Flash Fiction: Murder My Own Lover

Veggy Salsabilla Amijaya 180410160037

She opened her eyes from unconscious, was momentarily dumbfounded, holding a gun and releasing the weapon then crying in fear of what she had done, repeatedly turning her head to the window of her house, occasionally looking at the wall clock. She waited for her parents who haven’t arrived at home yet and was afraid of what she would say when her parents saw a bloodstained man sitting on dining table chair opposite her. She grumbled to herself in her heart "what are you doing Diana?! What are you doing?!"

The man, named Beno, Diana’s lover. Lately, after finishing his work, Beno always visit Diana’s house and brought dinner because Diana’s parents told him to look after Diana while they left. Diana’s parents were on a business trip for a few days and would return that night. Diana called 110 because she was in panic.

"110, what’s your emergency?"

“There’s a body in my house!!”

"Ok, calm down ma’am, who is he? Do you know whose murderer? "

"He is my boyfriend, I killed him!"

"What happened?"

"I don’t know, I don’t know the gun suddenly in my hand"

"Ok wait, the cops will be there soon ma’am".

Not long after the call, the police came to the scene, Diana’s parents also came, and then panic because they saw her daughter handcuffed and entered the police car. Diana’s father quickly step out of the car asking the police

"What happens to my baby? Did she do something wrong?" asking hysterically.

The police replied, "you better come with us too". They went to the police station. Diana was interrogated, explaining that they only ate together then Diana didn’t remember what happened.

"Who owns the gun?" He asked.


"How can it be held by you?"

"I don’t know, it’s suddenly in my hand. Maybe I took it from his pocket and killed him”

Hearing Diana’s statement, her father also gave a statement about the condition of his daughter who had recently suffered a mental disorder. Hearing what Diana’s father said the police gave a solution for his daughter to use a tool called Reverie. It shaped like a computer that is more sophisticated than nowadays. A tool where users can use their minds to create their own world, but this time the reverie world was formed exactly at Diana’s house and the situation was exactly like the incident that night by the police.

Diana was drugged and paired with Reverie without her knowledge. When Diana was in the world of reverie, an agent from the police went into Diana’s reverie world. The agent is hiding to see the real incident. Her world showed when Diana was still alone then the sound of the bell rang Beno coming, apparently at that time Beno was being followed by someone whose family had been captured by Beno. He has his own revenge on Beno and used Diana to kill him. After knowing that, the agent approached Diana and told her that she was in the world of reverie, telling her to say "exitus" to get out of the world of Reverie. Diana was confused but said it.

After Diana left the reverie world, the police explained everything. Diana was released, went to a psychiatrist to cure her mental disorder, the police searched and arrested the real murderer.

Image Credit: Catherine Thompkins

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