Flash Fiction: Evelyn Inside Her Little World

Alisha Nurfauziah


Evelyn sucked in a deep breath before she ran into the cold chilly night. She tightened the thin fabric around her aching body, attempting to hide the black and bluish mark covering her contrasting pale skin away. The screaming and shouting of her father never left her mind.

She went around to the shadowy part behind the towering old building, feeling every inch of the frigid surface of the stone wall. She inhaled the raw scent of rusty iron. When her digits touched the icy metals, she encircled her grip firmly to each one of the bars and carefully placing her foot, climbing toward the eerie night sky.

“Shao?” her voice resonated around the empty spot. Deciding to take a sit at the edge of the rooftop, she let her feet dangling over the darkness below. The midnight breeze pricked her face, twisting through her black tangled hair. Her brown lifeless orbs stared at the only luminescence in the night sky over the city. She took another deep breath and slowly closed her eyes.

“He did it again didn’t he?” the sudden deep voice resounded somewhere behind her.

“Where were you?” she asked, opening her eyes.

“I’ve been here the whole time. Let’s go,” he said, pointing toward the darkest corner of the rooftop. Evelyn followed him into the secret stairway to the ground level hidden behind the brown wooden door.

Series of colorful bright light welcomed the both of them as soon as they reached downstairs. Evelyn smiled in awe as she watched the vibrant colors around her. It was still the very same place, yet it was very different at the same time. The ambiance of the place, the melodies of the dweller, the crisp air, and so much more. If it wasn’t the most enchanting scene, then she wouldn’t know what was.

Evelyn let the wonders guide her through the enchanting garden, swaying and humming, as each one of them glistened under her delicate touch. She layed herself down, savoring every second of bliss.

“You need to go back,” he said.

All of a sudden, just as how the magic filled her heart, it left as promptly. The ambiance disrupted, melodies quieted, and the air became foul. Every plant and dweller seemed to be shying away, trying to hide themselves. She lifted herself up onto her feet and crossed her arms over her uneasy heart.

“Why?” she asked him. She didn’t want to. The place was hers and she wanted to stay there forever.

“Your time is up Evie, you can’t stay here any longer,” said Shaoron. But she refused with her glaring eyes. “I don’t want you to die,” he then stated. Eventually, she nodded her head.

As they were back to the narrow corner of their rendezvous, they sat quietly on the very same edge.

“Now close your eyes.” She gazed at him for the last time and slowly let her eyes shut. “I will always be here for us, just like always, I promise,” he whispered.

She opened her eyes to welcome the dark lonely night. The chilly breeze of the midnight wind came creeping back, blanketing her tired frame; only a glimmer of lighting here and there. A heavy sigh left her trembling lips as she let her herself sink back into reality.

Word count: 550 words

Illustration by Alisha Nurfauziah

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