Flash Fiction: Green Tea Latte

Lyana Nurtari Putri180410160071

Rosella and I have been bestfriends since we were 6. Although we didn’t go to the same high school, we still hangout on the weekend. Our tradition was telling stories while sipping green tea latte at our favorite cafe. Green tea latte had a deep meaning for us. Rosella didn’t like coffee because she said she couldn’t stand its taste, meanwhile, I couldn’t drink coffee because my body couldn’t tolerate it. Before there was green tea latte, I used to order iced chocolate and Rosella used to order vanilla milkshake. One day, we saw a girl in front of us ordered a green tea latte, we got curious and decided to try it. Since then we fell in love with green tea latte. We believed that green tea latte had magic in it, because we always felt relaxed and relieved from stress after we drank green tea latte. Maybe it was also because we exchanged stories about what was stressing us, while drinking green tea latte. We even called our emergency story time through chat as “green tea o’clock”. Thus, green tea latte was sort of an icon of our friendship.

One Saturday, as usual, I waited for Rosella at our favorite cafe. After an hour of waiting, she messaged me that she couldn’t come because she went to a newly opened coffee shop with her school friend. We didn’t meet each other for a month. When we finally met at our favorite cafe, something has changed with Rosella. She didn’t order a green tea latte, but a macchiato instead. While sipping our drinks, she told me about her new close friend at her school. Her friend was also the one who made Rosella like macchiato. She also explained that she couldn’t meet me as much as she used to because she needed to hangout with her new close friend, maybe to maintain a new friendship with her. She told me to get a new close friend at my school so I wouldn’t feel alone if she couldn’t be there for me. I felt so hurt that I couldn’t even say anything. I was the kind of person who wants to maintain a long-term relationship with anyone I felt comfortable with, but I thought maybe Rosella wasn’t. I couldn’t believe she’d leave her bestfriend, who’s been with her through ups and downs for 10 years, because she found someone cooler.

I ignored her messages the day after and thought about what Rosella said. I tried to look at the bright side, to make peace within myself. Maybe she was right. Maybe I’ve mistaken Rosella’s good intention. Maybe I should also find my own new close friend at school because Rosella has her own life and the right to control it, I couldn’t demand her to be available for me 24/7. I decided to act like nothing happened and talk to her through chat normally. Now, we still hangout at our favorite cafe, although not as much as we used to. She still orders green tea latte, only when she’s having a rough week. I also become more open with my chairmate in my class. It turns out that we have a lot in common. She is now my new close friend but Rosella will always be my green tea latte.

Photo by Kat Tanita

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