Flash Fiction: The Limp

Yoshimi Yamada180410160023

Marcus walked by dragging his right leg. Every time he moves his left leg, at the next second the sound of the friction of his right leg’s shoe will make anyone’s ears become deaf. Many people don’t like him because of his condition. Once, a pedestrian spat in front of him while cursed him out "What the fuck is this?! Get the fuck out of here!" But he ignored it. Hearing verbal abuse neither does make his heart sad nor does make him angry.

Since he was childhood, he has been reminded by her mother to always bring pleasure to others. "Please remember that wherever you go, you always have to try to make other people happy". But it had different story after he was losing his right leg because of his motorcycle accident when he rides it from Jakarta to Bogor. But he don’t blame the accident. “I think, my leg should be like this. " he said.

I felt sorry for him for the first time I met. "Sometimes life with complete legs can be so hard moreover life with one leg like that" I thought to myself.

But he was neither typical of men who like to whine nor typical of men who need pity. You could say, he was quite skilled in terms of accepting anything gratefully. Until one day everything changed, when another diffable man came and called out to him "Hey, limp! Can you lift your legs so that my ears aren’t deaf?" He was stunned and angry. "The fuck! Even I’ve been cursed by a man who is same with me. Damn". Since that incident, he was no longer feels guilty if his right foot made a noise when he was walking. In fact, he often walked back and forth consciously just to make other people restless because of the noise of his friction. Without realizing it, he more enjoys of his behavior. "It’s fun!" He laughed to himself". If you can’t make other people happy, I suggest that you better make them feel annoyed" he said to me.

A few months ago, a miracle happened to his leg. Suddenly when he woke up from his sleep, his right leg was back to its original. He was surprised and very happy. "Oh, God! How great is your power, you have listened to my prayer".

He jumped here and there, he was very happy with his legs. "How nice to be normal again" he said repeatedly to me. He often forgot to rest his legs. "No! I don’t wanna sit! Life is too short if I just sitting around. You have to entrust your life to your legs, not to your bottom". He was very happy and he didn’t want to shut up. He always want to move here and there, without stopping, without feeling tired.

But in the afternoon, suddenly he complained. I don’t know what the God’s plan. He told me that he would prefer if his leg were limping like it used to. Now, after his leg was back to normal, his life became very boring. People no longer cursed him, he felt ignored and didn’t exist. So he decided to be limp again. He hit his right leg with a hammer until he was paralyzed and returned to be limp.

Word count: 550

Credit: https://www.islampos.com/kaki-pincang-semangat-berjuang-37932/

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