratation is by Anthony Tran from unsplash.com

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