Flash Fiction: Idol Boy

Ray Buana Subandi180410160008

Everybody has their dream and goal but there is a question, how do they reach their dream and goal? Each people has their own way to reach it. Like this boy who wants and dreams to become idol, his name is Bintang. He is from Bogor, he was born from low class family but he has strong will to reach success. Around his family Bintang known as cheery child, he likes singing and dancing since he was two years old. When he grew up reached six years old he watched a show in TV, the show is about performance by boy group and girl group, he is amazed with them. Since that day he promises to himself that he wants to chase his dream and goal to become idol.

But of course there are always challenges he has through to reach his dream and goal. Like this boy, in reaching his dream he is given many tests such as people mocks him, sharp criticism, bully but he never gives up and very persists on it. It starts when he talks to his parents that he wants to become idol but his parents doesn’t like that and say “What do you think you do? We cannot support you to become idol, we are from low class family and we don’t have any cost for that. You know how much money you must pay for that.” when he hears his parents said like that he feels very sad, disappointed and he asks to himself “Should we come from high class family to become idol? It is wrong you should not come from high class family, everyone can be they want include idol. No matter who you are, where you from. You can do it.”

He pursues his dream and goal secretly, he looks for dance community around his town and join in it. He works very hard to reach what he wants, every day, anywhere he practices and someday after finish school he is practicing at backyard, when his friends see it they bully and mock him like “what are you doing huh? Haha you want to become idol? Dancing is not for boy but for girl, right guys? Haha. And yeah one thing you should know, your voice is very bad you better silent haha.” But he is continuing his practice and doesn’t care about what they said. Day by day he had passed until one day when he is practicing a man comes to him and says

Mr. J: Your voice and dance is good son, what is your name?

Bintang: I am Bintang sir.

Mr. J: Well Bintang, you can call me Mr. J nice to meet you, I am a producer from Shine Entertainment and I am interesting with your skills. I hope you will come to our company and take this chance for audition.

Bintang: Oh my god Am I dreaming? Thank god, of course Mr. J I will take this and I won’t neglect it. Thank you so much.

Next day he comes to the company and takes audition, after the audition he waits for result and when he hears about it he is qualified. From there he follows Training time for three years then he starts his debut.

Word Count: 543


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