Flash Fiction: A Quarter After Six

Gessy Garnia Utami Permana180410160064

Click. 04.30p.m. I stared at my cell phone screen. He hadn’t come. Fitfully, I waited under the canopy along the sidewalk that led to the campus gate. It was drizzling and the sky was getting darker. I was still waiting here for someone. The one who always take me home since high school. We’ve been together for long. He’d always wait for me and make sure that I come home safely. It was back then when we were still in high school. Now, I think it is the other way around. I would have to wait for him. Right at this place.

Sorry, I can’t pick you up, was all he said. I stared at my cell phone screen and sighed. It was already six. How could he do that? I wouldn’t catch up the bus and I was too scared to take other public transportation this late since my home is twenty kilometers away. I looked up and watched as the rain heavily hit the ground. I decided to wait for the rain to stop. People were passing by, here and there, ignoring my presence. It’s fine then, I thought. I’d find a way how to go home alone.

Click. It was 6:15p.m.. The rain showed no sign of stopping and it was already dark. Cars and motorcycles passed by with their lights on. It was cold. As I got lonelier, so did the street. Suddenly, a flash of light surprised me. It was from a car—It was his car. I smiled, and then took a step forward expecting the car would slow down and stop. But the car didn’t even slowing down. As the car passed, I saw a girl sat on the passenger side with long black hair laughing for something he said from inside the blurry windshield. My smile went away as they left.

The next day, I waited again. He didn’t come again yet didn’t say anything. My texts remained unread until now. Click. It was 6:15 in the fine afternoon. I was walking toward the gate when I realized that I have no money left on. Going back, I went to the ATM Centre near the gate. I went to the right end and inserted my card. Fortunately I hadn’t taken the bus or I wouldn’t know how to pay, I thought. I waited for the machine to give off my money when a girl next to me caught my attention. She wore long sleeve pajamas and her long hair was clipped up. Maybe she went from her dorm right away without changing. But, there were something familiar in her. She caught my gaze then for a second then her face showed a glance of recognition. Does she know me? I took my card after taking my money and walked out. Suddenly, I saw him. What is he doing here? I thought. He was sitting outside as if waiting for someone. He hadn’t notice that I was watching him. His curly hair was a little bit rumpled; he wore white t-shirt with a pair of long pajamas pants. Oh. Pajamas. His eyes finally found my eyes. His shocked face when he saw me brought a wave of realization why the girl I met before seemed familiar. He wasn’t waiting for me after all.

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