Flash Fiction: The Object in the Mirror Are Closer Than It Appears

Ninda Aininda Putri


If there’s one thing Daniel loves very much, it’s his red Vespa.

It is his 17th birthday gift from his parents, along with a motorbike driving license a few days later. He rides it every day to school, mall, or basically everywhere he wants to go. Another thing that he loves beside his bike and the British soccer team, Liverpool, is probably picking fights with Kara. Or at least that’s what she thinks.

“She should not ride my bike. She’ll ruin it.”

Daniel then laughs to indicate that he is joking. Still, Kara holds back the urge to try that red Vespa. It is summer, so the weather is rather hot. Kara turns to go back to Sierra’s house while she rides Daniel’s Vespa around her house. Vincent follows Kara, gives her a knowing look when their eyes meet and she just raises an eyebrow at him.

“I’m not angry. I don’t want to ride his bike anyway.”

“I’m not saying anything.” Vincent scoffs.

Sierra comes back not long after, giving back the keys to Daniel. She tells her experience excitedly which Daniel responds with the same energy. Oh, how Kara wishes she can just throws a snarky remarks back at Daniel and get to ride his bike. Daniel suddenly turns to her.

“Do you want to try it now?”

“No.” Kara replies quickly before she can think. Daniel just shrugs his shoulder.

“Okay then.”

And puff! His keys are now resting comfortably in his pocket. Where did her pride and stubbornness lead her to? Regret.

Kara curses internally.

“We have to go to the museum tomorrow to get more data. Why do we have so many group projects?” asks Sierra more to herself.

“The right question is why we are in the same group for so many group projects.” Vincent says with a laugh. Sierra and Kara follows. Naturally, they are in the same group because they sit closely with each other. Kara is just about to ask Vincent if she can go with him tomorrow but Sierra beats her first.

“Vincent, I’ll go with you then.”

Vincent agrees easily and Kara curses internally.

“I’ll take the bus then. It’s not far from my house.” Kara says quickly before anyone can suggest anything like—

“Why bother? You can go with Daniel.” Sierra cuts her train of thoughts.

“Right, Daniel?” Sierra turns to face him. Daniel’s eyes meet hers.

“Huh? Whatever.”

“Uh, no, thanks.” Kara rejects. There’s no way she wants to go with him.

Daniel doesn’t seem to listen because then he says, “But you have to wear good clothes. You’re going to ride a Vespa. Don’t embarrass me.”

“I won’t go with you anyway. Don’t tell me how to dress.”

“Are you sure? You’re going to regret it.”

Kara really hates the way he’s smiling mockingly to her.

“You wish.” She replies finally. Daniel just shrugs.

Kara is so sure she won’t regret anything. Except Daniel is right, and the next day, he turns his head after seeing Kara on his Vespa’s side mirror just to find her right behind him.

“There’s no bus today. They’re doing a protest.”

“And you dress nicely,” Daniel hands her an additional helmet.

“Shut up.”

Word Count: 547

Photo credit: Objects in the Mirror are Closer Than They Appear (Joel Zimmer, 2008) https://www.flickr.com/photos/joelzimmer/3047469804/in/photostream/

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