Flash Fiction: Burning Hands

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Burning Hands

2 years ago

“Yo, you’re one step ahead. You got accepted at Roxy Patisserie School. Congrats, dude.”. That words woke me up from my deep sleep in July morning. The call was from my best friend, Kina. She was strangely “kind” to me when she agreed to check the email for my announcement. I was too afraid to check it myself.

I was in disbelief! I became student of one of the most prestigious patisserie school in Indonesia. I’ll wear the uniform with pride and cherish them for the rest of my life, and this should be easy like what mom said.

2 months ago

I was disappointed with myself. I was the last in my class for the second-to-last I. I put my all into this second to last examination, and yet, I still wasn’t good enough. It has been a bumpy road for me to achieve the title. I thought I was skilled enough, mom said I was. I remembered what I said to mom when I was 8: “Ma, I will be a successful patisserie chef just like you when I grow up.”. My late mom responded with a small smile and said “That will be a piece of cake for you, Dio darling. Mom believes in you.” while whisking the blueberry puree. I let mom down. What if I had to repeat for one more year? That thought lurked in my mind.

“Hey, Yo. How’s your result? Good?” A voice came from my right side. It was her, Lavanya, the one who was in the first place. “Hey, Nya. Nah, I failed. I’m the last.”. Wow, I sounded pathetic. “That’s okay, Yo. We still got a month until final. Don’t worry, I’m sure you’ll figure this out.” She said. I smiled, “Nya, Can I ask you something?” I uttered, “yeah, ask away. What’s up?” she replied. “what do you think that made me the last of the class?” I asked out of embarrassment. She looked at me for a second, and said “You’re pretty fast, last week, I must admit,” she breathed deeply, probably thinking. “I always wanted to be fast, but I can never be that. When I try, I always lost my pace and forgot what I was doing. I think you should try to take your time in baking. Remember the time limit, but never focus on that. You should enjoy, baking shouldn’t be rushed. It takes time” She replied.

Hearing that felt like as if someone gave me a big old slap. I thought not missing any steps, and being fast would be enough to get me to the top, in fact, it needed more time. The time I thought I didn’t need.

A month ago

“Your time starts now!”

It was D-Day. I was ready, but a bit terrified. I’ve planned to not rush things. I took my time to bake and enjoyed the process that day, just like Lavanya said to me weeks ago.


Today is the day where the results come up. The thought of not making it through still made me shaking for the past few weeks.

I look through the result paper on the board and find my name in the fourth place.

I gasp in disbelief. I did it!

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