Flash Fiction: Mikan

Nurul Putri Mariah


There is a quite cute orange tabby cat in my neighborhood. With its mom and two other kittens. Sometimes the mom stops by at my house and begging for food to us. Our helper, Sofia, often give her foods. At a particular time, the mom brings all of her babies to my house. As usual, she meowing begging for food in front of my terrace door. I can see the 3 kittens. The mom doesn’t really care about her kids. In that day, after she eats, she just left her babies in my house. Very irresponsible act, even for cat. Before my mom trained the kittens, they poop and pee everywhere! What a mess. Such a duty to take care of them together.

The white kittens are so shy and always avoiding my family. The grey one acts so defensive and sometimes attacking Sofia when she feeds them. But the orange one was different. He has beautiful blue eyes. He’s the louder one. He’s the clingy one. He meows so loud every time he sees us, whether it’s asking for food, asking to go inside our house or even just to pet him. We started to like him and named him Mikan because his fur color are just like an orange.

There’s a time when all the loud noise suddenly missing. It’s gone, just like that, flew by the wind. I start to search for the kittens, we found the grey and the white while they were feed by our neighbor in her terrace. But we cannot find the loud orange cat. I searched for him for days. Day and night. I search for him everywhere I could think of. Me and my brother walking and walking till we sweat so much. We walk to the other block. We search in the tunnel near our house. But we get nothing.

In one afternoon, I see a car pass by in front of my house but the car shaking as it passes through a big obstacle. I’m curious, then I go outside checking the road to see what’s happening. OH MY GOD! It’s an orange kitten just like Mikan. Hit by that goddamn car! I’m so mad and broken. I can see blood coming through his mouth, ear and eyes and the blood covering most part of his body. Its break my heart so much. He such a cute little creature and he don’t deserve this. Tears won’t stop falling from my cheeks. I wish I could meet him one more time.

It’s a sunny day when I walk home from school. I’m hearing a kitten voice from the tunnel near my house, I’m following the sound and see a kitten, its just as black as a coal and full of dirt, but I think I recognize the sound, even though its a bit raspy, seems like its been used to meowing so loud asking for help but nobody noticed. He looks really awful. Fall to the tunnel, haven’t eaten, haven’t drink and struggling alone. Without further thinking I brought him to my house to clean him from the dirt. Turns out what I was thinking is true. It is Mikan with his loud voice and blue eyes! Lucky him, still have 8 other chances.

Word count: 547

Photo Credit. https://www.restedface.com/1459-orange-tabby-cat-with-blue-eyes/ . Accessed on 28 November 2018

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