Flash Fiction: A Friend of Mine or Not

Azaria Cynara Dwi Sonjaya


My name is Dayu. I go to an elementary school near my mother’s office. The office is a big old building. People said it was built in Dutch colony era, and it was an ex hospital building. The area of the office is wide. There are other buildings surround it and there is also a field. After school I have to go there instead of going home, because it is too dangerous for me to go home by myself. Moreover, my home is quite far from school. It is actually boring to wait my mother until the afternoon before we go home. Luckily, I have a friend who is also waiting for her mother, her name is Kiana. She goes to the same school with me. She is a daughter of Auntie Dian, my mother’s coworker. Kiana is an active girl, also a little bit naughty and bossy. However, she is still kind and it is fun to play with her. Since we first met, we always play while our mothers are working. We will run around the office or do hide and seek.

One day I met Kiana in a corridor. Then we decided to play hide and seek. Kiana was the one who hid, so I counted from one until ten. After that, I was searching for her and she was hard to be found. I run checking every corner, but she wasn’t there. It spent a long time to find her. I was tired because of running around and suddenly Kiana came in front of me. “Dayu! Let’s go”, she said and grabbed my hands. I was like on a cart, because I hold her hands as she walked to make me sliding on the floor. It became faster and faster, so I told her to stop. Then I fell but it did not hurt me. She laughed and said “Bye!”. I came to her while she was running, “Wait for me!” I said. I ran but she ran faster and faster until I lost her.

After that, I went to the office and finally found Kiana there. She was sitting on Aunty Dian’s chair. I asked her why she kept running and did not wait for me. Kiana looked confused, she told me that she stayed there, she did not play outside with me. I wonder if she lied or I played with ghost. Kiana could lie, yet Auntie Dian also said that Kiana was inside the office. Well, it could be ghost, because some people said they saw a nurse who was not a real nurse previous weeks ago. It was not a strange thing there, it happened oftentimes. Long time ago, my mother told me that she heard her friend called her. The fact, there was no one after she checked it. I don’t tell my mother about who I played with on that day, because I already know the answer. First, she will say that it was Kiana who pretended to be ghost. Or second, she will not allow me to play again and tell me to sit still until she finishes working.

But if I played with ghost, I think the ghost wanted to cause me a danger.

Photo Credit: Images Source White

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