Flash Fiction: Bittersweet

Saintia Zahra

She went to school, bringing her favorite books with her friends, being a happy girl. She loved herself and people around her.

“Mischa, I really love to hear your song this evening. I will make your favorite chocolate cake,” said mother that morning, she sang a little part of her song, “you can hear me sing right now, Ma.”

“No, I like surprise. I love to hear your song with the result of your exam,” mother smiled. She had warm smile, it makes Mischa thinks that is why their home was always warm.

Her exam went well, her song was not bad. It was a good day, until she met Ron, he was her classmate.

“Why are you here?” Ron seemed panic.

“I am from school. Why did not you go to school?”

“Go home! They will come!”

“They?” She was really confused, then someone wearing a jacket with the sun border in the back walked by, she spontaneously ran to her house.

Her house turned into a mess. Broken window, dirty terrace, and there was no sign that her family was still there.

Ron held her hand as she cried, “Are you one of them?” she asked him.

“I’m sorry.”

The Sun logo was belonged to their enemy, a group whom everyone thought that they will leave in peace because of the good resources they already have in their place, but she was just an innocent girl that day.

“You have to go. The train is still working. You have to go somewhere far from here!” Said Ron.

It made she remember her hometown. Her hometown was 143 miles away. Beside, her grandma was there, and her hometown would be the option to her family to escape.

She went to the station, relieved that she could still buy the ticket. She thought about her beautiful hometown. It was relieving until someone made a noise around the trailer.

“No one can take our district!” He said, “I have to see my friends! They were gone! Have anybody seen them?” He bumped everyone, wanted to get in through them. It made some people pushed her around, she got closer and closer to the edge of the opened door and pushed out from the train, flew away from the bridge.

She panicked, but then she remembered her mother, she suddenly could feel her hand reached her body, hug her from the back and say, “don’t worry. You can go back to sleep and nothing worries you. You will leave in peace.” She fell and burst into dust.

Her reminiscence is as pure as her clothes. She said that she is wearing white because she left in peace without any anger in her heart. She likes her place now, 80 years passed away and she still like this place, the red bridge shaped like a ring in Jatinangor.

I took a cup of coffee, looked at the view from my dorm. The orange sky, rice field, and the red bridge which has its own story. She smiled and waved back at me from the edge of the bridge, “hi! Dani!” She mouthed.

Every time I see her, I remember the history, the bridge and the accompany.

Word Count: 533

Picture credit: https://www.lovethispic.com

[#Scribere2018 #Class A #FlashFiction]

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