Flash Fiction: Pull the Brake!

Rifayanti Adawiyah

On June 19th, the sun almost set and slowly began to show its strong orange pinkish color. Ruby went outside the house wears her blue puffy-balloon-pants and black power puff girls t-shirt, matched the color effortlessly . She has a skyscraper confident level that it would be a good idea to play outside the house. She walked outside, then entered a small garage near the house to pull out the blue bike which its front basket was not there anymore. Ruby rode the bike in full excitement and was ready to go to her childhood friend’s house, six blocks away from from her old precious house. That has become her habit to ride the bike in the afternoon before the sun went down. He came out of his house expressionless, feeling dizzy and drowsy. He has no intention to stroll around the neighborhood on bike.

They were known along the Jalan PGRI neighborhood for riding the bikes in full speed. These two youngsters were competitive yet they get along really well. Both rolled the pedals in sync, strolling around the Komplek PGRI Barat in the afternoon was used to be their thing. That was how they enjoyed their afternoon time. As soon as they have finished strolling the neighborhood for three times without taking a break. These kids decided to go for the last two laps before going home, or else their parents would scold both of these youngsters. Known that both of them were ready for the last laps, a tension between these competitive kids began to rose. They were already in position, placed the bike in front of the portal of Jalan PGRI. Riders were sitting on their own two tires vehicle, glaring at each other put on a really serious face. Ruby put a quiet high expectation that she will finished the last two laps first.

These two youngsters rolled the pedals in full speed, both could steers the shifter and handlebar confidently. There was a smile drawn on her face. The feeling of excitement in enjoying their childhood was as simple as that. Gerri intended to surprise her then he just shouted out loud to Ruby’s ear while both of them riding each other’s bikes. He surpassed her and lead the mini race. It blurred out her focus. Gerri has already stopped the bike which means the last two laps has ended. Ruby went in a two times full speed to reach him, but her eager to win the race and a tiny anger was still there deep inside. Ruby was a little stumbling and out of balance until an unfortunate event happened.

Gerri saw the bike in full speed. It surprised him too, “Ruby! Pull the brake!” Gerri said. Seem like Ruby could not hear what he was saying. Totally distracted, she had not have much time to calm herself and “Brakk!”. She threw herself along with the bike, it crashed into a garage door. Her left knee was bleeding. “You were not supposed to used sandals as a brake!”. Both went back to each other’s house without words, Gerri placed the bike feeling guilty and entered his house. He could not kept his promise, so that the album photos would never be returned to her.

Word Count: 541

Photo Credit: Rifayanti Adawiyah. Jatinangor. 3 September 2018. 05:56 pm.

#Scribere2018 #ClassC #FlashFiction

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