Flash Fiction: The Giant and I

Ghaisany Brilliance Shabrina Hadi


In this hot sunny day, my stomach starts to grumble. I could not find any food for few hours. A special condition I have forces me to eat every two hours or I could lose my mind and just laying on my back without having any energy left. I am looking for edible foods; fish cube is preferable since it is my favorite food. The fish cube is made from fish and flour and shapes, of course, like a cube. I usually find it in front of a house of the giants.

Speaking of the giants, those filthy giants are my biggest enemy. They always take and grow my kinds as a pet. They think we are cute enough to please their thirst of happiness. But no, I will not easily wiggling my hair and butt only to make them smile like others. Every time they try to hunt me, I will run and hide in the wood. My small figure can easily become invisible in their big and unclear eyes.

While facing this noisy stomach, I see a giant shadow from afar. I bet that is one of the giants who seek for another entertainment. My feet move immediately without me even noticing. That giant, probably a female because she has two big and round pointy fleshes on her chest, is trying to catch me again. I do not want to become her clown for today nor tomorrow, not even next year. I finally went passed the big door and got into the wood. I hide behind the long reeds before she calls my name,

“Lilly! Lilly! Where are you? I have a can of fish cube here!”

I, obviously, do not respond to that filthy giant even though that can of fish cube is tempting. Her eyes try to look for me everywhere. She even puts her hand into the pond in case i hide by drowning myself, as if I could breathe inside the water. When she finds out that I’m not in the water, she finally steps away and heads to another building of hers.

After she went away, I come out from my hiding. I walk away from the wood and head to my house. I can smell yummy fishy food and can’t wait to get home. After few meters away from the wood, I see Mr. Molly, the white-haired old man, resting under the rickety hut. I guess he has a really big gut to rest that well while there are giants roaming around the area. But I don’t really mind him since he always look so tired and it is probably because of the black dirt all around his eyes. So, I continue my trip. After only few steps away, I hear a big crash coming from few meters away behind me. My head turns and see the female giant I met earlier smirking for afar. She has found me! I want to take a hundred steps immediately but she moves faster and grabs me by stomach.

“Meong!” I scream and attack her with my claws.

“I got you, Lilly!” she says, happily, before she kisses me. Ew, I hate human.

Word count: 540


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