Flash Fiction: Parents or Passion?

Lutfi Hanifah180410160040

Alvin was a very nice person, friendly, and even though he was not that type who topped the class, but he was smart. When he was on the first grade, his high school would divide the students into two different majors, those were social, and science major. He chose to be in the science major because his parents were doctors. He was okay with that because at that time he didn’t know what he liked. But before that, he should take a test to know his potential. It took a day for the students to get the results, they lined up in front of the announcement board to know which major they put in. Alvin was no exception, he and his friends lined up in front of the announcement board and it revealed that he got into social major, “geez, what should I do? My parents surely will not be happy with this” said Alvin to Fadlan right after they knew about their results. “Your parents won’t be happy, but are you happy, Alvin?” asked Fadlan who looked into his friend’s worried face, and it hit him that he actually love being in society, love to observe social changes and all of other things related to social.

Then he went home and told his parents about the result and as expected, his parents didn’t like what they have just heard. “What? I didn’t hear it wrong, right? You got into social major?” asked his mother, “Don’t embarrass us Alvin! What are you gonna be when you grow up?! You should be a doctor too!” said his father to Alvin when they were having dinner together and Alvin announced about his result to his parents. “But mom, dad, social major isn’t that bad”, said Alvin to his parents. “No! You should be a doctor or I would pay the school to make you get into the science major. I would go to your school tomorrow” said his mother before taking her leave from the dining table.

True to her words the day after that, her mother came to school to talk about this matter to the student affairs. Mrs. Christie who was the head of the student affairs, welcomed Alvin also Alvin’s mother, and asked about the matter, “I can’t accept my son to be in the social major! He needs to be a doctor like what I and my husband want” said Alvin’s mother angrily, “excuse me mam, that is what you and your husband want as a parents, but have you asked Alvin what he truly wants?” so his mother looked at Alvin and Alvin said “Yes you should know what I want, mom. I love socializing with people, I love history, and I love studying about society”. At first, his mother didn’t believe what she heard, “What? Since when, Alvin?” asked his mother, “Since I was a child mom, but I always following you all this time. Now I knew what my passion is, please let me choose for my life” said Alvin surely to his mother. “Okay if that is what you want, I will support you but don’t regret it, son” said his mother while taking her leave. Alvin felt really happy, because after all this time he finally could choose what to do with his life.

Word count: 550

Illustration by Chris Whetzel for The Washington Post (April, 24 2016)

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