Flash Fiction: Damned If You Do, Damned If You Don’t

Alya Harefa Rezki


Damned If I Do, Damned If I Don’t

Alya Harefa Rezki


I am Quinlynn, my hobby is to complain about my life that always does not seems right because it is always against my will. Whatever I do, in the end things will turn out to be a bad outcome. So, I assume life just really hates me. I always have the thought I should stop thinking about all these useless things and just focus on my study, because appearently I just entered high school and I am a freshman. And I already have made a promise to myself I will not expect anything fun that is going to happen in my high school years. I will just study diligently and maybe my hobby will be changed to Quinlynn who likes to study. Anyway, It has been a week since the school started and it already sucks. It is because I still got no friends and people are already teamed up with each other, I guess I am going to be a loser throughout this semester. But then, as I am thinking about being a loser and will never have friends, I bump into someone that looked familiar in the Hallway. I really think that I am just hallucinating and it is because I have been stressing a lot about life, it feels like it is my daily routine to think negatively about my life.

“Quinlynn?”, said the latter, I get confused because this face really looks very familiar to me but I can not really remember him. “It’s me, Brandon, your childhood friend who used to piggyback you!”, he said again because I stayed silent ,but then something clicked in my head, “Brandon? A guy who used to smell and lick his own toes? I can’t believe my own eyes you’re right infront of me!”. He looked at me like I grew a pair of head, but I do not really care. “I’m pretty sure all of the students in this school can hear your voice pretty well.” “Well, thank you”. Ever since that, I am constantly hanging out with Brandon whether in the school or casually just eating together with him. Then I tell him about all my problems because I am comfortable enough to talk about my concerns. He suddenly grab my hands and said something cringey like ‘I’m going to replace all of those bad things with me besides you as your boyfriend, trust me you will get happier if there is me around you’. That is something a seven year-old would tell but regardless I still said yes. As time goes by, I do feel happy with him and start to forget my concerns and problems but on one of our dates, he accidentally dropped his wallet and I grabbed it and looked into his wallet. Something actually makes me want to throw up, “You’re Mr. Johnson’s son?” “Yes?” “Then it’s over for us. You’re one my relatives. Oh my God”

She thought, she will be happy with Brandon as her boyfriend, but then she found out that Brandon is her blood-related relative which is why they can not date. In the end, when Quinlynn thinks she will get her own happy ending and get out of the curse of ‘Damned If I Do, Damned If I Don’t”. It is actually happen over and over again.

Word count: 550 words

Sumber Ilustrasi: https://medium.com/rta902/damned-if-you-do-damned-if-you-dont-1bba2531eb2c

#Scribere2018 #Class A #FlashFiction

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